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Heartwarming / Not a Villain

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  • Kleya's relationship with Danni. Key moments:
    • Revealing her programming knowledge when she realizes that Danni's bullies - who it's implied lead Danni's former partner to kill herself - are a pair of NPCs.
    • Being willing to forfeit the Game if it means Danni will be able to enter.
    • Defending Danni when she's surrounded by a crowd of people who love Kat and hate Danni (for getting into the Game instead of the person they voted for over her). Considering the Game runs on Popularity Power, this is a huge risk for Kleya.
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    • In the other direction, Danni telling Kleya to make sure that she takes care of her real body and not work herself to death, because she doesn't want Kleya to die like her other partner did.
    • When Kat gives Danni advice on dealing with a high-gravity zone, Danni whispers back a simple "Thanks," and Kat has one of the biggest smiles of her life.
  • Heck, Kleya's total disregard for Popularity Power in general when it comes to protecting her friends.

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