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  • After meeting Lily and messing up introducing himself, Woo makes up for it by diving into a river and emerging with a fish the same size as himself.
    Woo: Lily? May I invite you to dinner?
  • In the next strip, he beats up and chases off two much larger coons who are trying to get at Lily.
  • If you hate Tweety, this was one.
  • Woo looks particularly threatening and badass with a rifle.
  • Richard tries returning Woo to his old owner, to realise he was a utter Jerkass. So he chains the guy up in his own raccoon cage.
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  • Cloud beating down a particularly vicious wolf that was trying to kill Woo.
  • Mixed up with Heartwarming and Funny, but Michelle helping Landon and Larisa's relationship by calling Landon's mother, an ultra conservative Christian, who had banned Landon from ever seeing Larisa again, and lying to her by saying Larisa had cured Landon of gayness, but Harriet's ban would now mean Landon would go back to being "As gay as a handbag filled with rainbows." Zoey's crush probably doubled that day.
    Zoey: I don't know if God is proud of you, but I am.
  • Larisa does the impossible and sets water on fire.
  • When Larisa meets the Devil, she doesn't even bat an eyelash at his appearance and when she finds out the human god and the angels fully intend to kill Sandra for kicks, is willing to do absolutely anything to save her best friend. And she succeeds.
  • After Larisa succeeded in saving Sandra, Thomas J. God, the God of Humanity, cheated his way into having the right to pass judgement on her and kill her anyway. Cue a Deus ex Machina Larisa mentioned long ago: Odin popping out of the little blue box and killing Thomas.
    • Also, remember: Larisa gave Luna the box. Indirectly, she killed God.

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