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Main series:

  • "...That would be breaking the rules."
  • Episode 29. Especially Doakes' battle against Arcanine where he ditches Magnitude for Earthquake. AND ARCANINE SURVIVES!
  • Buddy's transformation. This is how badasses are made.
    • And here is Buddy's death. This is how badasses go out.
  • Bruce vs. Blastoise, complete with references to Batman, a flashback to how their doomed friendship began, and victory in the form of a Blast Burn straight to Blastoise's face. And then Ruby punches out Gary.
  • The Mook Horror Show that takes place nearly every single time Ruby finds Team Rocket.
  • In The First Movie, Ash tries to punch Mewtwo and fails. Here, Ruby, with Sawyer's help, succeeds.
  • "Well, I've got freedom of repel."
  • Luke handily winning Ruby his first wild Unova Pokemon.
  • Blastoise gets a glorious The Dog Bites Back moment.
  • Ruby easily winning his first gym badge, and promptly setting the gym on fire while saying a one-liner.
  • Cheren ripping out a Plasma grunt's heart with his bare hands.
    • The fact that Ruby and Cheren are actually fighting the Grunts with their bare hands rather than just settle it with their Pokemon. And that Ruby himself takes on grunts in nearly every game with his bare hands.
  • Senor Fluf, the Butt-Monkey of the group, finally gets his own moment of awesome. N's Pidove, who just killed Hank, is ready to attack Luke from behind. Cue Senor Fluf's Big Damn Heroes moment and swatting the bird before the attack could land.
    • Then in the next page he finishes the Pidove off.
  • Ruby crashing Burgh's limo into Team Plasma's hotel room and making even Ghestis look like a fool, can be both this and Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • Ruby catching the legendary Victini and promptly using it to give Burgh some nice payback.
  • Ruby went through LENORA without losing a single Pokémon. Ruby went through the nightmare of Pokémon Black and White Nuzlockers without a single pokemon going down.

Hale's Emerald Hard Mode/Platinum Hard Mode:

  • From Hale's fan comic, the entirety of Hale vs. Steven- not just the Pokemon, but the No-Holds-Barred Beatdown between the trainers. But really, the final move of the fight needs to be mentioned.
    Fowler used—- OVERHEAT!
  • Django's nearly soloing May's team also qualifies. Even though Hale pleads with him to stop fighting because he knows Django will die, Django demands to keep on fighting and nearly finishes off all of May's Pokemon before succumbing to Swampert.

Freddy's Nuzlocke Adventure:

  • From Freddy's comic, the battle against Lance. Which happens to be fully animated.
  • The fight against Koga in his Blue run deserves a mention too. Connery survives A WEEZING SELF-DESTRUCTING.
  • Connery's first appearance alone qualifies. He beats down two Mankeys James Bond style.
    • Let's be honest, pretty much everything Connery does should be here.
    • His fake-out death in Koga's gym. Bonus points for him subtly avenging Nibbles.
  • How Freddy's Doduo uses Fly. An ancient Pokemon mystery solved.
  • Vs. Squirtle.
  • The entirety of the Elite 4/Rival battles.
  • After the run concludes, Freddy states his intent to go off and beat other Nuzlocke challenges. After being informed that it's 1998 and there aren't any other games to Nuzlocke, he's reminded to take some batteries for his Game Boy. Freddy's reply? "Where we're going, we won't need batteries.", then LITERALLY GOES BACK TO THE FUTURE IN THE FREAKING DELOREAN.
  • Marty finally begins to show just how strong he can truly be.

Summers of Our Youth:

  • Heaven Express. If you don't want to click the links, Conan was poisoned, and was near the brink of death. Then Jig appeared out of nowhere and provided an antidote, effectively saving Conan's life. With that, Jig has cemented himself as the best goddamn Zigzagoon in the history of Pokemon.

Aouli's Nuzlocke Run:

  • Tumble the Wigglytuff vs. Articuno, of all Legendary Pokemon. Aouli gets Tumble to use Sing in hope of keeping Articuno at bay while Aouli and the team flee, and eventually, Articuno falls asleep, but instead of retreating like planned, Tumble instead fights Articuno and constantly uses Rollout and eventually defeats Articuno. It must be seen to be believed.

Landwalker's Nuzlocke:

  • The entire battle with Kyogre's and Archie's fused form, culminating with "Well, how about that... I killed a god."
  • Every Elite Four battle (and naturally the one against Steven) has a team member taking center stage.
    • Against Sidney: Rikishi/Ninio tag team. The flames lighting the room go out at exactly the time the battle ends too.
    • Against Phoebe: "Brobat is just about to notice... that you ripped his suit." Meanwhile, Lunatic takes out his foes without even waiting for an introduction.
    • Against Glacia: The whole damn thing, especially figuring out Glacia's tricky strategy with ease.
    • Against Drake: Gary the Gyarados. Just... yeah. On his own, and makes it such a short fight it doesn't even take the whole page.
    • Against Steven: Hoo boy, where do we start? Every single member (with the sad but logical exception of Brobat) does something awesome. High points are Rikishi taking a Hyper Beam for Ninio of his own accord even though it kills him, Ninio's epic Fire Blast, and just... the final blow.
      "Now! With all your might! End it! For everyone we've lost! For the team! For Rikishi! LAUNCH THE FINAL BLOW! AND PROVE ONCE MORE THAT YOU ARE WORTHY OF THE NAME I HAVE GIVEN YOU! AVENGER! LEAF BLADE!"

Nonparael's Nuzlocke runs:

  • The Elite Four battles in Pearl are basically an exercise in how to completely pwn the game. Note that, amongst Ara's team members, he had a Kricketune and a Cherrim. Lethal Joke Characters indeed.
    • Prior to Chopin the Kricketune, Ara had Clutterbug the Wormadam.
      Only weakness? Fire. Rarest type in Sinnoh? Fire.
    • Case in point with Cherrim, here is the part in question. Even when facing very powerful ground and rock types with each displaying a Nightmare Face, Alarune the Cherrim is smiling the whole time, even displaying a Cat Smile. Cue to a Slasher Smile as Alarune drops raining Solar Beams onto the field, with Bertha's Oh, Crap! expression sealing it.
  • The E4 battles in Black are pretty rad as well. They basically can be summarized as "Soleil beats the shit out of everything (with occasional help from Flynn and Madotsuki)." They're completely defeated in one page.
  • Fear gets a great one in the battle against Ghetsis when he protects Peep.
    "You call that fire? I'll show you fire!" (roasts Eelektross)
    • And then Peep shows that he's no slouch either by beating Ghetsis' Seismitoad. Nineveh would be proud.
  • N gets a good one in Dragonspiral Tower, when he announces that he knows damn well what Ghetsis is up to, and he's planning to escape with Zekrom instead of taking over Unova, in order to derail his plot and force his hand. The Glitch has other ideas.

Saber's Nuzlocke run:

  • Candace has a LOT of these. Many of which also involve Nightmare Fuel.
    • "I'm here to report one more casualty from Mahogany Town... *Removes mask* Pryce's Dewgong.
  • Whitney verbally ripping Giovanni a new one.
    • Not to mention her and Candace's Pokemon taking down Team Rocket.
  • A line that weds Crowning Moment of Awesome with Nightmare Fuel:
    Wild Zangoose used Crush Claw! Weavile fainted!
    • Take note that, according to Saber, the word "fainted" is synonymous with "died" in this run. CANDACE KILLED A WEAVILE WITH HER BARE HANDS.
  • More... subdued than other moments in this run, but Giovanni calling out Silver for the foolishness of his revenge quest.
  • The super-powerful, super-crazy Dragonites under the shrine in the Dragon's Den awaken and attack. Frostbite the Jynx ONESHOTS THEM ALL WITH A SINGLE AVALANCHE.

Whose Locke Is It Anyway?:

  • Randy catching a Metang with a single regular Pokeball. Metang has a catch rate of 3.

Manic's Screenshot Runs:

  • One happens in his Platinum run during the Elite Four that just sends one into applause:
    Nero tanks a crit Thunderbolt, going from 204 to 8 HP.
    Nero: Seventy percent of the world's surface is covered in water, did you know that?
    Magmortar: Uh oh.
    Nero: The human body is 60% water! Water can dissolve more substances than sulfuric acid! Most people use more than a hundred gallons every day! Water is my element, you barbaric oaf! You think that a little zap can defeat me?!
    Nero uses Surf and one-shots the magmortar.
  • Peace!Manic's first appearance in Spirit Electrum. We go into his perspective for the first time when Priscilla is killed by Lugia, and the first thing that he does after realizing her death is catching that bastard with a Master Ball while giving a Shut Up, Hannibal! speech to go along with it. And this is after being hinted many times that Peace!Manic is a bit Lighter and Softer than War!Manic.
    • The topic's grand reopening after it had been closed for unjust reasons.
    • Dealing with Whitney's Miltank using just an Aipom. Never before has tickling proven so effective.
  • Arthur the Scrafty sweeping N's entire team.
  • In Der Gnizalb, Cutman sweeping the entirety of Dr Wily's Team.
  • Manic's He's Back moment in Dark Stars, accompanied by probably the most epic usage of "Omae wa mo shindeiru" since the origin of the phrase itself.
  • In Argent Ante, Dell's ENTIRE EXISTENCE! Helps that he gets the ability Pure Power once he evolves into a Metagross.
    • In fact, not just Dell, but Manic's entire party in Argent Ante, as exemplified by this quote:
      Ike:So, let me get this straight. You have a Lucario with Speed Boost, a Slaking with Drizzle which helps your starter, a Metagross with Pure Power, and ME, all on the same team?
      Manic:... ... ...yes.
      Ike:I'm pretty sure we can invite any opponent to play a game of hide and go fuck yourself.

Kit's Nuzlocke Adventure:

  • How the final battle against Steven Stone ends. Kit has Raditz, his Bellossom, against Steven's Armaldo. Kit tells Raditz to use Petal Dance, but realizes his mistake when Kit remembers that Raditz cannot stop the Petal Dance once it starts. However, Raditz survives an Aerial Ace with 5 HP, and then proceeds to launch himself into the air with a spiral Petal Dance. Then the petals explode, and that takes Steven's Armaldo down for the count as Kit catches Raditz as he falls.