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Please try to list the quotes by chapter:

Rester: "I am sending you the list of the thirty criminals found dead to you. But I think you won't see much use of it,"
Near: "Believe me, the order and location of deaths is important. He deducted the First Kira's location from his first victim."
—Near's first line-Chapter 4: Preparations

Ryuk: "Trust me. The boy is obsessed with the Death Note. He likes the thrill of it, but he doesn't know it yet. The Death Note will stay with him until he dies, or he goes insane."
—Ryuk, after Justin goes on his first streak of killing criminals.-Chapter 3: Internal Monolouge

—Fiona first line.-Chapter 7: Bold

Justin: "I use it…because…I think it is my duty. It must be my purpose to use the Death Note, and I am the one to deliver justice. Almost nobody would think that I would be Kira, and I am young enough to keep using it for decades to come. I feel like I am destined to use the Death Note, and it is justice,"
—Justin's motive.- Chapter 8: Landras

''...And the necklace, as before, I said that it is a device I invented. I don't want Justice, er, Justin talking to himself. Oh, and some girls think that necklaces without shirts are sexy-oops. Did I suggest something?
—Author's Note- Chapter 8: Landras

Landras: "You think? He has a strong sense of justice. I bet that if he was the one to find the Death Note. He could have used it too,"
Justin: "How are you sure?"
Landras: "Believe me, I know. I was the one who had seen Kira,"
—Landras and Justin talking about Sol-Chapter 10: Sol

—Fiona and The rest of her personalities-Chapter 17: Fiona


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