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Awesome / The Search for Henry Jekyll

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  • Hyde is quickly established as a monster when he accepts Molly's hug... and impales her with a sword cane.
  • Hyde establishes near-permanent control in chapter 2 by discarding the HJ7 cure weeks ago and replacing it with an enhanced version of the formula, locking Jekyll out of his body.
  • Lanyon's other self gets one in chapter 8 when he shoots Hyde in the shoulder.
  • A random guard gets one in chapter 9 when he throws Hyde through a window.
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  • In Chapter 10, Hyde pretends to be Jekyll to fool Utterson, who believes him briefly before telling him to stop pretending, listing all the things he got wrong.
    Utterson: You did have me going for some time, but you failed to remember the memories I mentioned. And though it is possible, it's hard to believe you got back here through the dark with Henry's eyesight. Also... Henry Jekyll is right-handed.
  • The entire Confrontation chapter, as Hyde confronts Jekyll with the fact that they're the same body and same mind, and so it was Jekyll who killed all those people, not Hyde. It ends with him hanging Jekyll in their mind.
  • Chapter 18 has Hyde and Utterson attacked by masked cultists, and Ann gets the drop on Hyde with a drugged earring, knocking him out. Ann then pickpockets Carew's bullets, preventing him from shooting at them. Then the building explodes due to planted gunpowder.
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  • Chapter 21 has Hyde captured and whipped. His initial response is to mockingly ask if that was supposed to hurt, and after hours of punishment he feigns unconsciousness so when they unshackle him he immediately breaks free.
  • Chapter 22 has Utterson's cat get one, escaping the cultists with a letter in its mouth even after they blow up the house.
  • A flashback shows a young Henry saving Al from his father's whip, getting a scar as a result.
  • Any time Jekyll breaks free from Hyde's control is awesome for him, even if the circumstances aren't.
  • Oswald introduced himself to Delilah Bonnay by punching out someone harassing her.
  • Lanyon ensures Jekyll's cooperation in his scheme by lacing his food with a drug, then ensures Hyde won't interfere in his schemes by threatening to thoroughly punish him/Jekyll, causing an enraged Hyde to swear to kill him someday.


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