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Main Characters

    Sandra North

The protagonist of the series. Sandra is a typical middle school girl with a pet talking raccoon. She does have a bit of an egotistical side; she likes dressing up as "The Empress of Northia" and addressing her stuffed animal "subjects". She also likes to imagine herself as hard-boiled private eye Sandy South.


Sandra's pet raccoon. Sandra rescued him from an abusive owner, and he's lived with her since. He seems to divide his time between living with Sandra and exploring the woods with his animal friends.

    Cloud Williams

Sandra's best friend and later boyfriend. Though he seems non-threatening and sweet-tempered, he's actually much stronger than his outward appearance would have you believe.

  • Anime Hair: Cloud has an Idiot Hair and this...
  • Badass Adorable: He's one of the cutest boys, yet he can use a plastic knife as a weapon.
  • Betty and Veronica: Sandra and Larisa, respectively, with Cloud as Archie. He chooses Sandra.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: He's a really good guy, but if you get on his bad side, he can give you the walloping of a lifetime.
    • Was recently revealed to have the potential to become a brutal crime lord if he loses Sandra.
  • Bully Hunter: After this moment, the only problem at school is Larisa.
  • Bullying a Dragon: Ralph the bully makes this mistake with Cloud. In fairness, Cloud doesn't look particularly threatening.
  • Chick Magnet: He's a 10 in the girls' ranking.
  • Crush Blush: Not as much as Landon, but still.
  • Cute Bruiser: Can you believe this adorable young teen can beat men twice his size?
    • James Eglamore is not only a grown man twice Cloud's size, he has 20+ years of training and experience and has superhuman strength. Cloud still manages to hold his own in a friendly duel and only loses when he lets himself get distracted.
  • Dragged into Drag: Happens occsasionally, much to Cloud's chagrin. Sandra, OTOH, thinks he looks sexy in a skirt.
  • Future Badass: Strips that feature hypothetical futures mostly depict Cloud following in the steps of his mom. "The Divine Comedy" reveals he has all the latent potential to be a vicious crime lord if he ever loses Sandra.
  • Implausible Fencing Powers: See Bullying a Dragon above, he can slash you with a PLASTIC KNIFE.
    • Look at his mom and say his skills don't make sense.
      • He also takes on a bunch of Heartless armed only with a wooden sword.
  • Master Swordsman: He's able to keep up with Sir Elgamore!
  • Non-Standard Character Design: Drawn in a more animesque style than the other characters.
  • Rebel Leader: He wishes to be the leader of the Burmese rebellion when he grows older, as most of his relatives from his mother's side have suffered a lot in the war.
  • Red Is Heroic: The red-haired protector of his school's weaker students.
  • Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: He's the Manly Man to Landon's Sensitive Guy. This is in relative terms, however; Cloud's more conventionally masculine than Landon, but also pretty sensitive in his own right.
  • Unusual Pop Culture Name: He's named after Cloud Strife. Lampshaded by Sandra, who explains that his parents were really into the game when he was born. His little sister is also named Yuna, though it's not stated if they were playing Final Fantasy X when she was born or if they were simply continuing the theme.
    Sandra: Cloud's parents were obsessed with the video game Final Fantasy VII at that time. Cloud was the name of the hero of the story.

    Larisa Korolev

One of Sandra's best friends, Larisa has a strong mischievous streak. She likes to tease Sandra, flirt with Cloud, and generally cause trouble. However, there are hints of a darker side to her personality.

Supporting Cast

Relatives of Main Characters

    North Family 

Richard North

A single father raising Sandra since his wife died two years prior to the series.

Julie North

Sandra's mother and Richard North's wife who died 2 years prior to the start of the series
  • Missing Mom: She is, of course, this to Sandra, what with her being deceased and all.
  • Posthumous Character: Long dead by the time the comic starts. The only time she's actually been seen alive is in a flashback to Sandra's birth.

Grandpa and Grandma North

    Williams Family 

David and Ye Thuza Williams

Cloud's father and mother, respectively. Both are huge nerds, even going so far as naming their children after Final Fantasy characters. Ye Thuza is a Burmese immigrant who used to be a rebel back in her home country.

Yuna Williams

Cloud's younger sister. An adorable, smart, but annoying kid.

    Korolev family 

Ivan and Jelena Korolev

Larisa's painter father and his wife/manager Jelena.

Classmates of Main Characters

    Landon Hill 
Larisa's boyfriend, whose advent does much to break up Larisa's flirting-with-Cloud habit.

    Zoey Irwin 
One of Sandra's classmates and Larisa's enemy. Best friends with Michelle, who she is later shown to be in love with.

One of Sandra's classmates. She has a huge crush on Cloud, which generally shows itself as jealousy. Best friends with Zoey.
  • Ascended Extra: Thanks to Zoey's A Day In The Lime Light as well as more focus overall, Michelle too has received more focus.
  • Alpha Bitch: Like Zoey, she is a popular girl whose most common appearances are of her insulting Sandra or Larisa.
  • Closet Key: To Zoey.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: She is incredibly jealous of Sandra's relationship with Cloud.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: While pretty much all of her appearances have been of her insulting Sandra or Larisa, she tries to help Larisa and Landon's relationship.
  • Those Two Girls: It's not often that she won't be seen with Zoey at her side.
  • Unrequited Love: To say she has no chance with Cloud is something of an understatement.

    Luna Herrera 
One of Sandra's classmates, who just came from Camden, New Jersey after some troubles with local folks.

    Benjamin and Theo 
Cloud's other male friends

Thought to be a Stalker with a Crush to Zoey before turning out to be a hardcore shipper instead. He spends all of his appearances trying to hook Zoey up with a previously unseen classmate named Julia (In other words, making Zoelia happen).
  • Ambiguous Disorder: He's clearly not sane of mind given the antics he pulls throughout the entire shipping arc.
  • All for Nothing: Zoey breaks up with Julia offscreen.
  • Karma Houdini: Despite constantly harassing Zoey during the Shipping arc about her getting together with Julia, he managed to escape conviction when he was arrested for said harassment and actually got what he wanted.
  • Karma Houdini Warranty: That is, until Zoey states she and Julia broke up offscreen. Potentially, anyway, since this kills his long desired ship.
  • Shipper on Deck: He seriously wants Zoey and Julia to be a thing and would go to extreme lengths to make it happen. He's also no stranger to shipping fictional couples to the point of obsession.
  • Stalker without a Crush: He spent his first appearance in the comic lurking behind Zoey as she goes about her day which made her initially think he was a Stalker with a Crush. It was clarified in the next strip that Gilligan is actually a die-hard shipper which is a lot worse than Zoey could imagine. To list, he harassed Zoey into going after Julia, build a giant toothpick statue of her and outs Zoey while expressing the desire to make his ship happened to the entire school over the intercom.
  • Take That!: Gilligan is loosely based on the person who sent 20 emails about Zoey getting a girlfriend to Oliver Knörzer, the writer of Sandra and Woo. Leading to an arc of the very same idea with the addition of said person being portrayed as an invasive, creepy, shipping-obsessed stalker.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Has not shown up since the Shipping arc ended.
  • Yuri Fan: Pairs up Zoey and Julia despite the latter never being mentioned by Zoey or anyone at any point of the comic before her introduction or knowing her sexual orientation (An in-universe Crack Pairing if you will). However, Gilligan's intuition proves to be correct when the girls got together in the end...until Zoey breaks up with Julia due to her being "unbearably bland".

A classmate of Zoey who later hooks up with her due to Gilligan's meddling.
  • Official Couple: With Zoey which surprisingly stuck around longer than it should have after the shipping arc concluded despite how the arc was to shut up the guy who harassed the creators over email and Julia's long absence.
  • Put on the Bus: Barely showed up since the Shipping arc ended (only showing up for a cameo here before disappearing again afterward) and then Zoey metioned she broke up with her offscreen as in strip 1322.
  • Satellite Love Interest: So much so, that it's the reason Zoey eventually breaks up with her, and the audience never learns as much as her last name.
    Sandra: Are you still with Julia?
    Zoey: Nah. [Shakes head]
    Sandra: Oh. What happened?
    Zoey: Nothing. And that was exactly the problem! She was unbearably bland! The human equivalent of a marshmallow!

Larisa's ex-boyfriend who is a soccer player
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: He was never even mentioned once after his departure from the comic strip, not that anyone would notice or care for that matter.
  • Put on a Bus: Went to go for his soccer practice and was never seen again.
  • Satellite Love Interest: He is this to Larissa. Until she started dating Landon.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Appeared in a total of 3 strips before disappearing from the face of the earth.

Woodland Creatures

Woo's friend, a fox who lives in the woods.

Woo's squirrel friend. Has to occasionally avoid being eaten by Shadow and Woo.

Woo's girlfriend.

A raccoon celebrity famous for being able to climb higher than any other raccoon.

A self-described "Level 5 predator", a squirrel that hunts predatory animals such as wolves and bears.

    Sirius, Canopus, Arcturus, and Vega 
Woo and Lily's kits.

Gods and Deities


    Animal Deities 


The Raccoon God. She's rather close to Woo and Lily.


Supposedly the God of Coyotes... although considering what he is in the other comic, it's not entirely certain.


The Squirrel God.


The Rabbit God.


The Fox God.


The Wolf God.


The God of... Eagles? Birds of prey in general? Birds in general? Dinosaurs in general? It's not outright stated what his role is.

    Human Gods 

Thomas J. God

The Human God.

The Devil

Thomas' main enemy.


The God of Valhalla.

John J. God

The new God of Humanity.
  • God Job: Seeoahtlahmakaskay offers him the job after Thomas is killed by Odin.
  • Hope Spot: With him replacing Thomas, Seeoahtlahmakaskay believes that humanity's woes are finally (mostly) over, and starts saying it. Only for John to make clear that the power went to his head.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: The next time we see him after his debut, he ends up killed by Fortuna.


Goddess of fate and Satan's little sister. For the love of God, don't make her cry.
  • Berserk Button: Messing with her fate alteration engine will get you eaten by the Cthulhu-like spider monster that comes out of her mouth. In a twist, she doesn't get mad when it's pressed, she just starts crying.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: She seems like a sweet lady...until you make her cry, as John learned the hard way.
  • The Dreaded: When Satan realizes that John made her cry, he starts panicking.


    Roger Brown, Tommy and Lloyd Parker 
Three characters who appeared in the "Under A Killer Balloon: The Serial Killer" arc.


  • We Hardly Knew Ye: All three plunge to their deaths in an active volcano towards the end of the arc.

Roger Brown


  • Halfway Plot Switch: The "Serial Killer" arc was formerly about Sandy South (Sandra North's detective alter ego) comforting whoever changed the formula of her favorite cereal. Tommy's entrance threw all that out the window in favor of an action-packed adventure involving him sacrificing virgins to Huitzilopochtli, the Aztec god of war.
  • "Here's Johnny!" Homage: How he introduces himself in the comic, complete with brandishing an axe and saying "Here's Tommy!"

Lloyd Parker

    Dorothy Cambridge 
A "moral police" member who becomes the biology teacher in Sandra's school.
  • Expy: To Dolores Umbridge, naturally.
  • Does Not Like Men: Cloud describes her as a man-hater while talking with his mother.
  • Henpecked Husband: Variation. Her husband is supportive to her hardcore feminism and he seems to have no problem with her being the one wearing the pants in the relationship. He even asks her if he can make her a sandwich.
  • Killed Off for Real: May be the case, though she just disappeared with a "Puff". After getting on Ye Thuza's bad side.
  • Straw Feminist: In her introduction, she takes over from the former biology teacher (who's dragged off the classroom by two female masked thugs) for teaching that there are statistically more smart men than women (he was in the middle of explaining that men have a higher statistical variance in intelligence and was interrupted before he could say that this means there are more stupid men than women as well); she then proceeds to permanently close all men's bathrooms in the school under the justification that it's where boys expose their genitals mere feet away from girls (technically true if you don't care about the wall separating the two bathrooms), straight-up call females the "better sex", give higher marks to girls than boys for correct answers on multiple-choice tests, and force the boys to wear skirts as uniforms, all while preaching about gender equality with actions that clearly favor the girls. In her last appearance, she goes as far as to state that gender equality can only be achieved by castrating all men and drilling a hole into them.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: She just disappeared after going into a room. Puff. She has never been mentioned or acknowledged since then.

    Melody Crawford 
One of Richard North's new coworkers, and head of the graphics programming department. She and Richard seem to disagree on just about everything, particularly when it comes to the esoterica of computer science.

    Hitomi Sato 
A young woman working at a maid cafe that Richard hits it off with during a business trip to Japan.