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Possible characters for the roster (pre- and post-Downloadable Content)
The game's logo background features silhouettes or specters of various weapons from Granblue Fantasy, hinting of their probable appearance in Versus. Other specific characters may be available given their popularity in the fanbase, their implications in the main lore, or simply for having references to other characters of the Fighting Game Genre.
  • Percival (his Lohengrin can be seen on the Versus logo)
  • Metera (her Aetherial Bow can be seen on the Versus logo)
  • Zeta (her Brionac can be seen on the Versus logo)
  • Vaseraga (his Mistilteinn can be seen on the Versus logo)
  • Djeeta (the female counterpart for Gran as The Protagonist and she is seen as one of the text emotes in the lobby)
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  • Rackam (a main story character)
  • Eugen (a main story character, can be seen in the background of the Grandcypher stage)
  • Rosetta (a main story character, can be seen in the background of the Grandcypher stage)
  • Siegfried (one of the four Dragon Knights, where Lancelot and Percival are fellow members)
  • Vane (one of the four Dragon Knights, where Lancelot and Percival are fellow members)
  • Vira (like Ferry, is essentially treated as an important character from the story, and has an incredibly wide selection for ASW to cherrypick from)
  • Narmaya (Front-runner for Ensemble Dark Horse of the franchise)
  • Black Knight/Apollonia (The primary antagonist of the first arc with the most exposure and depending on the game's story and placement in the timeline, could potentially serve as one for Versus)
  • Yuel
  • Eustace
  • Zooey (Incredibly popular and has a versatile moveset with her various weapons)
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  • Feather (Considering he's literally just JRPG Rock Howard, it's debatable how much they want to use him lest they go overboard with him and infringe on SNK.)
  • Ghandaghoza (Like Feather, Ghandaghoza is seemingly based on another fighting game character. In his 5★ Uncap, he shares many visual similarities with Akuma from ''Street Fighter).
  • Sandalphon (A ridiculously popular Breakout Character who could have a fairly unique moveset with his floating swords ala Ramlethal Valentine)
  • Belial (Another absurdly popular Breakout Villain who would pair well with Sandy)
  • Lyria (She has become playable in the original game later on, so she could upgrade to become playable in this game as well.)
  • Sara
  • Cucouroux
  • Cagliostro

Certain Primal Beasts will be tied to characters as part of their moveset
This conjecture is mostly based on Yggdrasil being tied to Lowain as some kind of special move, and Proto Bahamut was demonstrated to be used in some capacity to Gran.
  • Following this, if Eugen, Rackam, and Io are playable, they will demonstrate their bonds as unlocked in Nalhegrande with various Primals.
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  • Likewise, if Vira is playable, she'll be used to show off Luminiera.
  • A long shot considering that they are released in the original game three months after the reveal of Versus. What if the ten Arcarum Evokers would somehow be playable too in this game?

Certain characters will be able to transform into their Super Modes
In a similar vein to how Yggdrasil replaces Lowain temporarily when called, there could be a Super Mode mechanic in this game as well, with characters transforming into their more powerful forms temporarily while operating under a meter.
  • Vira could merge with Luminiera
  • If Nicholas would be playable, he can use his Kamen Rider Powered Armor's full potential.
  • Amira having her Half-God, Half-Demon form.
  • Sandalphon sporting more pairs of archangel wings
  • Belial in his Avatar form

Playable characters in Versus who are Moveset Clones of multiple Fighting Game franchise characters.

Possible Granblue characters as clones of other Fighting Game titles' (especially ArcSystemWorks's) characters
Since the first 3 trailers showcased moves that are apparently lifted from other titles of Arc System Works such as BlazBlue and Guilty Gear, Moveset Clones and overlapping character themes are bound to happen. For example, Ladiva has Zangief's dropkick, which was ported into Azrael's movesets in BlazBlue as referenced here, while Charlotta would easily remind BlazBlue fans of Es.

From BlazBlue

  • Orchid and Lloyd could be a clone of Carl Clover and Nirvana, as both are Puppet Fighters. All four also have purple as their general color motif.
  • Sen could be a clone of Taokaka, both are cat-like characters who fight using their weaponized claws.
  • Cucouroux for Noel Vermillion, due to their similarities of having Guns Akimbo fighting styles.
  • Magisa for Nine, Hot Witches who fight using magic.

From Guilty Gear

  • Melissabelle could be a clone of Millia Rage, as both fight using their Prehensile Hair. The only difference is that Melissabelle is short for her race.
  • Aliza could be a clone of Jam Kuradoberi, as both are Kick Chicks who almost have the same fighting stance.
  • Vaseraga could be a clone of Testament, who also fights using a two-handed Sinister Scythe.
  • Lady Grey could be a clone of Dizzy, since both have two creatures assisting them from behind. Not to mention that Necro looks like an undead, which Lady Grey has.

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