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  • Tyler is a completely average boy who goes to school with the entire contents of the superhero Fantasy Kitchen Sink, so most of his adventures were focused on his use of common sense to survive the situations he was thrown into. However, after training with the local Batman-expy a few issues beforehand, in #15 we see him earning two of his own CMOAs. The first is when, trying to save the Rainmaker kids with the help of the Revenant, they're both ambushed by Dr. Irons' robot body. The Revenant is captured, but Tyler uses his magnetic grappler and a handy wall to rip the robot to pieces. His second comes a little later — the rebuilt Dr. Irons has gained access to the Revenant's helicopter, who's hanging on a line beneath it. After appraising the situation, he's scared, but for the first time, he starts running towards the danger to help. That time, that very moment marks the beginning of Tyler's metamorphosis into a Badass Normal.
    • He also played a major role in keeping Zodon from discovering time travel, technically twice. This also plays into the Rainmaker incident, since he encounters the Rainmaker as a kid and gives him an Oregon quarter, which helps to break him from Dr. Irons' control. It's been stated a few times that Tyler is in fact vital because of his lack of powers. I think they may be underestimating him.
  • The unsure worry-wart Julie Finster, called "Number 84" because her powers (Flight, Invulnerability, and Super-Strength) are so common (she's the 84th person registered with those powers, hence the name), finally breaks through her own inferiority complex to take down a villain. "This is your rock! Take it back!"
    • Even earlier in the same storyline, the powerhouse villain Thunderclap is about to turn Zodon into a bloody smear with his super-strength. Julie catches the punch, saving Zodon's life. When Thunderclap rears back to smush her between his fists, she stops that fist too, as if it was nothing.
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  • Zodon gets his own moment of awesome in the above storyline when dealing with a recruitor from Praetorian Acadamy. Basically, he gives the organization of the closest thing to a Big Bad a "Reason You Suck" Speech in which he reveals he knew they were trying to recruit him the entire time and then hands the recruiter a minion aplication form to give to the Headmaster.
  • After Julie gets her powers deactivated by argonite she starts to plummet. Tyler, no prompting from anyone, throws himself from the edge of a flying spacecraft to catch her. A far cry from the kid who wanted nothing to do with the entire mess.
  • Julie becoming a heroic icon among all the other FISS's due to her absolutely awesome heroics and her embracing her identity as #84.

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