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  • [[spoiler:Quintet's "World of Cardboard" Speech followed by her beatdown of Polarizing.
  • Rule's final monologue, as he sucks the oxygen from his own body, using it to destroy Meander's mind as he dies:
    [E]ven in this darkest moment, I have an imperative responsibility. To uphold not only my own ambitions, but the ambitions of those those like me. We are the unsatisfied 10%, and if I can change our future, even by 1%, I'll take that initiative... Because we can't stand living in your past.
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  • Polarizing's defeat in court.


  • XZ/Nutsedge kicking SV's ass in the midterms tournament.
  • In a Heroic BSoD, SV has an epiphany and finally discovers the power he's been seeking all along. What follows is a spectacular display of power.
    • This page just deserves its own crowning moment of awesome. (A few spoilers, though.)
  • SV breaking out of a small cave-in his teacher dropped on him.
  • And one for the writer, for being so willing to write such a polarising character as SV.


Solar System

  • The Jovians' ultimate weapon, Summanus. Basically, the planet Jupiter reshapes itself into something like Kefka's final form.


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