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  • Kamina is more or less a fountain of these, as in the original series, but there are highlights. The first instance of his famous catchphrase on page 7 actually gives one chills. It just gets better from there, of course, culminating in a game of Chicken that has to be seen to be believed.
    • As whore Lal'C puts it: "Dude... That was tits!"
    • Trash Canmina. Enough said.
    • Gurrenrod's Cruise Control and its three settings: "Off", "Set", and "LET'S DO THIS!
      • And the remote's buttons. "Lock", "Unlock", and "GO TIME!"
    • Simon gets a minor one in seeing through Chief Genome's "bluff" back at the station. Unfortunately...
  • Page 95. Simon becomes a MAN.
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  • The Kickstarter project. Not one day after it started, the initial $5k goal was broken. The drive ended on February 10, 2012 at a whopping $26,000 dollars - more than five times the donation goal! Oh yeah, Captain, we are the fanbase and we want this shit to get as real as shit can possibly get!
    captainOsaka: there's a lot more to come on this topic tomorrow, but HOLY BALLS you guys knocked it out of the park over at Kickstarter. THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH doesn't even begin to express my gratitude. All of you who contributed, all of you who got the word out, all of you who kept the encouraging words comin', you are SAINTS, one and all. You've turned this humble little side project into a LIVING BREATHING UNSTOPPABLE WRECKIN' MACHINE. Thank you all, once again. You dudes are incredible
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  • There are no words for this awesomeness (Warning: Clicking the link may give you the urge to spontaneously lift heavy objects over your head while yelling manly things.)
  • A question; is this one of the greatest Brofists of all time?
  • Four words: Motorcycle in an elevator.
  • Kittan staring down freaking Lordgenome: YOU PARTY RIGHT NOW.

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