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Awesome / The Legend of Maxx

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  • Maxx beat the Eye's first form with SHAMPOO.
    • Also his method of beating the Eater of Worlds when it's split in half? In a rare moment of intelligence, he tricks its two halves into ramming into each other, causing a concussion that kills them both instantly.
    • Oh, and then he shoves Aley into a hornet hive to blow it up. The sheer geniality makes even June stare in surprise.
  • The sheer amount of fan content. There's a mod, texture pack, and someone is supposedly making a SOUNDTRACK.
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  • Cyril's inner dialogue in #389. Seems the Butt-Monkey's had about enough of it...
  • Maxx fakes joining the Corruption side, and stabs Xylan with the Blade of Grass when he orders Maxx to kill his friends.