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Drinking Game / Nuzlocke Comics

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  • Solemnly toast the memory of any Pokémon that dies.
  • Drink for every Fake Kill Scare.
  • Drink for every Lethal Joke Species.
  • Drink when the protagonist makes a pun about the Gym Leader's type specialism.
    • For a Hurricane of Puns (eg. Wattson's Gym in Goddamn Critical Hits), sip for each one instead for your good. Or just drink slowly until they stop.
  • Drink if they actually take the Grass starter. Optional for generations past the Fourth.
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  • Drink for each instance of Alternate Character Interpretation you realise you like more than the original.
  • Drink for each evolution preceded by something along the lines of "You're glowing!" "Thanks, you look good yourself".


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