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Heartwarming / PS238

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  • The end of the story of Mr. Extraordinary.
    • Later, when he returns, it's revealed that Tom and Naomi become a couple when they get older.
  • Ron playing with Argo
  • The students finding out that Moon Shadow is back. Julie's small, barely visible smile make the scene just perfect.
  • Julie Finster becoming an iconic hero to her fellow FISSes, because she embraced her identity as #84.
  • At the end of the "Koschei's Needle" story, the true natures of the heroes involved are revealed to the world thanks to Veles broadcasting everything live. This results in Jerkasses Conjuror and Neuronet being fired from their respective teams, but it also leaves Phlogiston, the nicest adult of the group teamless (she said a few things about her team's official leader that he didn't appreciate very much)...until Firedrake (the other decent guy in the group) reveals that his team is very interested in taking her in. And Firedrake himself is getting some professional help for the issues his friends now know he has...
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  • Just the fact that Tyler doesn't hold Ron's hatred of Moon Shadow against him; yes he's annoyed by it but he understands that Ron is just a confused kid who's hurting and lashing out at what's convenient. Granted, considering how protective of his classmates Tyler is, it's probably not surprising.

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