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"Long live the Game Over!"

Game Over is a series of Fan Fics and other media created by supercomputer276. The original story was released on Lemmy's Land on February 12th 2005.

The stories tell the tale of a small shady organization known as Game Over led by former Author Avatar SC. Most of his troops are solidified computer code. Together, they explore the many universes in existence, commit a few crimes (usually stealing a lot of cash, kidnapping cute young women to brainwash into slaves, or Take Over the World), and basically have a good time. Until their butts get kicked by the resident good guys. Then they go back to their mountain lair in their own dimension and do it all over again.


The series is split into three different types of fic:

  • Main File: Super Mario Bros. Fan Fics, where the series started out. These are numbered in the order they happened.
  • Bonus File: Fan Fics of pretty much any other work besides Super Mario Bros.. The category with the most stories (made and pending).
  • Chronicles: stories where the Game Over or its operatives are the protagonists. May or may not be Fan Fic.

All of the stories can be found between the author's home page, DeviantArt account, Smack Jeeves account, and FanFiction.Net account, all accessed from his Troper page.

Now has a Tumblr ask blog!


Fictions that Game Over has stories in:


Not Yet Released:

Non-Fan Fic Entries


Not Yet Released:

  • The Blank Canvas
  • Note for Note
  • Project Terraformer
  • Life's a Glitch
  • The Day the Worlds Fell Still

These lists may be incomplete.

The Game Over ficton provides examples of:

  • Actual Pacifist: AC strictly uses her light aura cloud in a support role and never directly damages opponents. This, of course, is in correspondence with her Sibling Yin-Yang with DC, who uses his dark aura cloud only to attack.
  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot: Syzygy, created during one of SC's more Genre Blind moments. Subverted with the Core Corps; see Character Development.
  • All Girls Want Bad Boys: Subverted. Elizabeth has a relationship with SC because she sees the light in him.
  • All Stories Are Real Somewhere: The heart of the series and the basis behind all of the Game Over's Interdimensional Travel Devices.
  • All There in the Manual / Word Of God: Game Over Info and arguably this page.
  • Amulet of Dependency: SC can bend spacetime slightly to dodge attacks, can easily predict his opponent's next move, and can ham it up in a fearsome way... but only when he's wearing his Cell Shades. Without them, he can't think fast enough and is forced to rely on his yo-yo combat skills, which he was taught without them.
  • Amusing Injuries: SC. In SCemails first ten strips alone, he gets sent to the hospital no less than three times. As punchlines.
  • Anachronism Stew: Onieplugmitt, the only city in the vast desert of The World Where the Worlds Cross, by nature of it being a macrodimensional crossroads. SC does his shopping there, as it's one of the only dimensions he visits and doesn't have a criminal record in.
  • Another Dimension: Although being the Game Over are dimensional hoppers this is a given, but Tamany theorizes that the In-Universe explanation for Fourth Wall powers (such as Két's) is a dimension that overlays over all other universes somehow, which contains fourth wall objects such as speech balloons and panel boundaries.
  • Anti-Villain: Most of the Game Over's Core Corps, especially after SC's Character Development led him to believe everything is "shades of gray."
  • Anvil on Head: "Now, ready for your solid gold trophy, which is incidentally twice your size?"
  • The Artifact: Panchico
  • Ascended Fanboy: Sparkz when he was kidnapped by Amazee Dayzee during the Mushroom Bowl tournament... at least to him. She had ''other'' ideas.
  • Aura Vision: DC, but he can only see how much dark aura someone has, as well as its "quality." AC is much the same but can only see light aura.
  • Author Avatar: SC started as one of these.
  • Author Tract: Game Over MST has this at times regarding the stories being riffed, usually at the end of the chapter.
  • Awesomeness Is a Force:
    • For the past several years, SC has been paying top Dino to obtain, a bit at a time, vast amounts of an eldrich substance of great versitile power, which he keeps in completely sealed vats (save the pipes in the top for drawing it out), and you cannot look at directly, period. The only thing indicated what this substance is or does is the giant label on the side of the vats: "PURE AWESOME." This stash is so secretive the Core Corps only found out about it by accident.
    • Current plans for a large space cruiser, the G.O.S. Galaxy, have the stash being used as at least part of the fuel supply and power generation in order to invoke Rule of Cool.
  • Battle Cry: "IT'S PARTY TIME!"
  • Berserk Button: SC tends to be pretty emotionally level in order to contain his Superpowered Evil Side. Attack Panchico or Elizabeth, though...
    • Calcutta Joe generally only shoots to kill at those that damage his "(stage)coach" (a hovering cargo carrier and his personal transport) or his hat.
    • Following the "resolution" of the Losroo incident, the entire planet of Tibun became one for SC, to the point where he locked down all interdimensional access between its universe and his.
  • Beta Test Baddie: Syzygy, a black hedgehog in a brown cloak that was designed to be an emergency weapon in the event SC actually needed to defeat the likes of Kat and similar. One of SC's spells of being Genre Blind, as it predictably escapes and doesn't like him.
  • Beyond the Impossible: SC does do some things that circumvent other's expectations as to what is possible, although there's always the question of whether or not it always was possible and the other people just didn't think it was. SC's claim is that "anything is possible...except beating Kat."
  • Big Red Button: Some Game Over machines, where they're often among the only labeled ones. The one on the CET-XX says "CREATE;" the one on the Eevolution machine says "GO TIME."
  • Billions of Buttons: The vast majority of all Game Over-made button consoles, such as those on the CET-XX, have huge amounts of buttons, all unlabeled except for the standard QWERTY keyboards and the Big Red Buttons.
  • Blue-and-Orange Morality: The core of SC's frustration with Tibun. They believe in the pursuit of power above all else, but due to how SC pretty much experienced it every time (Katty beating him up and setting him on fire), he pretty much declared it a planet of bullies.
  • Bond One-Liner
    "Tell me: just now... did you feel God?"
    -SC to Amazee, who just got deep-fried by Sparkz's lightning.
  • Bored with Insanity: Subverted; although SC at once point considered himself insane, he eventually decided to be "differently sane" because it was a lot more fun.
  • Bullying a Dragon: SC. A lot.
  • Butt-Monkey: A few examples, including Doopliss in Mushroom Bowl.
  • Calling Your Attacks: SC (although he's gotten better at averting this for his elemental attacks), Calcutta Joe ("DRAW!" and "Bullet Train"), and Sparkz (as Pokémon are apparently prone to do).
  • Canon Discontinuity: The author's still trying to figure out if this applies to SCemails.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: SC started as one of these, and perfers he not be reminded of it.
  • Carnivore Confusion: Invoked; SC used the fact he was a fox and Elizabeth was a rabbit to prevent trying to hook up with her because he was afraid he would eat her if he ever saw her naked (see The Mind Is a Plaything of the Body), even when his relationship with Shard was going down the tubes. Ultimately, it doesn't work, mostly because SC got over that problem.
  • Casual Danger Dialog: SC engages in this fairly frequently.
  • Catchphrase: Whenever SC goes off on a philosophical tangent, he tends to end it with, "Wouldn't you agree?"
    • He also ends his motivational speeches to the troops with "Long live the Game Over!"
    • Game Over MST has their own: "This author is an idiot!" (Yes, the italics are required.)
    • Mad Libs Catch Phrase: "I fail to see how <doing something ridiculous, crazy, or dangerous> can/will/is not <the easiest/best/most efficient way to accomplish the task at hand>."
  • Character Aged with the Actor: SC is always his Author's age as consequence of being an (ex-)Author Avatar. Everyone else, on the other hand, only age up when the author feels like it (though at least in the constructs' cases, it's justified).
  • Character Development: SC started as a bad attempt to emulate Artemis Fowl, and now is more-or-less simply a person that wants to walk the macroverse with his True Companions having fun no matter the legality.
    • It's implied that character development is the in-universe explaination for a CET construct growing a soul.
  • The Chick: Elizabeth, Panchico, and Tamany.
  • Christmas Episode: Appropriately titled A Game Over Christmas. 2010 saw another one.
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: The focus of the series shifting to the Original Character Core Corps has left the Mushroomian Division Commandos (consisting of official characters, primarily from the Paper Mario games) stranded in narrative limbo. For that matter, the Pokian Division, which employs actual Pokemon trainers and not constructs, and any other official character that "joined" the Game Over through one of the other divisions. Presumably, they were relieved of duty after the Streamline short story.
    • Lampshaded in the Mushroom Bowl Grand Championship comics. Bombette has been the announcer for the tournament long after the others faded out, and at the end she's glad to hear the tournament's over so she could finally "retire" to narrative limbo with the others. Then she freaks out when SC announces Season 2, although it hasn't happened yet.
  • Combat Pragmatist: SC generally avoids this, as he usually only fights for the thrill by being overelaborate. But when he starts fighting like this, you know he's serious.
  • Complexity Addiction: SC's schemes for much of anything can get pretty complex. For example, his plan for taking over Parappa Town started with training Joe Chin in rap and ceasing Parappa's career as a rapper. And that's supposed to help take control somehow.
  • Confusion Fu: As an ex-Author Avatar as well as medium-aware, SC has his Author's knowledge of fictional works stacked up in his memory, along with all their techniques and how they're used (at least as far as his Author can tell). With sufficient prep time, he can replicate those techniques and use them in combat, often against those who occupy universes where those works don't exist and often catching them by surprise.
  • Conspiracy Theorist: While plotting to kill Mr. Losroo, SC became like this concerning the Authors, convinced that Niv would find any way to keep him from making the operation a permanent success; he wouldn't even drink the water. Though this is probably more due to his increasing mental instability due to overexposure to the fourth wall for intelligence than any actual conspiracy against him.
    • He turned out to be right.
  • Cool Gate: The Interdimensional Warp Pipe.
  • Cool Shades: The Cell Shades, both versions.
  • Corrupt the Cutie: Inverted. Elizabeth hanging out with the Game Over primarily results in SC becoming more heroic.
  • Cosmic Keystone: The Cobalt Star SC created shortly before Mt. Majesty was hit by the cobalt comet that turned the mountain and other Game Over areas into its own world. Even though the assembled planet is only half the size of Earth and with a thinner atmosphere, the spirit within the comet that moved to the Cobalt Star maintains Earth-like conditions and gravity... as long as the Game Over keeps feeding it power; otherwise, gravity cuts so much that the entire atmosphere escapes, and the end results are obvious. Thus why the Cobalt Chamber has its own set of electric generators.
  • Cosmic Plaything: SC often feels like the Authors don't just write him out of existence because they're having too much fun screwing with him.
  • Crazy-Prepared: SC shows how prepared he can be in his triumph over Amazee in Mushroom Bowl:
    Amazee: What're you doing, you idiot?! He can't stop! Now we're BOTH gonna get fried!
    SC: Actually, no. I took the liberty of electric-cally insulating my fur, clothing, and equipment before I even left the mountain. In fact, the whole dodge routine was just to keep that secret until the last moment. I'm shockproof.
  • Create Life: What the CET-XX's primary still-unnamed program does: recieve information such as appearence and personality as input, and physically create the specified character as output. However, all beings made this way have no souls as they are just organic constructs.
  • Creator Worship: In-universe through Authorism, although it's a little more literal as the characters are the ones worshipping the creators.
    • Also, Amazee has a very loyal fan club. So loyal in fact, that she brainwashes its president, Sparkz, into thinking she's a goddess in order to boost her already substantial ego, and wonders if she could do it to the rest of them because she needs someone to do her laundry.
  • Crossover: Many of the stories with the Game Over world.
  • Crystal Dragon Jesus: Game Over operatives, although generally nonreligious, hold some belief in "Authorism", which basically states that each individual was created by a being called an Author that lives in another world, in a manner not much unlike 1/0. Also, those Authors have Authors of their own, and it's Authors all the way up.
    • SC never uses God's name in vain. Instead he uses either "Mew" or [Banjo-Kazooie jiggies]]." Sometimes both if he's really set off. Or just "lord."
  • Damn, It Feels Good to Be a Gangster!
  • Dead Fic / No Ending: Many stories in the series are concieved or started, but never finished. The author claims it's due to his shifting interests and having too many story ideas to flesh them all out in detail. The most infamous of these stalled stories is the original sequel.
  • Deadpan Snarker: SC, most notably.
    Guard: I'm sorry, sir, but I can't let anyone in. This patient is very contagious and is under strict quarentine.
    SC: Is that so? I never knew that being dressed in a scandelous nurse outfit and tied to a hospital bed was contagious.
  • Defcon Five: Averted. When a freed DC storms Mt. Majesty during Authortastic 2.0, SC orders 666 to issue a "Gocon 1."
    Kat: "Gocon 1?"
    SC: Yeah, "Game Over Con" just sounded awkward.
    • A cancelled story would've revealed that there's even further levels of crisis. Gocon 0 is the death of a high operative like a Core Corp or another important person of interest such as Elizabeth and Gocon -1 is the imminent destruction of the Game Over planet.
  • Demonic Possession: DemonComputer276
  • The Determinator: SC
  • Dimensional Traveler: Pretty much every Game Over operative.
  • Disney Acid Sequence: "Gearjam Recital," a magical affect area able to be created by Boombox, is capable of creating these in order to either attack enemies by throwing objects generated by the lyrics of the song chosen, or by adjusting the times when the enemy strikes (physical or projectile) so that the attacks can be dodged by dancing to the music. Use of Rhythm Heaven music usually allows counterattacks. Whatever you do, never use it to the tune of "Weird Al" Yankovic's "One of Those Days." With good reason.
  • Ditzy Genius: SC. The man wrote a mook-creation program at age 14 and invented more-or-less hassle-free interdimensional transportation, and only recently has he gotten the hang of having these things called "friends."
  • Drill Sergeant Nasty: 666
  • Drives Like Crazy: Calcutta Joe. SC has described his acceleration on his hovering carrier as "zero to warp in five seconds flat."
  • Drop the Hammer: Tamany Hall, due to her being an Amy Rose recolor.
  • Dungeon Master: The Authors. While they do write the stories that guide the events of the macroverse, it's a general rule of conduct not to blanantly inject their tales with their avatars. Those that violate this rule usually get mocked by their peers.
    • It should be noted that if the Authors used their powers to resolve every problem that occurs in their worlds, there'd be no story.
  • Elaborate Underground Base: Technically an elaborate mountain base, but Mt. Majesty still qualifies.
  • Eldritch Abomination: DC has a few touches of this. He even claimed to be immune to someone's Mind Control powers because Ztar thought processes are incomprehensible to "lesser beings."
  • Elemental Powers: SC's most common magical attack moves are fire, water, wind, and electric attacks. He can also do ice, but it's not one that immediately comes to mind.
  • Emotion Eater: DC, who sustains his existence by absorbing the dark aura, generated as one could expect by negative emotions such as anger, from others. If he eats all the aura, that creature's light aura collapses in on itself and their soul implodes.
    • His equal and opposite, AC, sustains her existence by ingesting light aura, but she's far too peaceful to be greedy about it, normally only having enough to sustain her. She only draws extra when she needs to use her aura cloud, and afterwards even returns as much as she can.
  • Empty Shell: All creatures created with the CET-XX programs act like they have souls but truly don't. However, it seems with enough Character Development, they can grow one (e.g. the Core Corps and Panchico).
    • This explaination is also the answer to the question of why SC doesn't just use the program to create obedient clones of the girls he wants instead of insisting on trying to kidnap the originals (and failing every time). As CET constructs have no substance, SC gets no satisfaction in exerting his dominence over them, even if he copied his mark's personality exactly. Also, it's not as much fun.
  • Enemy Without: DC whenever he leaves SC's body.
  • Escapist Character: In-Universe, SC realizes he is one for his Author, and he is pissed about existing just for the purpose of some "loser"'s fantasy.
  • Everything's Better with Plushies: SC on several occasions has sewn up his own hand-made plushies depicting various characters from various dimensions. Some of them replicate the abilities of the character they represent; the Kracko one, for example, can shoot lighting through its eye when it's squeezed. He also has plushie versions of every girl he wants to brainwash, to satisfy him until he can acquire the real deal and then treat them like plushies anyways; as well as a plushie of Kat he keeps locked in the bottom drawer of his desk, and whenever he feels upset he pulls it out and slams it against the wall repeatedly, blaming his problems on her, in order to vent out his frustrations to prevent DC from gaining power.
  • Everything's Better with Spinning: Several G.O. creations.
  • Everything Sensor: The Cell Shades v2 has a radar for everything, from heat to souls.
  • Evil Brit: Dicer the Boomberang Brother is based vaguely on this, though he comes off as more affable.
  • Evil Diva: Amazee Dayzee.
  • Evil Tastes Good: DC, but given he's an Emotion Eater who applies the terms to the dark aura he consumes, it's probably justified.
  • Explaining Your Power to the Enemy: SC does have a bad habit of gloating about his abilities in battle, but he is not incapable of averting it.
  • Eye Beams: The Cell Shades are capable of firing heat lasers from its lens, both at SC's mental command and automatically in order to defend a fallen SC. He usually uses them to cut through metal walls.
  • Failure Is the Only Option: the primary reason SC ceased his campaign for macroversal domination. Even after that, he has yet to really gain a single girl for his harem for any long term period.
  • Faux Affably Evil: SC whenever he gets into the villain mindset, especially as he delightfully gloats to his captives about what exactly he's going to do to them. He's been known to speak of extraordinary events and evil deeds as if he was just making small talk, particularly if (he convinces himself) he has firm control of the situation.
  • Finger-Snap Lighter: 666
  • Fisher Kingdom: Plothole portals usually enforce a Type 2 on those that use them, transforming the users to a form appropriate to the target environment. The Interdimensional Warp Pipe does not have this effect.
    • Lampshaded. According to SC, there is an energy field between universes that causes these changes; the precise calculations made by the Interdimensional Warp Pipe allow the resulting tunnel to bypass it, thus resulting in no changes. He calls this energy field "the Fisher."
    • Tamany explains the whole thing in detail.
  • Flat Character: Tamany has not received nearly as much Character Development as 666 (there from the beginning), Calcutta, or Sparkz (both through forum roleplays) has. She really often has no role beyond Mission Control. She's working towards developing into the Team Mom.
  • Forgiven, but Not Forgotten: SC towards pretty much everybody. He's still quite sore about the means Niv had Shard break up with him.
  • Fourth-Wall Mail Slot: SCemails.
  • Freudian Excuse: SC's impared social skills due to autism resulted in many of his peers at school teasing him. This resulted in him wanting to Take Over The Worlds so they would respect him. Even after quitting the world conquering business, his lonliness and insecurity still drives his desire to gain an harem of cute girls using Mind Control.
  • Freudian Trio: Interestingly, SC has shown three different personalities / demeanors over the course of the series that match the trio.
  • Gadget Watches: The W-COM, short for "Watch Communicator," is Exactly What It Says on the Tin - a two-way video communication device that takes the form of a watch. It also has some limited access to Game Over database lookup.
  • Global Currency: Averted, from a macroversal point of view. SC's perferred currency is the Onieplugmitt Dino, but when he steals money from other dimensions, he has to convert it to Dino first before he can use it.
  • Godwin's Law: Keaton, the Game Over's head chef, has developed a few traces of nazi in him since SC has trouble telling French and German accents apart. SC has to keep telling him to stop calling him "fuhrer" on the occasions he does.
  • Go-Go Enslavement: How dedicated to his desire for a harem is SC? He has been known to hand-make fitting harem and maid outfits for each girl he wants, each in that girl's color. The primary question is how the hell he's getting the sizes for some of them.
  • Go Mad from the Revelation: SC was never the sanest of people, but his sanity really started to slide when he found out he was an Author Avatar created solely for Wish-Fulfillment. The consequential stacking of his Author's understanding of the worlds of every fictional work he's ever witnessed is also a factor.
  • Grievous Harm with a Body: In Game Over MST, SC keeps Calcutta from shooting the movie screen on at least two different occasions by smacking him repeatedly with Sparkz (who sits between them) while scolding him as if he was a bad dog.
  • Grew Beyond Their Programming: Pretty much all the CET-XX constructs still around today, including the Core Corps. It's stated that Panchico was the first when SC responded badly to a semi-breakup with Shard.
  • Grumpy Bear: Pretty much SC's role when he visits Tibun. And he hates it.
  • The Gunslinger: Calcutta Joe, mostly D with some elements of B and C.
    • Bottomless Magazines: Arguably justified by having pocket dimensions in his guns that hold hundreds of bullets at a time.
    • Guns Akimbo: He has two pistols and often uses both at once.
    • Abnormal Ammo: Calcutta once designed a bullet that had the properties of pencil erasers in order to counter a specific foe that attacked with living drawings.
    • Recoil Boost: "Bullet Train," which allows him to fly by using his pistols as boosters. He also uses it to fire behind him and ram headlong into enemies (which has actually worked).
  • Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal: SC's original Sonic-style form; he justified it by citing other half-dressed cartoon animals. His Lakitu form also had him wearing only sunglasses and a shirt, but most of the rest was covered by his cloud.
    • Calcutta Joe and 666 play this straight.
  • Happiness in Slavery: Panchico
  • Hates Being Touched: SC, being autistic, is highly sensitive to touch and as such other things touching him disturbs him. However, he doesn't usually have a problem touching others himself.
  • Her Name Really Is Nurse
  • Heroic BSoD: SC may not be heroic, but none of the villainous counterparts of this trope describe this: When SC learned that his relationship with Shard was over due to her forgetting about everything related to the Game Over, his Mental World started to implode. He mostly recovered later.
  • High-Functioning Autism: SC, by Word Of God and by extension due to his former Author Avatar status.
  • Hoist by Her Own Petard: Amazee is defeated by SC pulling her into Sparkz's line of fire.
  • Humans Are Bastards: SC views humanity with contempt. Pointing out he was once human himself just results in him saying he's not all that fond of himself either.
  • I Control My Minions Through...: Indoctrination for most of the Core Corps (he created them with the CET-XX), Kindness for Sparkz (he not only gave him the Thunderstone he wanted to become a Raichu, but rescued him from an Evil Diva).
  • I'll Kill You!: It takes about this level of anger for DC to break loose. Usually that requires posing a deadly threat to a loved one, such as Shard or Elizabeth.
  • I Love You Because I Can't Control You: SC towards Shard, although they later broke up.
    • His attraction to Elizabeth, meanwhile, is more along the lines of I Love You Because I Don't Want To Control You.
  • Imaginary Friend: The Mad Hatter Chao, and the two Pixls Ticktick and Larme, all are imaginary friends of SC. Their primary job is to maintain SC's Mental World.
    • Totally Radical: Mad Hatter Chao's informal jive. It's light enough so he's understandable, though.
    • Pretty Fly for a White Guy: MHC's choice of accent and vocabulary is supposed to be reminiscent of gantsta. However, given SC barely has a real idea on what gangsta really sounds like...
    • According to Word Of God, everyone has numerous imaginary friends living in their Mental Worlds which make sure it keeps working properly, but they don't have a true form until their friend thinks one up (unless it turns out they start out as Censors or something). Also, fantasizing about other characters creates imaginary versions of them that live in the Mental World (although generally it's one friend per character, and fantasizing the same character twice just results in the same friend appearing).
  • Imagination-Based Superpower: DC is capable of manipulating his aura cloud however he wishes, including compressing it into a solid shape. He refers to the shapes that can move as "aura puppets." The primary disadvantage is that any clumps of aura that get separated from him or his main cloud dissipate into nothing very quickly.
    • AC as well with her light aura cloud.
  • Immortality: One of SC's goals, due to his fear of death. The construct operatives, being computer code, are also technically unable to age and most likely can't die from old age, but are just as mortal as SC is.
  • The Imp: Sparkz acts like this a lot.
  • Inn Between the Worlds: Like Sigil, Onieplugmitt is a city-sized variation.
  • Interdimensional Travel Device: The Interdimensional Warp Pipe and plothole portals.
  • Intrepid Fictioneer: The Game Over's primary gig. If they can obtain media, usually from Earth, depicting a story, they can use it to determine its dimensional ID and go there.
  • I Surrender, Suckers: One story arc in SCemails had SC being blackmailed by an anonymous crazy weirdo that taped Elizabeth showering and wanted $5 billion in kamikaze fruit technology (SC used a kamikaze watermelon in the previous arc) to not release the video on the Internet. SC sent a reply e-mail claiming to contain the instructions for growing such fruit.
    Weirdo: "Step 1: Say the words 'Zeeky Boogy Doog.' Step 2: Say your prayers."
    Falling H-Bomb: (above weirdo)
  • It Runs on Nonsensoleum: pretty much every piece of Game Over machinary, from the soul-bottling Conso-Extractor to the much-too-compact Cell Shades v2. SC attempts to justify it by it being Magitek.
  • I Would Say If I Could Say: Fairly frequently. SC sometimes refers to other characters with a line in the structure of: "<Original phrase>. Or <modification to phrase in line with who he's talking to>. Whatever." This line popped up more often in the earlier stories.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: SC and a few other characters.
  • The Juggernaut: Syzygy. He has only one weakness and SC knows better than to even hint at it. This weakness is yeah right like I'd ever talk.
  • Killer Game-Master: Non-tabletop game variation; in usually non-canon instances SC has hosted his own version of several reality TV and game shows (such as The Mole: Deception at Game's End and You Don't Know Jack: Game Over Edition). He used his position as the host (as well as producer and every other position in charge) to enact his sociopathic tendencies on his hapless players. For example, in the canceled final episode for Deception at Game's End, he revealed he had been holding the executed contestants captive in Mt. Majesty's dungeon-like catacombs since episode 1 and the final mission for the remaining three contestants was to rescue them. The Jack Attacks for the You Don't Know Jack games involve the studio being destroyed in a massive vortex and dropping the contestants into Hell.
  • Killer Rabbit: SC likes 'em "cute but deadly," and so his staff is more or less stuffed with them. He himself might apply when he gets dangerous.
  • Killer Yo-Yo: SC's prinicpal weapon in recent times is the GO-yo, a yo-yo form of the Game Over Wand.
  • Kirk Summation / Shut Up, Kirk!
    SC: Now listen up, Dayzee-girl, there's no way Sparkz could possibly defeat me, so save us all the hassle and turn him over to me before I start getting bored of this charade.
    Amazee: Not on your life, pinky!! He's mine MINE MINE!! Why don't YOU save us all the hassle and DIE!!
  • Kryptonite Ring: SC originally had a Weaksauce Weakness in that his powers and life force were primarily "stored" in his tails, and removing them would cause him to fall unconscious and eventually die if they weren't returned (not to mention they needed to be able to move for him to use magic). His previous girlfriend was a "fluffy" tail thief, but he kept the weakness as a sign of trust between the two of them. When they broke up, SC took the ring back and moved it to his chest, and now removing his tails is more of an annoyance to him than an actual threat to his health.
  • Kung-Fu Clairvoyance / Nonchalant Dodge / Super Reflexes: The Cell Shades grant SC this.
  • Lampshaded the Obscure Reference: The gang has a lot of really niche interests, which comes to fore most often in Game Over MST.
    Watch as no one gets that.
  • Large Ham: SC, especially when he's wearing the Cell Shades, which allow him to focus and keep talking without stuttering.
    • And especially when he thinks he can get away unscathed.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: the concept of gods as "Authors." As a result, SC knows he's in a story because everything that exists was originally created as part of some story or another.
  • Lemony Narrator
  • Lethal Joke Item: More like Weaponized Joke Item; in at least two instances, the Game Over has managed to defeat someone by tricking them into saying the Zeeky words and blowing themselves up.
  • Lightning Can Do Anything: Including blow out an airship engine and give sentinence to a dark entity.
  • Living Doll Collector: SC has a few shades a lot of this when trying to kidnap girls for his harem.
  • Loose Canon: SCemails, the Lucy trilogy, and G.O. MST.
  • Made of Indestructium: Both models of Cell Shades. The first model was sat on a table and a three-foot-square solid concrete block was dropped on it at a height of five feet; the block split cleanly in half. The impossibly-compact second version is no less indestructible.
  • Made of Iron: SC gets battered around a lot, but he's fine after a little rest, and you can count the number of bones he's broken on one hand.
  • The Mad Hatter: Even after he realizes he's not strictly insane, SC still revels in how different he thinks from "normals."
  • Magic Meteor: The Cobalt Comet that almost hit Mt. Majesty instead reacted with the recreated Cobalt Star in the mountain to transport the mountain and various other pieces of Game Over territory (such as the setting for Trailer Park of Authors) to its own dimension and form into its own planet. Mostly due to the fact the comet was hosting some form of powerful spirit, which moved to the Star and turned it into the planet's Cosmic Keystone.
  • Magitek: SC often builds machines that use magic to help them do the "difficult" stuff, a.k.a. the stuff a computer cannot actually do (see It Runs on Nonsensoleum above).
  • The Main Characters Do Everything: Villainous variation, especially in the first two stories. An army of expendable artificially-made Mooks, and SC and his closest officers are, more often than not, the only ones to go out into the field. This was brought to a head in Streamline, where SC just has most of the extras remotely terminated, making the Game Over an Oddly Small Organization.
  • Manipulative Bitch: Amazee Dayzee.
  • Massive Multiplayer Crossover: The Game Over itself. Its primary members consist of a Fire Bro, a Batamon, an anthropomorphic hedgehog, and a Raichu, being led by a transformed human that has forms for all four of those fictons (although his preferred one is the Sonic one).
  • Mega Manning: DC, who can replicate most of a person's attacks if he possesses them for long enough first.
  • Mental World: SC's "Room of the Soul," which is split into several different subrooms each of which represents a part of his personality, including living quarters for his Imaginary Friends and where DC is imprisoned.
  • The Mind Is a Plaything of the Body: Usually SC avoids this thanks to the Cell Shades v2, but before that while he was still getting a handle on being a fox, he often had a desire to chomp on naked rabbits... even ones that were just on video. He seems to have grown out of it. (Interestingly enough, they had to be naked to set him off...)
    • One other exception: he refuses to become human again because as a fox, he's "his own teddy bear."
  • Mook Maker: The original purpose of the CET-XX.
  • Morality Pet: Panchico and sometimes Elizabeth for SC.
  • Morphic Resonance: Pretty much everyone in the Game Over. One of the more obvious examples is when SC turns into a Pokémon, his trademark black Poison Mushroom shirt turns into a black kerchief with a Poison Mushroom decal tied around his neck (meanwhile, the headwear of 666, Calcutta Joe, and Tamany simply resizes to fit their transformation). Might be justified due to most of the transformations occuring between dimensions when travelling through a plothole portal tunnel and being replicated through Game Over machinery.
  • The Multiverse: All the different universes we believe to be fictional are real; we just don't know how to get there physically yet.
  • Multiversal Conqueror: The Game Over attempts to be this, but they aren't nearly as successful or as powerful as the other examples. Granted, their schemes usually make some headway, just not on a multiversal level.
  • Mysterious Mist: DC's dark aura cloud resembles black mist. AC's light aura cloud, naturally, resembles white mist.
  • New Neo City: SC sometimes refers to Onieplugmitt as "New Babylon."
  • New Powers as the Plot Demands: Averted with the G. O. Wand powers; there's been a pretty much set list of what magic SC can do since the second story with few additions since then. Mostly played straight with the Cell Shades v2, specifically in how SC can use his "immunity to external brainwave manipulation," including subverting the Third Law of Gender-Bending and outright preventing his mind from becoming a plaything of his body (handy given how he likes changing forms).
    • However, the one mind-control aspect the Cell Shades can't block, period, is takeover by DC, probably due to the anger that makes DC up primarily being SC's, allowing him to fool the Shades' Everything Sensor.
  • The Nicknamer: DC, with his supermassive ego bigger than SC's, refuses to call anyone by their proper name. Most notably, he calls SC either "my weaker self" or "my other self" depending on how helpful he's feeling, and disturbingly Shard "my pretty." As in I Have You Now, My Pretty.
    • SC also has a tendancy to nickname people, particularly people he's teasing or doesn't like. Or both.
    • Inverted with AC, who never uses nicknames.
  • Nigh-Invulnerability: The Barrier Beam can't be broken by anything; it doesn't even vibrate so it's completely soundproof. The only thing that can get through is some light, making it partially translucent. However, its location is space is locked relative to the planet it was created on, so SC can't move it.
    • There's actually a sliding scale for this, it's just that SC almost never uses it. The more things the Beam can't block, the more mobile it is. It's in fact possible to increase the invulnerability so that even light can't get through, but this would lock the barrier in absolute space, usually sending the resulting construct spinning off the face of the planet as the globe moves on without it.
  • No Inner Fourth Wall: Played with, as the universes that the Game Over crosses the inner fourth wall to are... other real-life fictional worlds, primarily from video games.
  • No Name Given: SC's program that allows him to Create Life from computer code is only referred to as "the program." Also, the Game Over's world is known only as "the Game Over world," although in the latter case the author's still trying to think of a good name.
  • Non-Indicative Name: DemonComputer276 is a Ztar that gained malevolent sentience when it was fused with a large portion of SC's anger when he was struck by lightning. He is not an actual demon.
  • Noodle Incident: A few time in Game Over MST MLP, it's mentioned that Calcutta's crazy driving once transported them into the Nether.
  • No-Sell: SC's immunity to mind control thanks to the Cell Shades. Also, he made himself immune to electricity when rescuing Sparkz in Mushroom Bowl, and it's uncertain whether or not it's still effective.
  • Not Good with Rejection: SC is usually this non-romantically on some sort of meta-level. When the rejector is Niv, who delights in creating rejections as painful as possible, stuff usually goes south.
    • This is due to SC's need for verification, which 666 reinforced to keep DC from breaking out in the middle of Equestria in Game Over MST MLP.
  • Number of the Beast: 666 gets his name from it. It's not intended to imply he's evil, but instead that his flames are about as hot as Hell's.
  • #1 Dime: SC's shirt. The only way it's extraordinary is that it's charmed to always fit him, but it was that shirt with its decal that inspired his organization's name and icon.
  • Oddly Small Organization: Especially prevailant in the earlier days, where SC insisted he and his squad of third-in-command Commandos handle the important missions themselves. Even more literal after Streamline, where SC brings the membership down to his Core Corps, Panchico, the security team, the medical staff, and Keaton's team of chefs.
  • Old Master: Yo-Yo Sensai Coaltrain, one of the great Skill Masters of Dreamland, is an elderly GIM that taught SC how to use a yo-yo as a weapon.
    • Hermit Guru: Coaltrain's dojo is inside a massive cavern in a high mountain.
    • The Wonka: As indicated by this quote from Streamline:
    If there were two things that could be said about Coaltrain, they would be that he was a very strong and fierce opponent in battle, and that he had one weird sense of humor.
  • Ominous Multiple Screens: SC is quite fond of his bigger computers having multiple screens. The CET-XX itself has five.
  • Omniscient Morality License: The Authors. After all, they are writing a story, and sometimes bad things need to happen to good people.
  • Only One Name: SC, 666, and Sparkz; the first two are justified as SC thought up the names for himself and 666, and the other by most Pokémon (as a creature) characters having only one name anyway, even if not a Species Surname. Subverted with Calcutta Joe, who is often just called "Calcutta."
  • Only Sane Man: SC often feels like this when dealing with those outside the Game Over.
  • Ooh, Me Accent's Slipping: Most of the characters with accents do this due to the difficulty the author finds writing them, but Calcutta Joe's varies the most of all.
    • The level with which Elizabeth uses Elizabethan English often varies as well.
  • Our Doors Are Different: All Game Over facilities have metal doors that part down the middle and slide open and shut with a hydralic hiss. However, they are rectangular at least.
  • Painting the Medium: Outside cooresponding text color in webcomics, the text of the Game Over's Author is italic and orange where it's possible to have that option.
    • During Mushroom Bowl, Sparkz's text balloons were pink and wavy to indicate the state of mind control he was under due to Amazee. They returned to normal when the Red Flute was used.
  • Parenting the Husband: Elizabeth fears that a marriage with SC is more than likely to end up like this, and so is trying to help him grow up before that.
  • Perverse Sexual Lust: in-universe; SC kidnaps girls from worlds that his birth world considers fiction (namely, ours) that he finds attractive for brainwashing into slaves.
  • Planet Spaceship: A cancelled story would have revealed during the climax that the Game Over planet can become one via a procedure known as Mode 7, steered by a stationary motorbike called the "Deus ex Chopper." Calcutta Joe practically nerdgasms upon hearing he gets to drive a whole planet.
  • Playby Post Games: RPG Over: The Treasure Trek is the transcript of one of these. Same with Cave Roleplay, although that one's still in progress.
  • Playing with Fire: 666 the Fire Bro.
  • Plot Hole: SC has been using these for crossing about dimensions since before the series' arrival on Smack Jeeves, though it took a while to get them to arrive at a specific point in the chosen universe instead of a completely random point. The Interdimensional Warp Pipe just creates a plothole with a directed tunnel.
  • Polyamory: With the number of Love Interests and others he's fantasized about, SC eventually figured he was going to get the best out of trying for this. Although there's a few girls he's gotten to know well enough for it, none have been brought up to romantic relationships yet.
  • Popcultural Osmosis Failure: SC (and the rest of the Game Over, to a lesser degree) can tend to make references to Earth pop culture, even though most of the time group B is from a completely different universe and so there's been no osmosis to even take place.
  • Postmodernism: We did mention the Authors, right?
  • The Power of Hate: DC rather literally lives on this.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: SC knows when it's worth it to commit a crime, or which worlds to have a criminal record in, and when it's not. For example, don't have a criminal record in the world where you perfer to do your shopping. He also won't bother worlds he has no interest in in the first place.
  • Pride: Amazee Dayzee. SC as well in the beginning, although he's getting better.
  • Psychic Block Defense: Another feature of the Cell Shades.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: As anyone that knows him will tell you, the only things SC had ever socially connected with are stuffed animals or his organic constructs (Sparkz, the only other "true being" in the Core Corps, being the exception, but the damage was done by the time he joined). This explains why tends to view kidnapping and brainwashing girls akin to "collecting plushies." He has gotten a little better in this regard, though.
  • Puff of Logic: SC once tried to invert this by logically proving someone did not die in order to revive said person. It didn't work.
  • Put on a Bus: Galeforce, SC's Lakitu cloud that adapted Jay Gatsby's accent. Natually it disappeared once SC left his Lakitu form behind; Word Of God now officially says that Galeforce now resides in SC's Mental World, as his consciousness started off as a fragment of SC's and it was reabsorbed leaving his Lakitu form. It's implied Galeforce's presense in SC's mind resulted in his more polite and calm demeanor. A portion of him may also the be the artificial intelligence that allows the Cell Shades to function independant of SC.
  • Pygmalion Snap Back: SC's eternal nemesis in his harem-gaining plans. He believes his targets are better off being his obedient pet plushies than they are as free beings in their own homeworld (hypocritical as it is, given how much he values his own freedom); his targets and their friends (often including that world's hero) counter with how he has no right to make that kind of decision for her.
  • Rich Bitch: Amazee Dayzee. When she brainwashed and kidnapped Sparkz, she paid off the authorities to scrap any launching device remotely near her seventy-fifth story penthouse so SC couldn't fling himself up to rescue him (on a side note, he took a third option and climbed up the side of the building, which she didn't expect him to do).
  • Robo Cam: SC's Cell Shades give him a green overlay of this for its main interface. The first version had the display on the lenses themselves; the second version uses its neural link to him to make him "see" it in his mind.
  • Rock of Limitless Water: In SCemails, one is used to create the water distributed by the Unown Water Company.
    Unown Z: How do you think we get the water we distribute? From the mountains?
  • Royal Harem: The only one of SC's life goals that's kept intact since his beginnings is the creation of one of these populated with Bedlah Babes.
  • Rubber Man: Calcutta Joe, who can squish and squash his rubbery body and even pull his stubby arms in thanks to being a Batamon; he once escaped from a pair of handcuffs like this. However, his body has to remain rounded in basic shape.
  • Rule 63: One of the author's friends created one of SC named Yoko, but she's not a full Distaff Counterpart as she's high school age, lives with her sister (which is a Distaff Counterpart of the friend himself) who has to work multiple jobs to support the two of them, and (as far as we know) has shown no signs of wanting to Take Over the World. SC has met her, and she's since become one of his Morality Pets as she serves as a refuge from the chaos of his everyday life.
  • Running Gag: Amazee's increasingly-Twitchy Eye during Mushroom Bowl. Right when SC reveals he shockproofed himself, it culminates in a *biggest twitch* that almost covers her entire left eye.
    • Through the rest of Season 1, SC's reply to comments by guest referees, along the lines of "Shut up and ref or something."
      • The first six matches make a point of treating Doopliss and a Butt-Monkey, particularly involving multiple electric shocks. When Doopliss resigns from the Game Over for lack of respect, SC specifically said that they lost their running gag.
    • In MSN roleplay, SC has a tendency, when sent flying by something like a super-glomp, to crash into a "conveniently-placed wall."
    • A lot of people can't understand anything Calcutta Joe or the Mad Hatter Chao says. Totally intended.
    • The MST has a few of its own, such as:
      • In response to something like "it seemed well:"
      Sparkz: Cue the screams of the 4chan guys that played Magia Revolution.
      • "That makes a lot more sense. Now if only we could have figured that out before now!"
      • "Excuse me, WHAT."
  • Safety in Indifference: SC's reaction to taking enough abuse from Tibun's residents was basically this.
  • Sdrawkcab Name: It's sorta easy to tell that the massive CET-XX mainframe computer was based on TEC-XX.
  • Second Love: SC is on number four with Elizabeth. The previous ones were Karma, Jinxy, and Shard.
  • Self-Deprecation: SC is not afraid to insult anybody, including himself.
    • When he was told that Sashara's government was considering monitoring him because of his ability to Create Life, he burst into laughter at the thought that anyone could consider him a threat. Granted, that was before he remembered he created Syzygy...
    • Game Over MST has the characters often mention how no one reads their riffs.
  • Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness: SC. He uses "excruciatingly" because he refuses to use "extremely" for fear of giving the wrong impression.
  • Shipper on Deck: Tamany for SC x Elizabeth, since she wants the Game Over to be more like a family and that requires a mother.
  • Shock and Awe: Sparkz the Raichu
  • Shout-Out: SC is particuarly prone to using Real Life references ranging from common knowledge to fairly obscure and expecting whoever he's talking to to understand him, even if he's in a universe where what he's referencing doesn't exist. From numerous examples, one of his Pre Ass Kicking One Liners (or it would've been if it hadn't been Cut Short):
    "Rosin up your bow, Johnny, 'cause all hell's gonna break loose in Georgia!"
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: AC and DC in a sense, though her means of creation through DC being infected with corruption energy by Glandor means technically AC would be DC's daughter (no one goes with that, though). Their powers are even opposite but equal, as DC manipulates dark aura while AC manipulates light aura. AC lampshades it by pointing out to DC that with how much of a yin he was, a yang needed to come along to balance him out eventually.
  • Side Bet: A common pastime of the Core Crops during Game Over MST is betting on which way the story will go, including who gets paired with who or how a horror story's victim will come out at the end. This usually occurs when the author hadn't read the story all the way through himself before riffing it.
  • Sigil Spam: All Game Over creations (with the exception of the Core Corps) have a Poison Mushroom image on it somewhere. Lampshaded in one "Trailer Park of Authors" comic:
    Kat: built Shall?
    SC: Yeah, I thought you knew. There's a Poison Mushroom emblem engraved in her CPU. Who else in the multiverse would do something like that?
  • Significant Anagram: Onieplugmitt; remove two letters added for readability and the rest rearrange into "melting pot." How fitting.
  • Sinister Shades: The first version of the Cell Shades were good at this. The second smaller version, less so.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: SC.
    • Amazee only half-applies: being an Idol Singer (and Evil Diva at that) her name is anything but small, but that doesn't stop her head from having enough hot air for a blimp.
  • Smug Snake: SC.
  • The Smurfette Principle: Although there are / were other females in the Game Over, Tamany Hall is the only female in the Core Corps.
  • Song Fic: One Wore Red and One Wore Black
  • Species Surname: Elizabeth Frankenstein Rabbit.
  • Spider Tank: The Game-at-Legs, a mechanical scaled-up combination of the Titan Dweevil and Man-at-Legs. Comes equipped with a machine gun, twin laser cannons from the eyestalks, and up to four additional attacks depending on what's occupying the pods attached to it.
  • The Spock: SC, sometimes, usually when he isn't playing villain.
  • Squishy Wizard: SC, who is an expert with magic and technology and very intelligent, as well as very quick and light on his feet, but his strength stat is practically negative. The only reason he's still alive after several of his battles is because he heals quickly.
  • Standard Evil Organization Squad: especially when they're acting villainous.
  • Stealth Insult: SC is quite fond of these, though it tends to fly over his target's head. The others join in on occasion.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: This SCemail
  • Superpowered Evil Side: DemonComputer276 via Sealed Inside a Person-Shaped Can. He breaks out whenever SC's anger boils over.
    • And recently an inversion was gained when DC was infected with corruption energy, resulting in the creation of AngelComputer276, a kindly Power Star that can manipulate light aura the same way DC can dark aura.
  • Symbol Motif Clothing: SC is almost never seen without at least one piece of his clothing bearing a Poison Mushroom.
  • Taking You with Me: SC seems to be invoking this to defeat Amazee by pulling her into Sparkz's line of fire... until he reveals he made himself electric-proof.
  • Talking Is a Free Action: SC will not shut up. Much like Spider-Man, he does this to keep himself from panicking.
  • Teach Him Anger / Break the Cutie: Shard isn't the well of pure dark aura that DC desires so much because of Kumori, no. Because Shard's naive to the point of idiocy, she's never tapped into her inner darkness; because of this, it has never mixed with her light aura, resulting in a high delicacy for dark aura devourers like DC. In order to prevent DC's desire for her influencing his decisions, especially since his romantic interest has shifted, SC is working on a way to make Shard tap into her darkness, mixing it with light and preventing DC from finding it so appealing. So far he has a good lead: her crippling fear of being alone.
  • Team Mom: Tamany is slowly developing into something like this.
  • Technopath: SC is capable of using the sensors in his gloves made for interfacing with his Cell Shades to connect the Shades to any electric machine he's touching, allowing him to control it via the Shades, although the amount of control he has varies depending on how the machine is set up.
  • Techno Wizard: SC for the most part, sometimes literally.
  • Tempting Fate: Possibly. SC has a plushie, harem outfit, and maid outfit tucked away for Elizabeth. He prays he will never become so weak-willed as to have a reason to use them. There are also a few other examples, such as in SCemails #50:
    SC: Pfft. You and what army? (to himself) Already I know I'm gonna regret saying that.
    *zoom out to reveal SC's yard filled with a small army*
    SC: (still to himself) Hello, Mr. Regret. Come on in. Would you like a drink?
  • There Is Only One Bed: Played with; during Trailer Park of Authors, SC and Elizabeth are mentioned to share the only bed in SC's trailer, but there is no indication of any tension resulting from it and at the time the relationship was completely platonic.
  • Third Act Stupidity: The climax for the first story is kicked off when it's realized Ludwig could melt the protagonists out of the cell they're trapped in, because SC forgot Ludwig was the only Koopaling that could breathe fire. And incidentally, so did he.
  • Third-Person Person: Panchico for a time, to show how she viewed herself as an object for her Master's pleasure use. This stopped when she needed to comfort SC going through a BSOD, the first sign that she was developing a soul.
  • Time Stands Still: Time Halt. Whenever fighting a ''really'' dangerous opponent that goes too fast for his high-speed dodging skills, SC uses it to Flash Step. Ticktick claims he can do this as well.
  • Timey-Wimey Ball: Although not exhibited in the stories themselves, Word Of God is that this is the reason SC actively avoids time travel.
  • Token Good Teammate: Elizabeth, despite not being a G. O. operative, is effectively this.
  • Too Clever by Half: SC.
  • Tracking Chip: SC has one on Lucy so he can rescue her when captured.
  • Trademark Favorite Drink: As shown by G.O. MST...
    • SC: Pink lemonade.
    • Sparkz: Gatorade.
    • Calcutta Joe: Root beer.
    • 666: Apple cider (non-alcoholic).
  • Translator Microbes: The Game Over Translation Collar, primarily used by Sparkz.
  • Trigger Phrase: "Keep the beat," Boombox's signal to start up a Gearjam Recital.
  • Troll: Sparkz shows signs of this in the G.O. MST. In particular is this exchange from episode 2-4:
    666: I was proofreading some of the prose the general writes when he's bored, and making sure that when one person spoke, their lines weren't broken across two paragraphs.
    Sparkz: I waited until 666 went to bed and then put all the errors back in.
    666: That was you?! I should've guessed! I'll have you on court martial for this!
  • True Companions: The Core Corps, SC's inner ring.
  • Two Lines, No Waiting: The Mushroom Bowl: Season 1 Grand Championship alternates between the titular match between Lemmy and Waluigi, and SC confronting Amazee to free Sparkz.
    • Four Lines, All Waiting: File 2: Crystal Catastrophe jumps between: Ludwig and Lemmy going to Dinosaur Land to rescue Karma; Karma herself, usually dreaming each night; Roy and Iggy going to Rogueport directly after the Game Over; Larry, Morton, and Wendy teaming up with the Mario Bros and heading for Mt. Majesty to search for clues as to what they're planning; and the Game Over itself as it goes around Rogueport and surrounding areas after the Crystal Stars.
  • Tyke Bomb: Technically, all the Game Over Core Corps except Sparkz. SC created them specifically to do his bidding; the fact he regarded them as his "children" came later.
  • Unfazed Everyman: Elizabeth.
    Elizabeth: Um... Sir Supercomputer, your head is on fire.
  • The Unfettered: SC can be this sometimes. His campaign against Mr. Losroo is one of the latest, though most of the only thing he's had to sacrifice is his sanity from tapping the fourth wall for intel and possibly Két's friendship due to forcing an isolation between the two of them.
  • The Unintelligible: Larme can only speak in Game & Watch-style beeps.
    • Intelligible Unintelligible: SC and his other imaginary friends, as well as anyone else that can percieve him and understand "Bleepbloop," can understand him.
  • Villain-Based Franchise: The Main and Bonus File stories.
  • Villain Protagonists: the Game Over in Chronicles stories, and arguably any time any of its operatives are protatonists ever.
  • Villains Out Shopping: The main plot of the short story Streamline follows SC as he goes grocery shopping in Onieplugmitt.
  • Was Once a Man: SC. Subverted in that he did it to himself, and while he could change back has no intentions to ever do so.
  • Watsonian versus Doylist: SC has been known to employ a Doylist view concerning himself and events around him, especially his metaphysical importance as a (former) Author Avatar, and using Doylist explanations for whether something will or will not happen. In fact, his Mad Scientist superintelligence is one of the few things in the series to not have a complete Watsonian explanation.
  • Wave-Motion Gun: The original story's MegaCannon.
  • Wham Episode: A few of the stories are meant to shake things up in the Game Over canon:
  • What Is This Thing You Call "Love"?: DC claims to be unable to feel love due to being made up of anger.
    • He can't feel many positive emotions, or at least emotions tied to light aura. This includes trust.
  • Where's the Fun in That?: SC loves this phrase.
  • The Wonka: In the first story, an X-Naut Ph.D. in the Game Over's employ muses while working on breaking Karma's Metbond that he would've reported to their superiors anyone who suggested the Metbond be taken medically seriously as insane. And how SC, as the founder and leader, doesn't have any superiors to report him to.
  • Wouldn't Hit a Girl: SC always tries to prevent exerting physical harm on ladies (likely because he doesn't want to bruise his to-be toys). However, in an adversion of Honor Before Reason, any women who threatens him or his associates quickly finds out that disqualifies them, as shown in the Anti-Fusion short story:
    Zoe: *cough* What kind of man are you, attacking a lady like that?!
    SC: You're quite mistaken, Zoe. I never attack a lady.
    • Calcutta Joe has the same policy.
  • Writers Cannot Do Math: In-Universe, sorta. In G.O. MST Episode 2-1, SC manages to show though some basic calculus (that hasn't been disproven yet) that the elevator the characters in the fic are riding is going way too slow by Real Life standards, when the building is about three times as tall as the Empire State Building.
    SC: I mean, seriously! Who the hell would want to spend twenty straight minutes riding in an elevator?!
  • Wrong Context Magic: G.O. Wand magic usually remains constant across universes, even in realms where magic doesn't work the same way.
  • You Can See Me?: In his debut comic in Authortastic 2.0, the Mad Hatter Chao asks this of Shard.
  • You Got Spunk!: "Oh ho! A feisty one! My favorite! They're so much more fun to break..."
  • Xtreme Kool Letterz: Sparkz