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YMMV / PS238

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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Zodon.
  • Narm: The lower-teeth-over-upper-lip face Toby keeps pulling when he gets excited doesn't make any sense. If the author was aiming for Creepy Child, he merely hit "dorky". He's probably trying to represent him experiencing something like a seizure.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Invoked by the Revenant when discussing Harold's power nullification and enhancement abilities. A lot of supers have a very bad response to the idea of someone messing with their powers.
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    • Some of the alternate versions of himself Tyler sees in the mirrors at The Castle Beyond Time and Space are pretty nightmare-inducing. In one he is a powerful telepath who has accidentally linked everybody else together in a hivemind, making him the only lonely person in the world (see Gone Horribly Right in the main page). In another, he is the strongest meta-prodigy at PS238 - and uses his power to harm and bully everybody else. Imagine seeing your friends being bullied - and then imagine that the bully is you.


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