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Moment Subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

  • From Chapter 1: The Shadow And The Robot:
    • Annie solves the problem of his shadow friend by creating a robot... without any idea on robotics. She just built the contraption and activated it, and it worked!
  • From Chapter 3: Reynardine:
  • From Chapter 4: Not Very Scary:
  • From Chapter 7: Of New And Old:
    • The sheer calm style of Annie's refusal to turn over Reynardine — complete with flatly announcing her opinion on their treatment of Rey and ordering him around.
  • From Chapter 8: Broken Glass And Other Things:
    • Kat showing up in a flying two-seater ship (which she'd built, using an anti-grav unit she'd already constructed out of a thermos and coat hangers, in less than one night) to save Annie.
  • From Chapter 10: Dr. Disaster Versus The Creepy Space Aliens From Outer Space:
  • From Chapter 12: Mainly Involves Robots:
    • The moment that the readers find out that Reynardine can go from stuffed toy to a white wolf that's large enough for a human to ride. In the author's own words, "I've been waiting since Chapter 3 Page 23 to draw this."
  • From Chapter 13: A Week For Kat:
  • From Chapter 14: The Fangs of Summertime:
    • Reynardine - essentially a stuffed toy - while speaking to Ysengrin.
      "I tremble in the presence of your terrifying skills of gardening, Ysengrin."
    • The entirety of these two pages, including Annie giving "SPANKIES! Bad dog!" to Coyote.
    • In the next page, Coyote ends said ruse: "Stop!" BAP CRUNCH
  • From Chapter 16: A Ghost Story:
  • From Chapter 17: The Medium Beginning
  • From Chapter 18: S1:
  • From Chapter 20: Coyote Stories:
    • Coyote shows off.
  • From Chapter 21: Blinking:
  • From Chapter 22: Ties:
  • From Chapter 23: Terror Castle of the Jupiter Moon Martians:
    • Andrew casually admitting that he lets Parley boss him around because she's hot.
  • From Chapter 24: Residential:
    • Annie's plan. After Paz fails to return one night, Annie develops a plan to reveal the truth about the disappearances. It turns out that Marcia, one of the Park's employees, was a Dryad, a being who can control and travel through the trees. She was kidnapping the students in order to bring them to the house. So Annie instructs Kat to bind the tree in said building, and while Annie draws a distraction for Eglamore, Marcia and Bob, all the remaining students take the house. To close it all, Jack trains the Laser Cows to work together and create an impenetrable laser field, solely to lock the camping chaperones out of their own building. In the end, coordinated students > Dryad + Husband + Sword-Wielding Badass. Teachers, you just got served.
    • Janet Llanwellyn and "fancy shooting".
  • From Chapter 25: Sky Watcher And The Angel:
    • Kat is so good with robots that any one that spends more than thirty seconds with her is convinced she's an angel (the fact that she has her own prophet is speeding that along). But more specifically, here. Every robot in the Court is lined up to hear her thoughts on their creator's last actions.
    • The ending of the chapter. Sky Watcher's monologue, capped off by that last panel of it on its perch, a sweeping view of the city behind it. Simply beautiful.
      I continue to turn my face upward, measuring the same temperature, the same humidity, radiation and thousands of other variables.
      But now a new metric has been added. The number of angels I have seen is "one".
      And I will keep watch for more.
  • From Chapter 26: The Old Dog's Tricks:
  • From Chapter 28: Spring Heeled, Part 2:
  • From Chapter 30: The Coward Heart:
  • From Chapter 31: Fire Spike:
    • Jones is the master of the understated moment of awesome. She doesn't need to do anything flashy or overt; she just calmly tells Coyote how it is.
    • Ysengrin gets a small Moment of Awesome right here. It doesn't seem like much until you realize that Coyote could take Ysengrin's power and/or kill him with no effort and that Ysengrin is mostly just Coyote's right hand and never questions anything Coyote does or says. Except that one time. It also shows that while Ysengrin and Renard couldn't really stand each other at all, Ysengrin is still very angry at Coyote for betraying Renard.
    • Ysengrin's motivational speech to Annie a few pages later also counts as one, especially since he normally despises humans.
  • From Chapter 33: Give And Take:
  • From Chapter 35: Parley And Smitty Are In This One:
  • From Chapter 38: Divine:
    • While it dips into the horrific and Tear Jerker territory, we're treated to a glance of Annie's fire elemental form here.
    • This moment when Zimmy travels through the ether to give Annie's dad a punch to the face, while shouting "Message from your little girl, mate!" Behold.
    • Kat's etheric form as viewed by Zimmy is terrifying to some (including Zimmy), and awesome to others. Either way, it's some of Tom's most memorable art.
  • From Chapter 39: The Great Secret:
    • Antimony stands her ground with Coyote snarling in her face, here. Good lord, that girl knows how to call a bluff.
    • ZAM! Sir Eglamore, once more proving that he is a professional at being the Big Damned Hero.
  • From Chapter 40: The Stone:
    • Jones' entire origin story tops everything else in the series. Case in point: she stopped a charging bison dead in its tracks.
  • From Chapter 41: Changes:
  • From Chapter 43, Quicksilver:
  • From Chapter 44, Crash Course:
    • Ysengrin proving that, memory loss or no, he will protect Annie, even from his own soldiers.
    • Support your tank.
      Annie: How could I possibly help against those monsters? I'm supposed to be a diplomat!
      Coyote: Haha! So start speaking their language!
    • Annie shows off her badass credentials when she fights off one of the soldiers, by leaning into him.
    • After the brief glimpse in chapter 38, we finally get a better look at Annie's fire elemental form. And boy, is it awesome.
    • Her simple statement that she's happy to talk to anyone who needs a medium. A reminder and assertion of who she is, an implication of her lack of fear, and spoken so pleasantly that, together with her power display, it leaves no further room for arguments. Ambadassador indeed.
  • From Chapter 46, The Realm of the Dead:
  • Chapter 47, See ya!:
  • Chapter 49, The Torn Sea:
    • Kat finally taps into the Ether and goes full-on Mad Scientist.
    • Annie sends a message to Reynard, saying that she's in danger. When the narrative next cuts back to Reynard, he is leading an entire fleet of boats to help her. Even seeing the massive, physics-defying chasm cut into the ocean doesn't faze him.
    • Shadow flying.
    • Paz using her Friend to All Living Things powers to inform Lindsey of the situation. Who then body slams the ship. Memorably summed up with her comment here:
    • Kat here, in her etheric form:
      Kat: I don't ever want to see you again.
  • Chapter 52, Sneak:
  • Chapter 53, Annie and the Fire:
    • Anthony's true motivations for what he did to Annie: The Court was going to kick out his daughter and remove her from their program and support. He managed to broker a deal to bring her into line, all for the love of the last bit of his wife he had left. Keep in mind that he almost killed her with his etheric antenna, and was on the verge of giving it all up himself. He has done everything over the past few chapters so his daughter could have a chance, and so he could have a reason to live himself.
  • Chapter 54, Meetings and Re-Meeting
    • Coyote comes to the Court to find out what has happened to Annie and they try to pass off everything as Anthony's fault. In a very sweet case of Laser-Guided Karma this works too well as Coyote shows them how much this has ticked him off by knocking over a building.
    • Anthony immediately gets a moment of his own following this as he questions how can he let Annie go to the forest knowing Coyote's temper. Bear in mind that he has been briefed on Annie's dealing with the forest and just saw an example of why going against Coyote may be a bad idea. Gotta respect that he's willing to stand up to a Physical God just for his daughter.
    • Coyote responds to Anthony's concerns by delivering a long overdue What the Hell, Hero? speech where he points out that Tony's actions have basically shattered Annie internally and that he has no business judging considering what he's done. For bonus points Coyote is reading Anthony's mind during this and really enjoying the inner conflict the man is going through. Well-Intentioned Extremist or not the man has been overdue for some karma.
    • Ysengrin hears Annie's explanation for why she partitioned her anger. And he decides it's total bullshit and shatters her blinker stone, forcing her to face her rage, even telling her to turn her fury on him if she has to.
      Ysengrin: Direct your anger at me if you must. Now, at least, you cannot ignore it. Your father looks at you and sees the ghost of his dead wife. It is his loss if he does not see what an incredible creature his daughter is.
      • And of course, the end of the chapter where Annie decides to confront Anthony and get Renard back from him.
  • Chapter 59: Jeanne:
  • Chapter 60: The Other Shore:
  • Chapter 61: Red's Friend Gets A Name Too I Suppose:
    • As harsh as it is, Red going off on Annie, giving her a much-needed call out about Annie's more dubious actions involving the attempt to free Jeanne.


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