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  • From strip #24: "NOBODY. ROBS. A NANA."
  • Clark lays down the line for Bruce.
    • Strip #50 has all sorts of awesome. Red Hoodie mocks Clark? Bruce snaps and pins him to the ground — and then refuses to follow through. Lex mocks him as he walks off? Diana silences him with a Death Glare.
  • Time-out, Diana style.
  • The Green Lantern Oath.
  • Batman wakes up at 4:00, intending to get ready for his date with Power Girl, only to find that Alfred anticipated this, got up before him, and prepared his breakfast and costume without waking him.
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  • Diana, bringer of the Thunder.
  • Clark pulling off his first (Of many) rescues of Lois. She can't believe it.
    Clark: I'm not "Captain Underpants" for nothin'.
  • When Lex's group mocks Bruce and his deceased parents, Diana and Karen lunge at him, Clark stops both of them and declares they are leaving.
    Lex: Please. We're just getting started.
    • Clark then sends the entire group flying with a wave.
  • Bruce makes an entrance on a rearing black stallion in order to impress his date.

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