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  • Doctor Three ninja-kicks a Dalek into a WALL. Where it EXPLODES. Beautiful. To those unfamiliar with Doctor Who, in the new series, Daleks are made much more threatening, to the point where a single Dalek is a One-Man Army. And one of the doctors defeats a Dalek by kicking it.
  • Combined a bit with Heartwarming, but when the various Doctors are showing up on the Eye of Orion, they quickly dissolve into bickering with one another, with even the companions get in on it. One shows up, taps his cane on the ground, and everyone shuts up, and either shows glee that he's there, or are respectful of him. Mind you, this is a Doctor who hasn't even started the series yet- One was taken from just before "An Unearthly Child," so he hadn't even started travelling with Barbara and Ian, and yet they all stop and listen to him.
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  • The Fourth Doctor gets his here.
  • Nine's gambit near the end. Nobody said he had to go through the story in order.
  • The Brigadier's first appearance.
  • Four's Big Damn Heroes moment. For his fans, though, just his first appearance in the comic counts.
  • Jamie beheading a Cyberman by clubbing it with the blaster he just grabbed out of the Cyberman's hands.
  • Five plucking Four out of the air in Earth's atmosphere while in free-fall.
  • Nyssa shooting the Master's fighter out of the sky in an unarmed spaceship, complete with Precision F-Strike. Beware the Nice Ones, indeed.
  • The moment in the final battle where in order to defeat the Dalek conditioning in Ten's mind, all ten Doctors unite to fight it, sharing their memories with one another. This leads to a sequence of MOA quotes from each Doctor, including "First things first, but not in that order", "Just this once, everyone lives", and "That's what kind of man I am." This also counts as a Mythology Gag, a Heartwarming Moment, and a Tear Jerker all rolled into one.
  • One, absolutely beside himself with fury, tears into Nine for being willing to let Rose die to kill Dalek Tor. Awesome not only for the scale of his anger, but the statement of what it means to be the Doctor carried within it.
    HOW DARE YOU! HOW DARE YOU! That young woman trusts you! Nothing is as important as another's life!
    • Added to by Two and Two and a Half's follow up lines.
    2.5: Especially that of a total innocent!
    2: And definitely not our own!
    • Nine backing down after swapping a Motive Rant with One, who shoots a "Reason You Suck" Speech back at him, and Seven mediating, stating that he doesn't think that Nine has it in him to let Rose die. As ever, Seven is right.
  • And just a few pages after that, when it seems like the Doctor's psyche is going to fracture, the Dalek conditioning tries to give him a "The Reason You Suck" Speech, and the Doctor responds with a great Shut Up, Hannibal!:
    Dalek: You require control, Doctor. It has always been said... how often have you been accused of causing more damage than you repaired, Doctor? How often were they right?
    The Doctor: Oh, but how many lives have I saved? How many civilisations are free from slavery? Tyranny? I do far more deliberate good than accidental evil. And you only offer disciplined, logical destruction. No, Dalek. I do not accept!
    • After so many TV episodes with the Doctor going on about all the "harm" he does to those around, him, it's very refreshing.
  • Three's uses of Venusian Aikido to take out both Cybermen and Daleks.
  • Leela stabbing the Valeyard, resisting Dalek Ahn's conditioning efforts, and finally racing after the Doctor to try and stop him from killing her Dalek-Time Lord-human children.
  • The Tenth Doctor vs. the Valeyard.
  • A grand one for the author himself, in writing a story that not only is considered one of the best Doctor Who fan stories ever, but doing so in a way that doesn't conflict with any of the reveals made during the Eleventh Doctor's run, particularly during the X of the Doctor arc.
    • Well, there is Ten mentioning that he still has three incarnations left, when at that point in his timeline he only has two. Then again, the same contradiction shows up in the TV series mere episodes before the canon reveal.Yes, they actually referenced the fact The Doctor refuses to admit the War Doctor exists!
      • Admittedly Fridge Brilliance kicks in over that He ends up with only ONE regeneration before he needs a whole new set in the actual series!
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  • Six successfuly cons the Renegade Dalek general into giving him all of the information he needs to pass himself as the Keeper.


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