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  • Aria stops Kotori's spear from hitting Nino by shooting it off-course with an arrow.
  • The human warrior. Not much is known about her, aside from the fact that she forcefully ended a war between two entire worlds by herself.
  • Prince Suvillan may be a childish jerkass, but you can't deny that reuniting all monsters again and rebuilding their world isn't cool as hell.
    "You will not be harmed again", were his exact words.
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  • The shot of Suvillan's tower.
    Because this view is stunning.
  • Of all people, Five, a small weak child, steps up to defend Aria from Kotori.
  • Nino takes Kotori by surprise to save Five in the nick of time. Despite being an amnesiac hero, Nino still knows how to use his sword pretty damn well.

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