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  • Heteronormative Crusader and overall Well-Intentioned Extremist Orannsong makes remarks about how Bern is worthless as a knight because of her "unnatural" attraction to another woman. Normally Extreme Doormat Crest beats the crap out of him.
  • There is a place in the world that is literally filled with concentrated fear, pain, and despair. It is designed to be impenetrable by non-sentient means. Thousands have tried. A few hundred could barely find the strength to walk past a purely instinctual fear. Dozens could walk through a wall of fishhooks that tore off their skin and eviscerated their organs. But the final challenge is designed to be impossible, as it outright brainwashes the seeker into believing that all is lost and convinces them to think about standing still or turning back. Maytag got through anyway.
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  • Bernadette's rematch with Bloody Mary must be seen to be believed. She is a Badass Normal going, armed only with her swords, against a literally unkillable monster who had poisoned and almost killed her in their first encounter. She manages to fight her to a standstill through sheer Awesomeness by Analysis of Mary's moves, stopping her every attack and even wounding her, without getting not even a scratch, forcing Mary to flee.

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