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Someone's gonna have a bad time.

  • Sans literally pulling Gaster out of the void using his powers.
  • The River Person attacking Chara!Sans with a scythe made of magic fire. Doubly awesome in that their plan would have been completely non-lethal to Sans, making him constantly move to avoid their attacks until he passed out from exhaustion.
  • The rest of the cast showing up to save Frisk and Monster Kid from Chara!Sans. Complete with anime poses!
    • Toriel literally biting Chara!Sans's attacks apart.
  • Memelord Sans. That is all.
  • As sad as it is, Papyrus attacking Chara with all his power after he thinks they killed Sans is pretty awesome.
  • Monster Kid gets tired of the askers' bullshit when they started blaming Frisk for Sans getting stabbed. They defend Frisk by pointing out all the good things about them while Burning with Anger.
  • The moment when Gaster and Hermann finally get The Big Damn Kiss.
  • When Goopster attacks Flowey upon sight, Toriel blocks the blast, having fully realized he's Asriel all by herself. Doubles as a Heartwarming moment.
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  • Aidrian's CMOA by breaking her Mom's porcelain pig collection after finally having enough of her being abusive to both her and Frisk.
  • POCKET SAND!!!!!!!!!
  • A Big Damn Heroes moment for Maverick, because right when Garamond was about to kill Aidrian, Maverick arrives with a fireball becoming intimate with Garamond's face.
  • The askers manipulating Aidrian into discovering that Frisk is still alive.
  • If you think about Frisk's Abusive Parents, Frisk saving the world is an even bigger off-screen moment than it initially sounds. The flashbacks showed Frisk's parents in action including, but not limited to, the father encouraging Frisk to "punch back" after hearing about how Frisk got punched in the face by another kid, or after one of the parents said not to read manga, or as they called it, "that japanese garbage". At that point, it's clear that their parents were horrible people and that everything they were trying to teach was wrong to begin with. This means Frisk not only saved the world and made it through the underground by being a pacifist and All-Loving Hero, but by also being themself as a person and not what their shitty parents were trying to raise them to be.
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  • Doubling as a Heartwarming Moment, Papyrus managing to talk down a bully who was harassing Mettaton simply by being Papyrus.
  • Flowey killing Grelod the Kind on Skyrim. It counts as an awesome moment because it's not hard to imagine Flowey had been wanting to do something like that since hearing about Frisk's Abusive Parents.
  • Alphys attempting to take the hit when a monster attacks Undyne at the store. Luckily, it's just Undyne's ma, who was testing Alphys.
    Freja: Good. You are worthy.
  • A group of askers orchestrating a seemingly silly plan that succeeds in getting Chara to inadvertently expose the rest of Asriel's soul. Props to them (especially ClimaxStriker, the ringleader) for pulling this off.
    • Sadly, it didn't succeed. The overall objective of the plan was to transfer the soul from Chara to Flowey, but Chara couldn't let go of Asriel. They need to be able to let go of him before Asriel's soul can be transferred back. It was the right idea and the opportunity was perfect. It's just that Chara needs to be able to let go of him themselves. Despite it failing, however, the fact that the plan almost worked to begin with was awesome in of itself.
  • ADC!Frisk's heroic entrance in Drunk Chara's mindscape (currently possessed by AFAC!Chara), accompanied by the AFAC cast performing "Total Eclipse of the Heart" (with Spanish lyrics, courtesy of Hermann). And they're dressed as a pirate, to boot.
  • The fallen children one-by-one giving their two cents on whether to help Chara recover, ending with Paolo's resolution: "So it's decided. We'll do everything in our power to save Chara."
  • A staggering amount of askers come to Frisk's defense after Janet deadnames and misgenders them, on top of Sans, Kid, Flowey, and Callallied all delivering spectacular Death Glares. What's more, Janet actually realizes and regrets what she's done.
  • The Askers actually pulled a Big Damn Heroes moment when both Asriel and Chara were about to drown in the mindscape, but the askers saved them by donating their magic to Asriel so he'd get wings in the mindscape. Asriel uses these wings to fly out of the water, saving both himself and Chara.
  • After Callallied's memories of being Chara resurface, leaving them depressed, Frisk launches into a You Are Better Than You Think You Are speech reflecting on their shared experiences. The speech even triggers Chara's full reawakening and transformation.
  • So, if the above wasn't obvious enough, Chara has now permanently bonded to their body and became a monster, why is that important? Because when you transform into a monster, you get all the perks that come with it. You get 4 fingers, you get your own font if you bond to your skeleton, AND YOU ALSO GET A MONSTER SOUL! Why is that important? Because a monster soul can't absorb another monster soul. So when Chara became a monster, Asriel's soul got booted right out, and since Flowey was within 20 feet of Chara, the soul went speeding towards him, allowing him to truly, and permanently, become Asriel again.

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