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  • Ava and Wrathia's first meeting in Ava's mind. Wrathia tries to con Ava out of her wish by claiming that bringing Ava back to life was giving Ava the "new life" she wished for. Ava's response? Go full-on berserk, rip a nearby metal handle out of Wrathia's throne, and threaten her with it, going so far as to threaten to intentionally break the pact to get Wrathia to comply.
    Ava: You're not going anywhere until you've given me what I asked for!
    Wrathia: Or what? You'll kill us? A body with two souls is practically immortal.
    Ava: I can think of a thousand ways to fail this pact. I'll turn us into the greatest monster the universe has ever seen.
    Wrathia: You wouldn't dare...
    Ava: I have nothing to lose.
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  • "Yeah? Well you know what else I am besides a dangerous alien? I'm Ava. Ava Ire. And I CAN'T die. Got it pal!?"
  • Everything Ava did after being impaled on the statue. Not flinching from her death because she felt she had beaten Wrathia, then making a deal with what more or less passes for the devil in this comic, playing hardball, and WINNING, and then coming back to life and getting herself off the statue she was impaled on by melting its sword in half. With her bare hands.
  • Odin prying open a locked electronic door WITH HIS BARE HANDS. Keep in mind that he has not made a pact with Pedri yet.
  • Ladies and Gentleman, Pedri Nanezgani.
  • On page 1336, Wrathia's advice to Ava is succinct:
  • Ava's transformation.
  • Whoa. Don't fuck with Strategos Six.
  • Behold Demon Ava. Where is your god NOW?!
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  • Odin standing up to his sisters. After seeing just what kind of hellions they are, not even his stuttering can detract from just how admirable his defiance is.
  • Strategos Six survives this. Not only do they survive with minor injuries, they have enough power to pull out a sword and charge at Ava head on.
  • Someone managed to survive the rampage: Strategos Six! They're now half bald, but damn!
  • When Ava puts on the glasses to see Nevy for the first time. The Shocking Moments are through the roof, both In-Universe and out.
  • A meta example but the images on this page need to be seen to be believed. Awesome Art, indeed.


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