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  • According to the NBC website, the Eighth Kingdom of The 10th Kingdom miniseries is ruled by the Ice Queen. Aside from being described as "terrorizing the people of the fishing villages and fjords", it is stated she wishes to rule all the Kingdoms and, one day, plans to conquer them. Clearly an example of a Woman in White and Evil Is Deathly Cold. (And this has been played up in various FanFics.)
  • The 4400: In "The New World", a member of the 4400 (later identified as Paul Newbold in "Terrible Swift Sword") has the ability to lower a person's body temperature to freezing. Christopher Luth freezes to death on his toilet.
  • In Charmed, two characters have ice powers: the Demon Ludlow, who shoots icy air from his hands, and most notably Prue Halliwell's past-life self, who can breathe instant-freezing air. Also, Piper Halliwell gains this power temporarily when her molecular immobilization power gets hijacked by warlocks.
  • Doctor Who:
    • Kane from "Dragonfire" is an ultra-low-temperature humanoid alien who can't endure above-freezing conditions, and whose ungloved touch can freeze someone to death within seconds. Coincidentally, his backstory features The Lost Lenore, much like Mr. Freeze.
    • The Stenza in "The Woman Who Fell to Earth" (currently being set up as the potential Big Bad culture of the whole season) are similarly low-temperature beings that can freeze people to death with a touch, although unlike Kane they usually wear bulky whole-body-concealing cooling suits.
  • In The Flash (2014), Caitlin Snow's Earth Two counterpart is metahuman Killer Frost, who can freeze with a touch and shoot icicles from her hands. After Barry alters the timeline in Flashpoint, her Earth One self develops ice powers as well, along with an evil Killer Frost personality that starts taking her over.
    • It's later revealed that it actually had to do with her father's work, curing her from an illness she'd had when she was a child, that was responsible for her powers, and the split personality that nobody else who got a power from the particle accelerator accident in the premiere had. He has his own split personality, the villain Icicle ("Cameron Mahkent," the second Icicle in the comics, being an identity he'd falsely used once.) The by-now-reformed Killer Frost has an Evil Counterpart now.
  • Game of Thrones: The White Walkers can generate cold intense enough to shatter swords and appear to use ice for construction and weapon-making. When hit with dragon glass they dissolve into a puddle of water or a pile of white clear ice.
  • Victor Fries makes his debut on Gotham in season two, initially as an ordinary man with a freeze-gun and an expertise in cryogenics. By season's end, he's become incapable of surviving normal temperatures and been equipped with a cryo-suit by Hugo Strange. This version semi-averts Harmless Freezing: he can do that, but it took many tries to get the right formulation for the chemicals in his freeze gun in order to do that (for the usual reason: Nora needs to be put into stasis until her fatal condition can be cured.) The results of the earlier versions got... messy. Nora kills herself with an imperfect version to get him to stop; seeing no reason to go on living, he tries to do the same, but survives, hence the need for the cryo-suit. Thanks to Hugo Strange's work he can move normally while still frozen, but if he ever thaws, he'll die like the victims of his experiments.
  • Heroes
    • Sylar adds this power to his arsenal of powers he's stolen from other superhumans in Season 1.
    • Tracy Strauss — Nikki's doppelganger\genetic twin. She can freeze objects at will by reducing the temperature of matter. She is capable of freezing human beings, as well as inanimate objects. While she suffers no ill-effects from the cold, she can be frozen if she uses her powers to create a very cold temperature ice wave, as shown in the episode "Cold Snap". While she at first could only focus her ability through her hands, she is later able to expand her control. As of Volume Four, her ability has evolved to include Making a Splash power.
  • Kamen Rider doesn't have a whole lot of ice users, but a prominent example is Kamen Rider Blade's Leangle. So is Kamen Rider OOO's Super Mode PuToTyra.
  • Frosta from Lastikman can manipulate ice.
  • Lily from Misfits gains the power of freezing objects she touches. In the Nazi timeline, Captain Smith has Seth transfer her power into himself.
  • The fifth episode of MythQuest tells of the story of Minokichi and Yuki-Onna, a snow demon.
  • Once Upon a Time has adaptations of the Snow Queen (here named Ingrid) and Frozen's Elsa. We later learn that Elsa is Ingrid's niece, and so likely inherited her abilities from her.
  • An early Monster of the Week in Smallville, in the episode "Cool", is a jock who gets the ability to freeze anything he touches. He's similar to Killer Frost; he doesn't project "cold" as if it's a thing unto itself as opposed to lack of heat. Instead, he absorbs heat, and has to do so so he won't freeze. Body heat works best for him, for no reason other than the fact that a guy sucking the energy out of fireplaces doesn't make much of a villain. A much later episode, Absolute Justice in season nine, introduces both Icicles (see Comics).
  • Super Sentai and Power Rangers:
    • Miyuki from Mahou Sentai Magiranger has this as her power. The same for her Power Rangers counterpart, Udonna, in Power Rangers Mystic Force. As high-ranking wizards, they - especially Udonna - can do a whole lot more.
    • Power Rangers Operation Overdrive villain Flurious is the most prominent one in the series. He lives in arctic cave and can freeze you over and shatter you (though, this being a kids' show, you really don't see him do that a whole lot).
    • The page image is the first Monster of the Week of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger and thus Power Rangers Dino Charge. As befitting a guy called Ice Age, he’s got powerful freezing abilities. When the villains gain the ability to casually resurrect monsters, this guy becomes quite a familiar face and is NOT subject to Villain Forgot to Level Grind, coming very close to putting all the Rangers on ice in one of his later appearances. In the Power Rangers version at least, he shares a voice actor with the aforementioned Flurious.
  • Lots of Ultra Series kaiju. Most of them possess a blast of freezing mist as a Breath Weapon.
    • The original example is the bat-walrus monster Peguila from Ultra Q, who could breathe a freezing mist and use its wings to transform it into a blizzard. Not surprisingly, the characters first encounter it on an expedition to Antarctica.
    • The Ultraseven foe Gandar was able to reduce temperatures around itself to -140 degrees, so the Poll aliens utilized the monster to start another Ice Age and incapacitate Ultraseven, as Ultras are vulnerable to cold temperatures.
    • In Return of Ultraman, the kaiju Snowgon was able to transform into a Yuki Onna and was strong enough to not only freeze Jack, but smash him into pieces (don't worry, he got better)! An earlier episode had also featured an alien named Varduck who used his icy powers to terrorize mountaineers and was referred to as a yeti, despite looking nothing like one.
    • Yapool evidently liked these as Ultraman Ace has no less than three ice-themed monsters: Snowgiran (who appeared in the Christmas Episode appropriately enough), Iceron (who can surround itself with a blizzard), and the yeti-like Fubigilara.
    • The mammoth-like Margodon, the final monster of Ultraman 80, had a body temperature so low that it sapped all heat in the air with its mere presence.
    • One of Ultraman Max's first enemies was Lagoras, a shark-like Sea Monster able to breathe a beam of freezing energy. Naturally, its Arch-Enemy was the fiery Magma Man Grangon. However, if Lagoras kills Grangon, it will gain the latter's fire powers to gain a Yin-Yang Bomb.
    • Grozam, one of the 4 Heavenly Kings in Ultraman Mebius, could breathe freezing mist alright, but one powerful enough to encase an Ultrman in a crucifix of unbreakable ice as well as extinguish fire. His icy body also absorbed moisture constantly giving him an extreme Healing Factor bordering on From a Single Cell.
    • Some Ultra monsters are both An Ice Person and capable of Playing with Fire, such as Reicubas from Ultraman Dyna (who could switch between a fire and ice element at will to change Breath Weapons) and the Two-Faced Flying Saucer Beast Blizzard from Ultraman Leo (whose red face breathed fire while its blue face sprayed freezing mist).


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