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I'm chihuahua0, also known as chihuahuazero. I was most active on the TV Tropes wiki and forum from 2010 to 2013, and I eventually drifted off to other Internet communities, although I read the wiki and edit it from time to time.

Looking back, I did both a lot I'm proud of and a lot I hope the Internet will forget. Most notably, I was a regular on the Writer's Block forum, which was formative in me eventually graduating college with a creative writing major and writing some fine stories along the way. I've grown up a lot, and I will keep on growing in the years to come.

As of 2020, I still go by this username, so feel free to look it up if you're curious about what other projects and shenanigans I've been up to in the years since. See you around!

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    Things I Am Responsible For 
  • Launching trope pages such as Extremely Short Timespan and work pages such as Lorde.
  • The utter distruction of the Troper Works namespace.
  • The timeline for The Situation.
  • All the Kira Is Justice wicks all over the site.
  • The archiving of the Academy RP.
  • Running the Carnival version of the Character Development Thread.
  • Running both Cantina threads.
  • Writing the rough draft for the Writer's Block "About" thread.
  • Writer's Block Herald.

    Signature Lines 

    Quotes I Love (Bluelinks Added) 

    Vandalism Wall 

They're after you...

  • Never gonna give you up.
  • Never gonna let you down.
  • You amuse me. Ergo, I shall refrain from sending the goblins. They shall have to eat someo— er, somewhere else. —KillerClowns
  • What if we pronounced it "chee-hoo-ah-hoo-ah"? - Metalitia
  • Oh hai there. Just passing through, really. I'm not even going to vandalize this place. Not one bit! - Karl Kadaver
  • I HAVE ARRIVED in order to vandalize yet another Troper's page, as I find a dire lack of HAM in this locus. -Morgulion
  • Arf. — Liberated Liberater
  • Hey, Chihuhua. So, if it's not like the dog, how is your name pronounced?— SanaMae
    • It's pronounced like the dog: Chihuahua Zero.
  • Trick or treat! -Milos Stefanovic
  • I have arrived to announce that I have officially nicknamed Chihuahua 0 "Chi". - Motree
  • You wrote Kira is Justice? So.. .Many... Wicks... ~Neopie
    • You read it?
    • YES, ME!
  • It's me! And my Maxwell didn't faint from yaoi this time! DiurnalBrocolli