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    Sonic the Hedgehog Online 
  • Team Freedom vs. the Tails Doll in issue 248. The first actual fight in the fan continuation was anticipated for over four and a half years, and the result was worth it.
    • Cream wants to atone for being the one who brought the Tails Doll into New Mobotropolis, and as such decides to be a decoy to draw it out into the open.
    • When Tails Doll was brought into the clear, Team Freedom's plan was put in motion. As Rotor, Cream, Heavy and Bomb kept on diverting the Tails Doll's attention, Big uses his handy fishing rod to yank at the doll's weak point—its red gem. The Tails Doll tries to take a swing at Big, but Cream stomps on the tentacle meant for Big before it could get to him. This gives Big enough time to fully release the gem from Tails Doll, shattering it and returning the doll to normal.
  • Issue 249 has the long-awaited final battle between Sonic and Mecha Sally. Also counts as a Tear Jerker.
    • The fact that Sonic was able to defeat Mecha Sally, take her to New Mobotropolis' lab, and de-roboticize her in the span of less than ten seconds.
  • Amy manages to fight Emerl to a standstill — even with the Gizoid copying her Piko-Piko Hammer. It's only thanks to Silver that she manages to down the Gizoid.
  • Naugus, still in possession of Geoffrey's body, fights Metal Sonic — and manages to overwhelm the robotic clone easily. It's only because of Naugus suddenly being debilitated that Metal manages to free himself.

    Knuckles: Endangered Species 
  • Knuckles' fight against Metal Knuckles ends with Saffron, not Knuckles himself, destroying the Badnik by blasting it with a hijacked D.E.L. turret.
    • Before that moment, Knuckles' Badass Boast to his robotic counterpart.
    Metal Knuckles: I outclass you in every way. Leave this city to the Eggman Empire or face destruction.
    Knuckles: I'm not running away. Never again.
  • Who lands the final blow on Lien-Da? Julie-Su? Sonic? Knuckles? None of the above—instead, it's Knuckles' stepfather Wynmacher—a regular echidna with no fighting prowess whatsoever!


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