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The Cargo Cult here is the Norse pantheon.
Zodon, with the single huge gem on his face, Berserk Buttons galore, and mastery over magic, eventually mutated into the one-eyed, war-and-magic-affinitied Odin.

Prospero is a Quarian on Pilgrimage.
First, he is always in a suit that resembles Tali's. Second, He has three fingers. Third, he seems unworried about being on earth. As for food, he's eating the large stash of food tubes that he had in his ship. His translation unit is damaged and he can't fix it so that everyone can understand what he is saying. However, it does translate what they are saying to him. Take a look at [1] and tell me that does not resemble [2]

When Toby uses his powers for big things it acts more like a path not taken choice, than a magically imposed price.
By that I mean that the principals curse was his chance for redemption, and Toby not having his best possible friend causes Tyler to not be abandoned.
  • So how does the principal having a banana instead of a functioning telephone lead to Toby teleporting?
    • This guess specified big things.
  • After the genie story a better guess is sometimes the price is simply the result of Tyler's action without the need to magically impose a price.

Truth has something to do with Toby's powers.
They work on Equivalent Exchange, and Truth has been something of a jerk at times, this wouldn't really surprise me.

Tyler's parents want him to get powers for his own well-being.
Right, so what we've seen of his parents, their entire character is built around pushing Tyler to the school, and to getting powers. I'm sure part of it is because they want him to be like them, but also part of it is, they're probably not immortal. When they die, and he doesn't have powers, what's to stop any past villain from killing him on the spot. So him getting some sort of power is really their hopes that he will be able to survive if and when they die. Him being enrolled in the superhero school also helps him make friends with children with super powers so they would protect him if he never gets them. In fact, one reason why they spend so much time with Toby to train his powers is so HE can protect Tyler when they're gone.
  • While they could simply want Tyler to be able to protect himself, they would probably be thinking of having Tyler protected when they are alive more than when they are dead. They can't reasonably expect to be able to watch over Tyler 24/7, they will grow old, and it becomes less and less socially acceptable for parents to hover over their children from the time their child is born (Constantly looking after 0-2 year old baby is expected; constantly watching an 18 year old baby not so much. Villains tend to go after the family to get to the heroes. In theory their death would make Tyler in only slightly more danger than a regular person (No real reason to go after a dead heroes unpowered relative). This is before Tyler became Moon Shadow and before Toby. Even if all three of them died the fact that his clone happened to basically be able to do anything could easily leave Tyler a target.

In the future, Cecil will take on Revenant's mantle.
And Tyler will stay Moon Shadow because he has excellent press.

Zodon is destined to become a superhero, not a villain.
Every time he tries something villainous, it backfires, blows up in his face and/or actually has a net positive effect for everybody else around him. Every time he does something heroic, usually by being forced into it, it works out perfectly. He's hero material, he's just still in denial about it.
  • This will also be the vindication that the PS238 scheme will need to counter the apparent effectiveness of Pretorian Academy.

Julie will eventually become the new Atlas
...When the government finally gives up on Forak. Which will then spark a backlash from Julie's "followers" that she "sold out" by dropping her FISS number as her hero name.

Tyler actually does have superpowers, they're just really subtle.
Specifically they are the Winds of Destiny, Change type with a heavy dose of Equivalent Exchange. Crazy sounding right? well let's look at the evidence:
  • Throughout the comic Tyler seems more or less a Doom Magnet to himself and others, Ron's constantly saying he's such bad luck, and yet no one with in his sphere of influence manages to get permanently hurt, including himself.
  • Toby, just Toby. Originally just Tyler's RC clone, but when granted sentience by the pixie-elves, he ends up with the ability to warp reality as much as he wants for an equal amount of distortion. We never see them grant him powers or do anything other then influence him, so where does the power come from? The best answer is that Toby always had that power but his parents never noticed because they're not flashy enough for their legacy.
    • This is actually supported by an Alternate Universe we (and Tyler) see, in which Tyler received the full double dose of metagenes from his parents. The alternate Tyler — Ultimate Powers — does have a few limits, but the accent is on "few".

Herschel's last name is supposed to be a Punny Name.
Herschel's last name is Clay and he's an Expy of Iron Man. This is probably a reference to the biblical story of Nebuchadnezzar's dream about the statue with feet made partially of iron and partially of clay.

Revenant will eventually either adopt Tyler or make Tyler his ward.
Revenant is this series's Expy of Batman, and Tyler has become his sidekick, a Badass Normal expy of Robin. Considering that Batman has adopted or fostered or otherwise made himself responsible for all of his Robins, Revenant is seemingly as rich as Bruce Wayne, and Tyler's parents either don't care or have forgotten their son, Revenant seems poised to step in and take over.
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