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Crushing a scumbag for a single moment gives momentary satisfaction, but lifetimes spent crushing scumbags provide lifetimes of continuous satisfaction.

Cheating Men Must Die (Chinese title '万渣朝凰', translatable as 'Ten Thousand Scum Towards the Phoenix') is a revenge fantasy web manhua by Shidai Man Wang, published here on the Chinese manhua site QQ Comic.

Su Lüxia is a quick transmigration agent bound to the Supporting Character System. As an elite sporting a flawless track record, she dives into countless different worlds and takes over the bodies of wronged female characters (all also named Su Lüxia) whose mistreatment and resentment have reached levels high enough to qualify for the System's services, taking revenge on their enemies and often improving the lives of the women she acts on behalf of.

Each story arc features a different world setting with a new body and mission to fulfill. Accompanied by her loyal System partner in the form of a bamboo rat, Su Lüxia tackles each mission with experienced aplomb, exacting revenge on cheaters and other scumbags and relishing their just desserts.


The first twenty-five chapters are available to read in English for free here.

A short prequel titled Cheating Men Must Die: The Prime Minister is published here and tells the story of Su Lüxia's first mission, before she gained the experience and System tools utilised in the main story.

The side story Cheating Men Must Die: The Evil Consort is Busy is published here and tells the story of a mission against the host of the Emperor System, as well as an agent of a Male Lead System.

Note: For clarity's sake, the agent will be referred to by her full name, while the characters she takes over will be referred to by their titles or as simply 'Lüxia'.


Cheating Men Must Die provides examples of:

  • Abusive Parents: As a child, Mingyue was beaten and deprived of water by her mother for seemingly not being able to match up to Ziyue in terms of etiquette.
  • The Ace: Su Lüxia is one of the top agents of the System with a flawless record—not only does she fulfil each mission, she gets the highest completion grade every time because she refuses to accept a worse result than perfection.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Su Lüxia's admirers call her 'Xiaxia', and her friend Qi Ling calls her 'Xiao Xia'. Su Lüxia herself calls Qi Ling 'Xiao Ling'.
  • The Ageless: Su Lüxia doesn't age, whether she's in the void of the System or in one of the small worlds. It's implied that this is the case for all agents.
  • Alpha Bitch: Some of Su Lüxia's female foes start out as this before she gleefully dethrones them.
    • In the first arc, Liu Ruyan becomes the emperor's new favourite consort and doesn't hesitate to rub it in the demoted Consort Su's face.
    • The fifth arc has Pu Xiaozhen, a wealthy, popular, vicious bully who torments her classmate to suicide.
  • Artifact Title: Downplayed. The main antagonists of the first three arcs were men who cheated/abused the women they were supposed to love. The third arc also featured a minor antagonist in the male's love interest even though she didn't lock horns directly with Su Luxia, which led the way for women to become main antagonists in future arcs, starting with its immediate successor. Despite this, it is repeatedly stated by Luxia that men are naturally scummy, cheating bastards who need to be taught harsh lessons and she readily enacts retribution on any that she finds.
  • Asshole Victim: Su Lüxia makes a point of only punishing people who deserve it, usually cheaters, homewreckers and rapists.
  • Assumed Win: Near the end of the tenth arc, Minamoto Nagamasa and his yakuza group have a meeting with an affiliated group, whose head asks for his women (Su Lüxia and Kawana Nanako) as a goodwill gift. Nanako texts Su Lüxia during the discussion, arrogantly taunting that she has won as Minamoto likes her more and that Su Lüxia will be the one shipped out to be another yakuza group's Sex Slave. However, to Nanako's absolute shock, Minamoto offers her up to the group, as Su Lüxia is not his lover but his indispensable mentor. Nanako gets hysterical to the point where Minamoto orders his men to silence and restrain her, and to add insult to injury, the affection rating she worked so hard to raise immediately drops to zero.
  • Attempted Rape:
    • An Sheng sets up Lüxia to be raped by a studio CEO in exchange for a leading part in his next film. When Su Lüxia enters the scene, she uses an antidote to purge the effects of the drugged wine and knees the CEO's nuts before knocking him out by force-feeding him the rest of the wine. She then has him stripped and photographed, leaving him a written warning not to give An Sheng the part if he doesn't want said photos leaked.
    • Mingyue sets up Ziyue to be raped by the same man twice. The first time, Ziyue manages to escape, but hangs herself later due to the resulting scandal. The second time, Mingyue's opponent is Su Lüxia, and the tables get turned on her to the point where Mingyue has to be saved instead—Su Lüxia knocks her out and makes Mingyue take her place in the setup, then kills the would-be rapist before things go too far.
  • Back from the Dead: In the The Prime Minister side story, the host's personality is recreated after Su Lüxia completes her mission. It should be noted that this is pretty much the only time a dead host has ever been revived, with their identities usually dying or vanishing out of existence when Su Lüxia is done granting them their vengeance.
  • Batman Gambit:
    • Appears to be Su Lüxia's specialty, as a lot of her plans to bring down her rivals involve counting on them to act exactly as they would. It's helped in no small part by the fact that she usually receives prior knowledge of the stories and characters before engaging with them, but a lot of it is also due to her extensive history of dealing with these sorts as well.
    • Jing Chen displays this ability as well, as he chases Feng Wushuang away from the Clear Skies Sect without killing her or destroying her cultivation, knowing full well she would turn to Bai Lixuan and eventually sleep with him. Thanks to the curse he placed on her beforehand, this severely weakens Bai Lixuan and allows Jing Chen to steal his power and kill him.
  • Big Brother Instinct:
    • Vampire hunter Xavier Bavalenka is fiercely protective of his little sister Wei Na. However, he isn't blind to her faults, and disowns her after she tries to drug him before the Boss Battle and admits that she doesn't care whether vampires destroy humankind, as long as she and Su Youji can be together.
    • In the fourth arc, Lüxia's older brother is very protective of her, and hits Liang Qun with his riding crop after learning that his brother-in-law is fooling around outside while Lüxia is bedridden. However, despite his violent temper, he respects his sister's wishes and refrains from further punishment for the time being even after seeing evidence of her having been abused.
  • Break the Haughty: Su Lüxia's favourite pastime is ruining the lives of scumbags, who are often wealthy and powerful with egos to match.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: In the third arc, Su Lüxia mentions the last wish of her host body is to revive the vampire clan. She proposes to "save the world by fucking", at which point her System partner reminds her that they're in a decent comic and they can't show smut. Su Lüxia realizes he has a point and goes for the second option.
  • Bully Brutality: Pu Xiaozhen verbally and physically attacks Lüxia and feels no remorse over bullying her to the point of suicide. In the original events of her novel, she also orchestrates the gang rape of Han Zhen'en.
  • Cain and Abel: Su Mingyue is deeply resentful of her older half-sister Ziyue due to their difference in status, as Ziyue's late mother was their father's first wife while Mingyue's mother remains a concubine. As Ziyue's status makes her a prime candidate for the next empress, Mingyue plots to get her out of the way by setting her up in a compromising position with a known sadist so that she'll be forced to marry him instead, and Mingyue makes it clear that she doesn't care if Ziyue is raped or killed in the process.
  • Caught on Tape: In the ninth arc, Tang Mengying accepts an award at an awards ceremony, where Lin Mozhi, Chen Ge's wife, offers her a "congratulatory gift" live. To Mengying and Chen Ge's horror, the video she plays on the big screen for all to see features the adulterous couple about to get it on back in the amusement park haunted house attraction.
  • Celibate Hero: Yun Ling, Su Lüxia's adopted son from the first arc, grows up to be Emperor by the eighth arc. Due to being a Momma's Boy and learning all sorts of lessons about women from his mother, he puts off selecting an empress and doesn't intend to take concubines after seeing how his father's fickle heart hurt his mother. Although he marries Su-Lüxia-as-Ziyue knowing her true identity to help her achieve her original host's wish, he refuses to take another empress or consort after she leaves, in order to honour his promise to take only one wife.
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: Mingyue uses and throws away anyone whom she can exploit in her schemes to remove Ziyue and become empress. This comes back to bite her when one of her maids, whose sister she essentially sent to die, testifies against her and solidifies her downfall.
  • Crocodile Tears: A common tactic among her female foes, and Su Lüxia herself isn't above using tears to manipulate men if need be. In the eighth arc in particular, she cries and acts pathetic in front of her host body's father and later the emperor in order to play the victim and gain their sympathy, making her half-sister Mingyue seem hasty and thoughtless in comparison. One of the chapter titles of that arc can even be translated as "Be a Wimp When Necessary".
  • Cruel Mercy: One of Su Lüxia's tactics.
    • At the end of the third arc, she lets Su Youji and Wei Na Bavalenka leave their families to start a new life together, knowing full well that the two Spoiled Brats won't be able to live comfortably without their financial safety nets and that their shallow personalities and the resulting poverty will lead to a bitterly unhappy marriage.
    • At the end of the fourth arc, she finally gives in to Bai Ting and Liang Qun, agreeing to divorce Liang Qun so they can marry. However, by this point Liang Qun has already seen Bai Ting's true colours and no longer wants to be with her, but Su Lüxia later manipulates events to force them to marry and see her revenge through.
    • At the climax of the eighth arc, she kills an unconscious Mingyue's would-be rapist and his accomplices, then plants her bloodied cloak and dagger on Mingyue to frame her for murder (albeit in self-defence).
    • At the end of the tenth arc, arrogant Gold Digger Nanako gets elected to be shipped out to be a yakuza group's Sex Slave. Su Lüxia destroys the Waltz of Love Conquering System and reverts Nanako back to how she originally looked like. Though this saves her from being a Sex Slave as well as possible arrest, Nanako is left with absolutely nothing as she's reduced to being a disheveled homeless bum no one gives a damn about. While Nanako curses Su Lüxia and says her opponent should have just killed her rather than leave her in this state, the cruelty is downplayed as Su Lüxia notes that Nanako has the brains and ability to escape her situation, if only she weren't fixated on her original goals (though she probably saw that coming anyway).
  • Curbstomp Battle: Xiaozhen and her cronies relish beating up helpless students to assert their superiority. Once Su Lüxia enters the world in the middle of one such attack, she easily beats the crap out of Xiaozhen and her cronies, commenting on how pathetic she is to have gone down so easily despite bragging about superiority.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Su Lüxia has purple hair and eyes. A number of other characters also have matching hair and eye colours.
  • Cut Lex Luthor a Check: Su Lüxia during her breaking speech to Tang Mengying notes she had the looks and the abilities to be a successful actress without needing to plagarize other authors in the first place. However, Mengying's greed and desire to be seen as a genius makes her do so anyway.
  • Dating Sim: The tenth arc takes place in the world of a Japanese otome game.
  • Dead Person Impersonation: In the seventh arc, Su Lüxia manages this even as a ghost herself, with another ghost. After she (as the Lüxia of that arc) becomes known to the Taoist Master Palace as a powerful malicious spirit, she disappears and returns as a sweet, meek little ghost called Xiaxia, kept by the Palace as a future ritual sacrifice. Xiaxia did exist and was in fact Lüxia's cousin from another city, but her spirit was so weak that she used up all her meagre energy and passed on in captivity before Su Lüxia took her place.
  • Do Well, But Not Perfect: Lüxia and Tang Mengying engage in a live writing competition where they must spontaneously write a story based on a random theme. Mengying cheats by getting the theme leaked to her early so she could prepare. She defeats Lüxia, but Gu Qingxing, a highly influential literary talent scout, notes that Mengying’s work was too perfect for something supposedly written on the spot from a random theme and that it felt too polished.
  • Domestic Abuse: In the fourth arc, Liang Qun begins to beat his wife after starting an affair with a younger, slimmer dance hall singer. He eventually beats his wife to death, providing the entry point for Su Lüxia to take over her body. It's noted that this wasn't something that happened in the original work and Su Lüxia deduces this as a consequence of a transmigrator's actions.
  • Doppelgänger Gets Same Sentiment: Bai Ting transmigrates into a TV drama and quickly seduces Liang Qun, not because she cares for him but because he was played by her favourite actor.
  • Downer Ending: The eleventh arc ends with the male lead learning the Awful Truth. His Unlucky Childhood Friend, Xiaxia, had secretly pined for him, but was unable to spit it out. The reason he had lost contact with her was because she was Dead All Along, having died in a car accident three years ago. Her spirit was trapped by Unfinished Business, and while she was initially relieved to see him with Cao Xueyi, she ultimately sacrificed her very soul to expose Cao Xueyi's cheating on him. He's shown in tears once he wakes up.
  • Driven to Suicide:
    • This is the usual fate of the Lüxias who were cheated on or otherwise badly mistreated.
      • In the first arc, imperial Consort Su slams her head against a pillar after being demoted in favour of another consort, although whether she meant to kill herself is unclear.
      • In the second arc, the actress Lüxia is drugged and raped by a married man and footage of the event is leaked online, branding her a homewrecker and ruining her illustrious career. The final straw is when her boyfriend, who orchestrated the assault, publicly announces his impending engagement to another woman he's been seeing behind her back the whole time, and she slits her wrists in despair.
      • In the third arc, the vampiress Lüxia's fiancé sells her out to be captured and tortured by vampire hunters, and she escapes her restraints long enough to kill herself by drinking holy water.
      • In the fifth arc, schoolgirl Lüxia is Bullied into Depression and prepares to jump from the school roof. In a final effort to reach out, she calls her apathetic crush, who cruelly insults her and tells her to get on with it. She does.
      • In the seventh arc, convenience store clerk Lüxia is splashed with sulphuric acid by a spurned admirer and her bedridden grandmother—her last known family member—dies of a heart attack on hearing the news. She hangs herself shortly after her grandmother's death, but returns as a Vengeful Ghost.
      • In the eighth arc, Su Ziyue hangs herself after her reputation is ruined following getting caught in a compromising position with a man (actually a rape attempt orchestrated by her half-sister).
    • Liu Ruyan was an unloved palace consort in her first life, and eventually hanged herself after being continuously tormented by the other consorts.
    • At the end of the first arc, Su Lüxia visits the deposed Consort Liu and goads her into a Murder-Suicide, mocking her stupidity in falling in love with the emperor who mistreated her in her previous life and pointing out that she will be dead soon anyway. Su Lüxia gets the emperor to visit Liu Ruyan one last time, and she stabs him and then herself.
    • At the end of the sixth arc, Su Lüxia is forced to kill herself to escape Jing Chen and leave his world.
    • Mingyue's mother opts to kill herself rather than face dismemberment for her alleged crimes.
  • Drunk with Power: Nanako was once just an unassuming girl no one noticed who wanted to experience being in love, then she discovered the Waltz of Love Conquering System. After finding out how the system works, she used it to make herself into a beautiful, confident woman desired by men. However, Nanako becomes an arrogant, self-centered bitch who only cares about raising her personal stats and using the men she conquers as stepping stones. She no longer cares about finding love, only about keeping her status as the most desired female in her world, and she doesn't care how many families and relationships she destroys to do it.
  • Easily Forgiven: Averted hard by Su Lüxia. She completely defies this trope as she thinks it absurd to absolve someone after one moment of humanity despite all the horrible crimes they committed in the past.
    • According to the original story of the second arc, after An Sheng frames Lüxia and drives her to suicide, he continues his heinous acts of stepping on people to achieve success, but repents at some point and ends the story apologizing at Lüxia's grave before continuing to live his happy life. Su Lüxia calls BS on this story branch and intends to rewrite it her way, where he gets exactly what's coming to him for what he's done.
    • In the sixth arc, Su Lüxia calls out Jing Chen for being too lenient with Feng Wushuang and using her youth and inexperience as an excuse, despite the numerous times Wushuang accidentally let loose powerful demons that rampaged around the sect and surrounding areas.
    • In the tenth arc, Su Lüxia betrays the yakuza group she's been a higher-up of for months by exposing their crimes to the authorities. Her System partner is surprised that she would repay the family head this way, but she points out that his respect and good treatment of her don't mean she can overlook the fact that he's a coldblooded murderer.
  • Emotion Eater: The Demon System feeds off of malice.
  • Everyone Has Standards:
    • In the The Evil Consort is Busy side story, Su Lüxia quickly realizes that the emperor is not the rival agent because while hosts of the Male Lead System may be losers, they still aren't crass enough to mate outdoors in the grass. Meanwhile, the actual Male Lead System agent Jiang Mo helping Gao Houwei doesn't think highly of him either and finds his Straw Misogynist character distasteful.
    • In the non-canon chat group story, Cao Xueyi asks Su Lüxia's other antagonists for advice in dealing with the fact that she got caught cheating on 37 men. Even some of them find that impressively disturbing.
  • Evil Is Easy: A host for a system grows stronger and gains more abilities as they complete tasks for it. A Demon System host grows just by absorbing malice, making it far easier for them to build up power than for hosts of the Supporting Character System or the Male Lead System.
  • Fake-Out Make-Out: Su Lüxia kisses her System partner (while he's in his Pretty Boy form) where Mingyue's servant can discover them, just so Mingyue will return with the emperor as a witness to catch her in the act. He reverts to his usual invisible bamboo rat form just before then, so Mingyue only ends up further discredited.
  • Femme Fatale: Su Lüxia is beautiful, intelligent, charming—and utterly ruthless and vindictive. Her strength lies in her manipulations and acting ability.
  • Friendless Background: Qi Ling's master raised her strictly from a young age and groomed her to take over the Taoist Master Palace, encouraging her to think of her peers as beneath her. As an adult, she's the Palace's head disciple devoted to her work as an exorcist, and she doesn't realise just how lonely she really is until Su Lüxia moves in.
  • The Gadfly: Su Lüxia enjoys teasing her System partner in particular, and her preferred type seems to be men she can tease in general, like her eventual husband Gu Chen.
  • Gaslighting: Before leaving, Su Lüxia takes her final revenge on Min Mingzhe by erasing herself from the memories of everyone in his world except him. Since she's already made him fall desperately in love with her by this point, he grows increasingly obsessed and tormented in a world that thinks he's gone mad.
  • Gender Bender: During the The Evil Consort is Busy side story, Su Lüxia uses Grand Theft Me on a (presumably damaged) male eunuch to throw her adversaries off. When the Male Lead System host is forced to work with her, she likewise coerces him into stealing a female body.
  • Genre Savvy:
    • Thanks to the System, Su Lüxia is given insight into the worlds she enters and uses this to plan out her strategies.
    • In the first arc, Su Lüxia teaches her adopted son, Yun Ling, how to recognize and avoid devious women, and he takes her lessons to heart in the eighth arc by being able to instantly see through Mingyue's act.
  • A Glass in the Hand: Su Lüxia angrily breaks a wine glass in her hand when she finds out Tang Mengying plagiarised a leukemia patient's work, and reaffirms her conviction to take down the thief.
  • God Guise: In the ninth arc, Su Lüxia explains her presence and gains Lüxia's trust and cooperation by declaring herself the goddess of vengeance.
  • Gold Digger: Cao Xueyi repeatedly seduces wealthy men for money and gifts. Her modus operandi is to play with a suitable man, squeeze all the money out of him, then throw him away and find the next prey. Cao Xueyi regrets losing her relationship with her first boyfriend, because even though he started out poor, he would eventually go on to become super wealthy.
  • Grand Theft Me:
    • In the The Evil Consort is Busy side story, Su Lüxia uses a System tool to steal the bodies of the evil consorts and a corrupt eunuch, destroying their souls in the process. Male Lead System agent Jiang Mo is likewise coerced into stealing the body of a corrupt maid.
    • The twelfth arc has the Villain Protagonist Li Mengyu use a talismen to steal the body of Tian Mengyao by swapping their souls before proceeding to kill Tian Mengyao in her original body and framing her world's Lüxia, Mengyao's servant, for the crime.
  • Happily Married: The second arc ends with Su Lüxia taking fifty years of leave from the agency to stay with Gu Chen and eventually marry him, and they remain a devoted couple to the end of his life.
  • Hidden Depths: Little is mentioned about Su Lüxia's past, but later arcs and the prequel reveal that she herself was a Cannon Fodder side character rescued by an elite male agent who fell in love with and died protecting her and he's still a Trauma Button for her even now.
  • Honorable Marriage Proposal: Exploited by Mingyue and the Ling family in the eighth arc. Mingyue plots to engineer a scandal between Ziyue and the second Ling son, wanting Ziyue out of the way so that Mingyue will be the only Su daughter presented to the emperor. Madam Ling goes along with it as the Su family is highly prestigious and the Ling family will rise in status after the marriage.
  • Horrible Judge of Character: Feng Wushuang. Ye lords, Feng Wushuang. She readily believes anything Bai Lixuan, the leader of the demon clan, says, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. This is also a severe case of Love Makes You Dumb.
  • I Will Find You: Su Lüxia has left a few pining hearts in her wake.
    • Min Mingzhe is left the only one in his world who remembers her existence, and becomes obsessed with finding her to the point of abandoning his wealthy family to wander alone.
    • Jing Chen becomes somewhat aware that he's in a fictional world due to how poorly-written and inexplicable his story is, and falls in love with Su Lüxia because hers is the only sensible behaviour around him. When she realises how dangerous he is and forcibly escapes, he becomes determined to find a way to leave his world and follow her. The trope name is even the title of the final chapter of his arc.
    • Qi Ling is the only one Su Lüxia invites to come find her, leaving Qi Ling with a hint and a keychain bearing her likeness as a parting gift.
    • Parodied in an extra segment in the format of a mobile group chat, where all the members are characters who want to meet Su Lüxia again.
  • I Will Wait for You: At the end of the third arc, the vampire Su Lüxia prepares to leave the world by going to sleep for a few centuries, leaving a smitten, freshly-turned Xavier to watch over the newborn vampires in her absence and wait for her to wake up.
  • I'm Crying, but I Don't Know Why: Inverted at the end of the first arc. While waiting for Liu Ruyan to kill the emperor, Su Lüxia doesn't notice she's crying until her worried System partner points it out, whereupon she immediately deduces that it's because of the emotions of her host character, who loved the emperor deeply.
  • Identically Named Group: Inexplicably, every character Su Lüxia takes over shares her name. Averted in the eighth arc, as she's revisiting a world she's already been to and therefore already taken over a character named Su Lüxia.
  • If I Can't Have You…: Said word for word by He Xuyan in the seventh arc when he splashes Lüxia's face with acid after multiple rejections.
  • Invisible to Normals: Su Lüxia's system partner is normally invisible to people in the small worlds, although there have been cases where he is able to be perceived by others for various reasons, such as the Lüxia in the ninth arc and Prince Rui in the twelfth arc.
  • Irony: Xiaozhen arrogantly declares to Su Lüxia that poor people deserve to be stomped on by rich elites like herself. Su Lüxia warns her that she'd better remember those words, then reveals that Xiaozhen was Switched at Birth and is actually from a poor family.
  • It's All About Me: All of the characters Su Lüxia goes up against just ooze this as they don't care who they hurt as long as they get to live the high life. This usually sets them up for Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal down the line.
  • Karma Houdini Warranty: According to the stories of each world, the ones who unjustly cause a Lüxia's horrible fate got off scott free and lived in happiness built on people they've wronged. Su Lüxia would then come in and tear up their warranties, giving them much deserved Laser-Guided Karma.
  • Karmic Death:
  • Ladykiller in Love: Young yakuza head Minamoto Nagamasa has multiple mistresses, but considers them his property rather than respecting them as people. Knowing this as well as his ruthless, ambitious nature, Su Lüxia gains his favour by making herself indispensable as his mentor and aide instead of becoming another one of his lovers, and he falls in love with her for real.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: This often happens to the antagonists in each arc, if they don't suffer Karmic Death instead.
    • In the third arc, Wei Na and Youji try to kill Lüxia to gain riches so they can elope in luxury. They end up in a poverty-stricken loveless marriage after losing the superficial reasons they were together: Youji's wealth and Wei Na's beauty (which poverty couldn't maintain).
      • On top of that, Wei Na attempts to (non-fatally) poison her own brother at the behest of the enemy in exhange for Youji's safety. Thanks to Su Lüxia's warning, he figures out the plot and subsequently banishes Wei Na from the family and the grounds upon realizing the extent of her selfishness.
      • Furthermore, Youji betrays Lüxia to the vampire hunters at the beginning of the arc, knowing that the horribly one-sided conditions of the blood pact between them mean that her death would result in him gaining her powers. By the end, Youji is the one who ends up losing his power and vampirism, becoming a normal human and ending up miserable for it.
    • In the fourth arc, transmigrator Bai Ting attempts to ruin Lüxia's marriage to Liang Qun because she admires the actor portraying his character. In the end, he forces her to marry him when she wants to leave and she ends up under the thumb of his tyrannical mother as a houseslave.
    • In the fifth arc, Lüxia commits suicide after being bullied by Alpha Bitch Xiaozhen and especially after being spurned by Mingzhe, who tells her to get on with it. Su Lüxia takes over and makes him fall in love with her, while getting revenge on Xiaozhen by showing she can’t be bullied anymore. Su Lüxia then proves that Xiaozhen was Switched at Birth with Zhen'en and is not part of a rich family, but rather a poor one, robbing her of her social status. This combined with Mingzhe's rejection drive Xiaozhen over the edge and she attempts to kill Su Lüxia in public, only to get stopped by Mingzhe and arrested for attempted murder. Su Lüxia then decides to leave the world and remain only in Mingzhe's memories and no one else's, causing everyone to think him insane and resulting in him leaving everyone he loved to embark on a pointless journey to find her again.
    • In the sixth arc, Feng Wushuang betrays her community and attempts to have romantic trysts with both her mentor, Jing Chen, and the enemy leader Bai Lixuan. Lixuan is killed and Wushuang loses her cultivation and her home, forcing her to age rapidly and live the rest of her life begging on the streets of the common people.
    • In the eighth arc, Mingyue tries anything she can to be rid of her sister Ziyue (Su Lüxia) so she can be empress, including blaming everyone else for her wrongdoings and trying to have Ziyue married off to a grotesque young noble. Su Lüxia turns the tables by killing the noble and pinning the murder on Mingyue, then revealing Mingyue was the one who planned the attack, causing Mingyue to lose her status and be reduced to a palace drudge. To top it off, since the emperor is Su Lüxia's adopted son from a previous arc (and he knows who she really is), there was no romantic element in his choice of empress anyway.
    • In the ninth arc, Tang Mengying is a transmigrator who travels to the past to plagiarise from writers before they can publish their works. She uses her memories to gain fame and fortune, while also sleeping with Chen Ge, a married actor. They are both exposed at an awards show and she loses her reputation and entire fortune, being reduced to living in a slum and hiding during the day. Meanwhile, Chen Ge's wife divorces him and gains custody of their two children, while he is forced to work in gay pornography to pay the penalty fees for the terminations of his professional contracts.
    • In the tenth arc, Nanako is a plain, unassuming girl who discovers the Waltz of Love Conquering System that allows her to see the stats of men and their affection towards her. She perverts the use of the System to conquer men's hearts in order to raise her own physical stats and beauty, before tossing them aside once she's taken all she can get. Worse, she knowingly targets men who are taken and doesn't feel any attachments at all to those she charms, only caring about feeding her own ego no matter how many families and relationships she destroys in the process. In the end, she gets rejected by two of her three intended targets, the last one losing all affection for her as he ships her off to be a Sex Slave of another yakuza group. Su Lüxia also eliminates the Waltz of Love Conquering System, which reverts Nanako back to her original plain Jane self. While this saves her from the yakuza, Nanako loses the social status she spent years building up through said System, leaving her homeless and cold on the streets.'
    • In the eleventh arc, Cao Xueyi is a Gold Digger who abuses the Demon System to indulge in her love of money, luxury, and rich men, cheating on the male lead yet staying with him because she knows he'll be the richest man in the country. When Su Lüxia gets in the way, she has the antagonist of the story, an organized crime boss, send goons to kill her. Su Lüxia once she finally is able to understand all the requirements for the Demon System, sets up things so all of the men Cao Xueyi cheated on discover this fact, including the antagonist of the story, while making her unable to rewind by getting the male lead out of way. She's then captured by said antagonist's goons and Made a Slave forced to work in the coal mines without rest, a life far worst then the life she lived prior to going back in time.
  • Like Parent, Like Spouse: Yun Ling's close relationship with his late adoptive mother is widely known, and empress candidates like Mingyue attempt to appeal to him by imitating her. His final choice of empress is exactly like his mother in personality and manner due to being the second incarnation of Su Lüxia herself.
  • Love at First Sight: Gu Chen becomes infatuated with Lüxia after seeing her on a billboard ad, and immediately decides to become an actor to get closer to her.
  • Love Makes You Crazy: While Liu Ruyan starts out no more evil or obsessive than most scheming consorts, she experiences severe Sanity Slippage when, after using her second life to finally win the emperor's love, she loses his favour and is deposed. He visits her one last time in the cold palace, and rather than be abandoned by him, she drugs his tea and stabs them both with the hairpin he gifted her, happily claiming that she can never leave him and they can now be together forever.
    Liu Ruyan: Your Majesty, I love you. No one will ever love you like I do… I cannot be separated from you…

    Liu Ruyan: Are you happy? We will be together forever… Forever…
  • Made a Slave: As revenge for trying to kill her, Su Lüxia arranges for this to become Cao Xueyi's ultimate fate. One of the many many boyfriends Cao Xueyi was cheating on was an organized crime boss, and as per Su Lüxia's Batman Gambit, he has her kidnapped and sold to a mine to do hard labor for the rest of her life when her cheating is exposed.
  • Matricide: When Mingyue's poisoning of her grandmother is exposed, she manages to escape by laying all the blame at her mother's feet, knowing that the only punishment awaiting an unfilial, murderous daughter-in-law is death.
  • Maybe Ever After: The ninth arc ends with Lüxia and her mentor Gu Qingxing remaining close friends, with the possibility of a future romance. Su Lüxia's System partner remarks that he thought she would matchmake the two, but she declines, saying it's best she doesn't interfere and that the living Lüxia should have the freedom to choose the nature of her own relationships.
  • Mayfly–December Romance: A known detriment of agents dating mortals. At the end of the second arc, Su Lüxia takes fifty years of leave to stay in the actor world and eventually marries Gu Chen, but she never ages a day and is visibly saddened when looking at footage of his elderly self after her leave is up, deciding not to date in modern-themed worlds anymore as she's unable to do something as simple as growing old with her partners.
  • Media Transmigration:
    • Su Lüxia's job is to enter small worlds based on In-Universe existing media and take over the bodies of mistreated women who have died, with the System providing the original story for her to use as a reference. However, the prequel reveals that the System only provides detailed story knowledge to experienced agents, and the ninth and tenth arcs have Su Lüxia entering the small worlds as herself.
    • In the fourth arc, Bai Ting is a transmigrator who enters the world of a popular TV drama. She quickly seduces the male lead who was played by her favourite actor, and uses Jay Chou songs in her dance hall repertoire.
  • Mistaken for Cheating: In the first arc, Su Lüxia triumphs over Liu Ruyan by tricking the emperor into believing Liu Ruyan's child by him is really fathered by the ninth duke, resulting in her immediate loss of favour.
  • Momma's Boy: Yun Ling is devoted to his adoptive mother Su Lüxia. He nurses her personally when she falls ill, and is heartbroken and wants to follow her when she dies. Later, he even tells his chosen empress she reminds him of his late mother—and she is.
  • Murder-Suicide: At the end of the first arc, Liu Ruyan stabs the drugged emperor with the hairpin he gave her, then stabs herself in the neck.
  • Never My Fault: Su Lüxia's enemies tend to have this mentality, readily blaming her for whatever misfortunes befall them. Notable ones at the forefront are An Sheng, Bai Ting, Pu Xiaozhen, and Su Mingyue.
  • No-Sell: In the fifth arc, Xiaozhen attempts to get revenge on Su Lüxia for the beating she got by having some of Xiaozhen's male admirers attack her. One guy swings a pipe at Su Lüxia, only for her to effortlessly catch the pipe in her hand and crush it, scaring the thugs off.
  • Not So Above It All: Gu Qingxing may be a highly influential literary talent scout, but he still helps Su Lüxia in pranking Tang Mengying and Chen Ge by dressing up as ghosts at the haunted house attraction.
  • Off the Rails: The Supporting Character System usually goes after the protagonists of poorly-written stories for their misdeeds, but it will also target protagonists who started committing misdeeds after their original fates were interfered with.
    • The original plot of the Waltz of Love Dating Sim would not have warranted the Supporting Character System's attention, but due to a glitch in the world's creation, the Dating Sim mutates into a System, causing its protagonist, Nanako, to walk down a much darker path that could cause the entire world to collaspe.
    • At the start of Cao Xueyi's original story, she realized that Being Evil Sucks and used her second chance as a Peggy Sue to reform and get back together with her first love. After the Demon System intervenes, the story changes, and she continues cheating on him even after she gets back together with him.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: Their exact motives are unknown, but Demon Systems try to manipulate their hosts into building up enough malice to destroy their worlds.
  • Outside-Context Problem: What Su Lüxia is to most of her adversaries. Most of them are not aware of anything beyond their own world, and Su Lüxia retains access to many of her abilities, including superhuman strength, even in otherwise completely mundane worlds, making it trivial for her to crush them. The enemies that cause Su Lüxia the most trouble are the ones that figure out the true nature of the multiverse or have Systems of their own.
  • Parental Incest: Of a sort. In the first arc, Su Lüxia adopts the young prince Yun Ling and raises him as her son, leaving the world and letting her host character die when he's ready to rule without her. The eighth arc sees her return to the same world some years after the queen mother's death, and her new incarnation catches the eye of the young emperor, even sharing a kiss with him. While they eventually marry, the incest is subverted with the reveal that Yun Ling deduced her true identity early on and was simply following her lead, and when they speak frankly on the wedding night all he asks is for her to pat his head before she leaves his world again, like she used to do when he was a child.
  • Peggy Sue:
    • While Su Lüxia usually takes over her host's body after death, there are exceptions when the host sustains damage (physical, social or otherwise) too great to repair. In such cases, events are rewound slightly and she makes her entrance a short period before the fatal moment.
      • In the second arc, Lüxia kills herself after footage of her rape is leaked online and her glorious reputation is irreparably trashed. Su Lüxia takes over after Lüxia is drugged but before the rapist enters the room, using a System tool to purge the drug and become clearheaded and able to turn the tables on her attacker.
      • In the fifth arc, Lüxia is beaten up and humiliated by Pu Xiaozhen and her cronies, thoroughly rejected by Min Mingzhe and ridiculed by the rest of the student body. She jumps off the school roof, making her death rather difficult to come back from (most suicides depicted in the comic are clean hangings). Su Lüxia takes over during the beating instead, quickly overpowering her bullies and preventing the worst of the damage.
    • In the first arc, Liu Ruyan is an imperial consort who was ignored by the emperor and mistreated by the other consorts, leading to her death. While she gets to start over and uses her second chance to win the emperor's love, she still meets a tragic end. Su Lüxia points out that if she'd been smarter, she would have used her new life to avoid the palace entirely instead of falling in love with the same man who'd been her enemy.
    • In the ninth arc, Tang Mengying travels ten years into the past and uses her knowledge of popular media fads to gain wealth and fame.
    • In the eleventh arc, Cao Xueyi's story originally involved her receiving a second chance to be with her first boyfriend after realizing that Being Evil Sucks. After the Demon System intervenes, the story changes, and the Demon System gives her the power to reverse time every time her sins catch up to her, allowing her to get away with not learning her lesson. To make matters worse, when Su Lüxia is sent to deal with the situation, she is not protected with Ripple Effect-Proof Memory. By the end of the 3rd timeline, Cao Xueyi is Made a Slave, making her even worse off than she was in the first timeline.
  • Plagiarism in Fiction: Tang Mengying uses her knowledge of which media will become popular to publish them before the original authors do. One of her victims is the Lüxia of her world, and the resulting accusations and backlash cause Lüxia's hatred to fulfill the System's requirements, summoning Su Lüxia.
  • The Power of Hate: What draws the attention of the Supporting Character System. When the injustice in a poorly-written story builds up enough resentment, the System intervenes and sends an agent to resolve it. Normally, the person feeling resentment must be related to one of the story's leads, but if it affects enough ordinary people, it can build up a Tulpa to summon the System instead.
  • The Power of Love: In the second arc, a Happily Married Su Lüxia jokingly cites this to reporters as the reason she doesn't age.
  • Pretty Boy: Since all the small worlds are based on In-Universe existing fiction media, nearly all prominent men are quite handsome in this vein. Outside the worlds, Su Lüxia's System partner himself can become an attractive blond human man, and is initially dismayed that she chooses to have him present as a bamboo rat instead.
  • Protagonist-Centered Morality: In-Universe, Su Lüxia's main enemies are usually the protagonists of their stories, and cases of this trope seem to be her System's preferred targets. Many of them are Obliviously Evil, hurting side characters without it even occurring to them that they might be doing something wrong, some are able to justify their actions to themselves as they don't intend harm, and others are malicious enough that they would be straight up Villain Protagonists if it weren't for the twisted morals of their authors.
  • Rape as Drama: In the second arc, the actress Lüxia's boyfriend drugs her and leaves her at the mercy of a rich businessman she previously rejected, in exchange for a starring role in his next movie.
  • Really Gets Around: While deciding on which of Cao Xueyi's many seduction targets to expose her infidelity to, Su Lüxia ultimately decides on the 18th she checks out of 37 boyfriends.
  • Redemption Rejection: In the fourth arc after Bai Ting has been reduced to poverty working under the tyranny of an old lady, Su Lüxia asks if she regrets her past actions and if she would act differently if time could be rewound. Bai Ting angrily rants that she did nothing wrong and that she blames her current situation on Su Lüxia. Su Lüxia then says to her System partner that she would've erased Bai Ting's memories and returned her to her original world if she had been remorseful, but she made her choice and thus consigned herself to her sucky life.
  • Reincarnation: The default fate of all souls across most worlds, even including people from X Time-Space such as System Agents that get killed during a mission.
  • Rejected Marriage Proposal:
    • Subverted in the second arc. Gu Chen publicly proposes to Su Lüxia at an awards ceremony and she turns him down, suggesting that they try dating first. They share The Big Damn Kiss, and she marries him three years later.
    • In the eighth arc, the Ling family sends betrothal gifts to the Su family as part of an Honorable Marriage Proposal after Su Lüxia is caught with the second Ling son. Since the scandal was engineered, she's able to swear truthfully that there's nothing going on between her and second young master Ling, and her relieved father orders the betrothal gifts to be thrown out.
    • In the tenth arc, Takishima Kai proposes to Su Lüxia out of desperation, knowing that she knows he slept with Nanako right after asking Su Lüxia to be his girlfriend. Her rejection is played absolutely straight.
    • Hoshino Fuji proposes to Su Lüxia onstage in the middle of his televised concert, desperate to make her his asset rather than his future rival should she make her musical debut. She responds by rejecting him on online forums and leaking his casual drug usage to the police.
    • Minamoto Nagamasa asks Su Lüxia to be his wife after growing completely dependent on her, saying he'll even allow her to have affairs as long as she stays by his side. As he's the only one of the three love interests of the tenth arc who truly respects her, he's also the only one she rejects with kindness, kissing his forehead and telling him he'll have to go on without her.
  • Revenge Before Reason: Some of the people Su Lüxia goes up against are hellbent on taking her down for what she does to them, never mind the fact they were the ones who wronged her or the original Lüxias unprovoked in the first place. Their failures to do so only drive them further over the edge and towards their own ruin.
  • Revenge Is a Dish Best Served: After learning that Tang Mengying plagiarised the work of a leukaemia patient and so deprived the true author of the proceeds necessary for treatment, Su Lüxia gets her bamboo rat partner to take a leak in Mengying's wine glass, causing her to do a Spit Take on a high-level entertainment CEO she was attempting to network with. Note that this petty move has nothing to do with the larger scheme to ruin Mengying—Su Lüxia's just pissed.
  • RPG Mechanicsverse: More or less what a System is. Systems are purpose driven Emotion Eaters that give out missions to the agents that are connected to them. For each mission an agent completes, they earn points that can be spent on increasing their abilities or buying special tools.
  • Secret Test of Character: In the third arc, Su Lüxia warns Xavier that his sister, Wei Na, is going to sabotage him before his battle with the vampires in exchange for Youji's life. He doesn't believe it at first, but he does catch sight of Wei Na drugging his tea as she prepares it. When she goes to serve it to Xavier in his room, he engages in some small talk about his plans for the battle before fake-sipping the tea to see what she'll do. Xavier notes that Wei Na didn't bother at all during that time to stop him from drinking, then drops the bomb that he knows she tried to poison him at the behest of the enemy, thereby failing her test.
  • Serial Homewrecker:
    • In Nanako's own words, she "only likes unavailable men".
    • Cao Xueyi has a habit of stringing along multiple rich men at once, and it's clear from her very first appearance in the comic (in the hospital after being attacked by the wife of one of her lovers) that she doesn't care if they're already married.
  • Set Right What Once Went Wrong: Su Lüxia's missions to save side characters from meeting horrible fates due to the cruel actions of so-called "lead characters".
  • She Cleans Up Nicely: Some of the Lüxias are rather plain, but when Su Lüxia comes in, she’ll undergo a transformation to emphasize her beauty.
    • The fourth arc originally had Su Lüxia as a heavyset housewife, whom she slims down using a combination of exercise and a rare cultivation pill.
    • In the fifth arc, Su Lüxia transforms her shy, mousy host into a high school idol.
    • Ninth arc Lüxia was just a homebody who didn’t have any formalwear, but Su Lüxia fixes the problem by possessing her and quickly fashioning a designer-level outfit from materials and fabric she bought at a thrift store in fifteen minutes.
  • Shrinking Violet: The Lüxia of the ninth arc is very timid and lacks social grace, making her somewhat dependent on the charismatic Su Lüxia, who she still begs to possess and control her for formal occasions years after making her professional debut.
  • Shut Up, Hannibal!: After he and Wei Na wind up miserable, Youji taunts Xavier that Su Lüxia won't give a damn about him since he's "just a lowly human" and that Xavier's just setting himself up for disappointment if he stays with her. Xavier shuts him up by informing Youji that he witnessed him begging Su Lüxia to turn him back into a vampire before being unceremoniously thrown out, saying he gave up faster than Wei Na did. As far as Xavier is concerned, petty insults from a whiner don't mean jack to him.
  • Side-Story Bonus Art: Some chapters have comedic extra segments in the form of non-canon mobile group chats for the cheating men, the cheating women, or the characters who miss Su Lüxia and want to meet her again.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: Bai Ting thinks she can have anything she wants because she's a beautiful transmigrator with knowledge of the storyline, despite the fact that she's in a period drama where women aren't seen as equal to men and she lacks status or money beyond what her male admirers gift her. While her behaviour doesn't do her any favours at work, she still believes she has the leverage to impose conditions on her employer like an international diva, rather than an unpopular dance hall singer.
    Su Lüxia: Transmigrated girls are arrogant; they believe that the whole world revolves around them.
  • Something Completely Different: There are some arcs where Su Lüxia doesn't directly possess the hosts for various reasons.
    • The ninth arc is the first arc where the Lüxia of the new world doesn't die, triggering a special transfer mode where Su Lüxia enters the world as herself (albeit doll-sized due to System maintenance) and is able to cooperate with her host.
    • The tenth arc has no host to take over; rather than a single character's resentment, Su Lüxia is summoned by the vast collective resentment of all the characters trampled by Kawana Nanako, the game's Player Character.
    • The fourteenth arc is another arc where the host is still alive, and in a twist, is the original story's female lead. Su Lüxia is summoned by the collective resentment of the readers of the story, who got fed up with its Romanticized Abuse and its subsequent invoked Esoteric Happy Ending. Due to the unusual nature of the summoning, Su Lüxia can only take over the host for 12 hours per day, and the host is cognizant of whatever she did in the interim, albeit assuming it the work of an evil spirit possessing her.
  • The Social Expert: Su Lüxia is a master who can always predict exactly how people are going to act and how to move them into the position she wants.
  • Spirit Advisor: The role of Su Lüxia's System partner is to help her access perks and story information from the System proper, and he's invisible to everyone else by default.
  • Straw Misogynist: Gao Youwei, the antagonist of The Evil Consort is Busy, has ridiculously old-fashioned views on women, believing that they exist solely to serve and please men. While his misogyny makes it impossible for him to find a partner in his original modern world, he transmigrates into a novel set in ancient China and uses his new Emperor System to seize the throne and bend all women in the country to his will, creating a self-styled 'paradise for men'. Enter Su Lüxia, who is summoned by the collective resentment of the people harmed by him and his evil consorts to defeat them and bring stability back to the country.
  • Switched at Birth: Pu Xiaozhen and Han Zhen'en were accidentally swapped at the hospital as babies, leading one to grow up a wealthy Spoiled Brat and the other to grow up as the child of poor bun sellers. The switch is exposed as part of Su Lüxia's scheme to take down Xiaozhen and destroy her social standing.
  • Tranquil Fury:
    • In the second arc, Su Lüxia gives Lin Xue a recording of An Sheng’s attempts to get back with her while being essentially engaged to Lin Xue. After Su Lüxia leaves and An Sheng comes in later to meet with Lin Xue, she has an eerily cold demeanor as she listens to An Sheng’s requests. Lin Xue drops the bomb that she knows what An Sheng’s been doing and immediately breaks it off with him, withdrawing the support he'd started dating her for in the first place.
    • Lin Mozhi is eerily cold to Tang Mengying during the awards ceremony when she gives her and Chen Ge her “congratulatory gift”, which turns out to be a scandalous recording of the two having an affair.
  • Trauma Button: Su Lüxia does not want to hear any mention of Agent Zero, the elite male agent who fell in love with and died saving her in her original world.
  • The Vamp: While both Su Lüxia and Kawana Nanako are gorgeous and generally irresistible to men, unlike Su Lüxia, Nanako is actively malicious and overtly sexual, relying on her body to get her way in any situation (including hiring hitmen) and preferring to target unavailable men for kicks.
  • Van Helsing Hate Crimes: Qi Ling's story revolves around her destroying the souls of Vengeful Ghosts. The author of her story used the battles to emphasize how cool Qi Ling is and never actually explained why ghosts are Always Chaotic Evil, causing the generated world to fill in the gaps. Many of the ghosts weren't evil at all and were only targeting people who wronged them in life. Qi Ling was little more than the Unwitting Pawn of a Monster Protection Racket, which breached the barrier to the afterlife to create business. The wealthy and often evil people that the ghosts wished to take their vengeance on would then pay the exorcists to deal with the vengeful spirits. Getting Qi Ling to discover this truth is the crux of the hidden mission of her arc.
  • Vengeful Ghost: The Lüxia of the seventh arc returns to take revenge on the scumbag who ruined her face with acid, thereby shocking her only family into a lethal heart attack, and drove her to suicide, all because he couldn't take no for an answer. While her status as an active ghost prevents Su Lüxia from taking over her 'body', Qi Ling is hired to exorcise her, and Su Lüxia finally makes her arrival at the moment Lüxia is vanquished.
  • Villain Protagonist: The people Su Lüxia goes up against are scumbags who are apparently also the protagonists of the worlds she goes into, although they apparently aren't considered as such in their own stories. She snidely comments about the mental states of some authors who would make such horrible assholes the stars of their stories, promising to give them hell should she encounter them.
  • Villainous Breakdown:
    • Xiaozhen slowly goes off the deep end after Su Lüxia exposes the fact that she was Switched at Birth and is really the daughter of a poor couple, robbing her of her social standing, and finally loses it when Mingzhe rejects her in favour of her hated rival. Xiaozhen wastes no time plotting to murder Su Lüxia, starting with ominously sharpening a knife alone in her room complete with Dull Eyes of Unhappiness.
    • Mingyue gradually descends into madness after causing her own mother's death. She's reduced to a palace drudge, then causes a scene after hearing that "Ziyue" and Emperor Yun Ling are going to get married, ranting that she should be the one marrying the emperor. This gets Mingyue beaten into submission by the guards and thrown into solitary confinement, where she begins to hallucinate her mother's ghost, and believes that her mother's dying curse is the reason for her downfall.
    • Nanako is an arrogant Serial Homewrecker who treats men like toys for her to use up and toss aside when she feels bored. Unfortunately for her, she bites off more than she can chew when Minamoto Nagamasa offers her up as a Sex Slave for another yakuza group. Nanako gets hysterical about this, causing a scene and shaming the Minamoto name, and gets knocked out to shut her up so that she can get shipped out. In the end, Nanako is left an ugly homeless bum, cursing Su Lüxia's name and wishing for death rather than having to live her current miserable life.
  • Villains Want Mercy:
    • Youji begs Su Lüxia to turn him back into a vampire once he realizes how hard it is for him to be a human. She has him thrown out. In a similar vein, Wei Na begs her brother Xavier to take her back into the family. He refuses.
    • After everything Mingyue does to get rid of her half-sister Ziyue, once her plot is exposed, she has the gall to beg "Ziyue" to show mercy. She is ignored and thus condemned to her fate.
    • Tang Mengying begs Su Lüxia to help her after she's reduced to poverty due to her sex scandal. She's ignored.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: Su Lüxia prefers her system partner to take the form of a bamboo rat, but he can take other forms if he wants to. When he needs to be human, he usually takes the form of a handsome blonde man.
  • Willing Channeler: In the ninth arc, Su Lüxia is able to possess and control Lüxia as long as Lüxia allows it. The possession is marked by Lüxia's eye colour changing from blue to purple.
  • Wistful Amnesia: In the eleventh arc, the antagonist, Cao Xueyi, receives the power to turn back time whenever she gets caught cheating. Su Lüxia's memories are largely reset each time, but she starts to get suspicious as she increasingly experiences déjà vu and gets nudged by her System's hint function.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: As a transmigrator, Bai Ting is convinced that she can replace Lüxia as the female lead and as such is entitled to anything and anyone she wants, including Lüxia's husband. It bites her back when her arrogant behaviour causes her to be unpopular with both her colleagues and clients, and while the original genre of her new world is a domestic period drama, her presence and actions change it into a revenge fantasy with her as the villain.
  • Yakuza: The Minamoto family in the tenth arc heads a powerful yakuza group, which gets betrayed and exposed to the police by Su Lüxia.
  • You Can See Me?: Su Lüxia's system partner is supposed to be invisible to non-agents unless he chooses to reveal himself, so he tends to be shocked by the exceptions.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: The characters have hair that spans the entire rainbow spectrum. Su Lüxia herself has lavender hair in her true form.


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