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Heartwarming / Nuzlocke Comics

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Main series:


Freddy's Nuzlocke Adventures:

Landwalker's Nuzlocke:

  • Regardless of how it ended, Rikishi popping out of his Pokeball of his own free will to take a lethal Hyper Beam for Ninio is definitely a qualifier here.

Sanguine Sapphire:

  • Roxanne visiting May after their battle resulted in Marie and Claire's deaths, and the exchange between them that helps May come to terms with what happened. Given how gym leaders who kill somebody's starter are generally depicted, the compassion and caring she shows is really refreshing to see, as is May admitting her own arrogance played a role.

Sparradile's Nuzlocke Challenge:

  • Pepsi, after being raised into a Nidoking, finally has to admit to Chan that he's not poisonous. Chan replies that he's never been anything but helpful to the party, and all this means is that she can hug him without risk of being poisoned by his spikes.

Paratroop's Nuzlocke Challenge:

  • Paratroop writes a postcard to their mother, who has difficulty with going outside, and mentions a gift they left for her in the garden. the gift is a picture of Para and their parents at a picnic signed, "Remember us being outside, I missed that-P"



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