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  • Saia accidentally causing Talzo to trip, resulting in his capture.
  • The "Escape!" arc. Talzo completely curb-stomps almost the entire KAS. Even better when you realized that he could've escaped his orb prison at any time.
  • Kirby's speech to Ignus Unis in "Jetting Across The Ice" for the comic's 200 comic special.
  • In the crossover, Saia being the only one in both Kirby Adventure and Kirby's Dream Adventure to willingly talk to Kexas about his violent behavior.
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  • The part in the Infiltration Arc where NAVO body slams Zykan through all the floors of the Division A base.
  • "C Central" ends with Aika fighting a freaking Dandelion Ninja! So those stories Neona and Wake told Nameless were true.
  • The fact that Kirby actually managed to turn Dark Matter into a good guy.
  • The final battle with Miracle Matter really takes the cake for awesomeness in this comic. Almost every character who has ever appeared in the comic (as well as the Kirby, Keeby and Kexas from Kirby's Dream Adventure and the Kirby from 20 Times Kirby) gives their power to Kirby, who uses them to become Ultra Sword and slice Miracle Matter in half.
  • Shadik inhaling the shadow orb and speaking for the first time before using its powers to brutally kill Zykan.
    Shadik: I am Shadik. I COMMAND the shadow. Now die.
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  • After finally defeating Miracle Matter, everyone in the KAS does the famous Kirby Dance.
  • Fans of Kirby's Dream Adventure and 20 Times Kirby would probably be very happy about the crossovers.

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