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Fridge Brilliance
  • As noted elsewhere, in the anime adaptation Saitama is for some reason the mascot of a fast food chain named MobDonald's. That adds the implication that Shigeo isn't just nicknamed Mob because he doesn't stand out in a crowd or that it is the Japanese word for "John Doe", but also because his inexpressive look resembles that of "Saitama MobDonald" (On that note, that couldn't possibly be Saitama's actual name/surname, right?).
    • Given ONE's sense of humor and track record for making Saitama the biggest Lethal Joke Character in history, it is a very likely possibility.
  • Mob's situation is the reverse of Saitama's. Saitama performs amazing feat after amazing feat, but rarely ever gets any credit for them. Mob's reputation builds and builds as people see him in action (White T Poison, Lord Psycho Helmet), but Mob desires only to be a normal kid.
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  • In Episode 2, Mob and Reigen Disguised in Drag in order to infiltrate an all girl's academy for an assignment but the master gets caught thanks to his Paper-Thin Disguise. While this may have been dumb on Reigen for his poorly thought disguise, it's also clever on his part since the security guards were more focused on him and would allow Mob, who has the power for the exorcism, to pass through the gates without issue.
  • Of course Mob forgives Reigen for lying to him. A) Reigen is doing what his clients are asking; he's only lying about his methods, B) he's been helping people (for money, yes, but he's running a business), C) his advice to Mob is good advice and D) he's doing what he says he's doing for Mob, namely helping Mob train his powers.
    • As well as that, Reigen has always treated Mob as a mostly normal kid in spite of his powers, and has looked out for his well being for as long as they've known each other. In spite of being a fraud, Reigen tries to be a fairly good role model to Mob.
  • When Mob first attains 100% Gratitude and gives all of his power to Reigen, it takes him all the way to 1000% instead of just 100%. Reigen's significantly more mature emotional state means he can use much more of Mob's power than Mob can, and not only that, but he barely knew what was happening to begin with and still outperformed 100% Mob. This could mean that:
    • 1) if Reigen were to actually get accustomed to psychic powers he could very well surpass 1000%;
    • 2) that Mob might be subconsciously aware that even at his most emotional, he can get even stronger and;
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    • 3) that ???% Mob vastly exceeds even 1000% of his potential.
    • Or the 1000% could be referring to Reigen's potential hence it being specifically referred to as "Reigen 1000%". Reigen, being a normal human being, won't have that much psychic power even at his full potential. The sheer amount of power given from Mob could have given Reigen ten times the psychic ability Reigen could have ever gotten naturally, thus resulting in "Reigen 1000%"
  • In Season 2 of the anime, Reigen and Mob have a falling-out, causing Mob to temporarily quit his job at Reigen’s agency. Reigen tries to escape his guilt and self-loathing by going to a bar and getting drunk, which leads to him hyperventilating and throwing up in an alley. However, after Reigen leaves the bar, the bartender says he put no alcohol in Reigen’s drink. So Reigen’s reaction wasn’t an alcohol-induced sickness - it was a panic attack. And Reigen doesn’t even realize it.
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  • In the same arc where Reigen is exposed as a fraud, and when many alleged victims line up to sue Reigen is confident most of them haven't even meet him, and the ones who did had not been damaged. This is because Reigen knows he didn't do anything to damage people, and that, aside for a few jerks, none would want to sue him-that is, they act more like Hanako (a woman from the first episode that Reigen insulted around for her looks before confronting the ghost that had been ruining her sleep for the last few weeks (and having Mob exorcise him)) rather than the man who had demanded him to curse someone or the rich college kids that wanted him to exorcise a family of harmless ghosts for existing away from cities and now blame him for being unable to get a job.
  • When the conference room starts to shake and things start to fly around, Reigen neither confirms nor denies that any of the supernatural activity is his doing. If he were to confirm that he was responsible, then his lie can be used against him if he were to be involved in another career-ending scandal in the future. If he denied it, then the paparazzi would have their win and officially ruin Reigen's life. By avoiding the question, Reigen is able to one up the paparazzi by denying them any satisfaction while using the mystery of the conference earthquake to spark curiosity and interest about his "psychic" powers.
Fridge Horror
  • How many youth were kidnapped and brainwashed into supporting Claw? Touichirou was stated to have created Claw roughly 20 years before the main plot and there were at least hundreds of young esper soldiers in both the 7th Division building and the World Domination Arc (one member even looked like he was in his mid-thirties). While many of them were recovered by the government after the fall of the False King, there's no telling how many lost their lives and mentality during their time serving Claw.
  • How many organizations are out there that are just like Claw or worse? Teruki mentions to Mob that there are hundreds of organizations around the world who research espers and psychic potential. While Claw stood out as the main one who intended to conquer the world, there are possibly other organizations with sinister goals and are following a similar plan/goal just like Claw. And considering how public Claw was with their takeover, those organizations may be taking notes from the shadows on what to do when it's their time to shine.
  • The high-school boys who mug Mob and Ritsu — unintentionally awakening ???% — might not have survived, given how frightened Mob is of using his powers against other people even in his own defense in the first season.
  • In Chapter 100, just before venturing into the incredibly dangerous psychic storm to talk to Mob, Reigen takes off his shoes and socks, leaving him barefooted. While an odd choice of clothing to remove considering the debris and ruins he'd have to run across, it's actually a common practice for people who have made peace with ending their own life.