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Apart from all the superhero homages, there are also homages to non-superhero works, including:

  • Zodon's human disguise makes him look like a character from The Far Side.
  • To Doctor Who:
    • The time-traveller Tom Davidson is named after two of the stars of the show (and the cover art for issue #12, in which Tom features heavily, includes a homage to one of the old Doctor Who title logos).
    • In another issue, Murphy quotes Leela in "The Robots of Death".
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    • And the Revenant acquired a familiar-looking ultrasonic tool from an unnamed man in return for help the Revenant gave him in a defunct timeline.
  • One humorous two-panel joke has the Revenant decrypting the names "Wayne, B" and "Grayson, D".
  • Phil Foglio and his family appear as supervillains. He gets another Shout-Out when Zodon gets his hands on a Heterodyne Tachyon Generator.
  • Revenant's Alfred Ersatz is named Cranston, most likely a reference to Lamont Cranston, a.k.a. The Shadow. The Revenant also uses the alias Kent Allard, which happens to be another secret Identity of The Shadow. Allard's character design also has a notable resemblance to author Michael Stackpole, the creator of Revenant.
  • Toby being simultaneously bossed about by Order and Chaos is represented by him as Captain Kirk — complete with Star Trek Shake.
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  • Bernard has a Skull doll.
  • Spell Syrin tells off her magic students for trying to start a Quidditch game.
  • Tyler uses the Stargate-verse to convince Cecil that one of the "aliens" is on their side.
  • Tyler finds himself in a TRON costume from his clone's superpowers leaking out.
  • When Alec's drawing causes the Headmaster's computer to crash, it begins to sing "Daisy Bell".
  • The Trans-Dimensional Defense Division's seal contains the number forty-two.
  • When Cecil confronts Zodon and tells him that he knows he is an alien, Zodon replies "The truth is out there, kid, so why don't you go find it?"
  • Coach Rockslide's real last name, Krutz, is a reference back to Nodwick, where it was itself (not much of) an anagram of Scott Kurtz.
  • The Headmaster measures the ability of students to deal with the vindictive and competitive politics of the Praetorian Academy on the Vetinari scale.
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  • The 238verse seems to use Slavic Mythology the way DC Comics uses Greek Mythology and Marvel Comics uses Norse Mythology. Veles is an opponent of Atlas, presented as a cross between Mr Mxyzptlk and Marvel's version of Loki.
  • The logo of the SCP Foundation appears on one of the Revenant's monitors here.

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