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There's more to this strip than meets the eye.

The first thing that strikes me as odd is that the recipient of the award in Sandra's dream is MRS. North. You'd think that this is Sandra dreaming of herself when she gets older, but why would she be called MRS. North?

This is because it's not just a dream to serve as the punchline to a joke. That was actually one of Sandra's memories of her mother before the latter passed away, hence why she wanted to make a name for herself in the field of math, and why the mere act of her not remembering a formula is depressing her so much (look at her face, it's not just disappointed, it's on the verge of tears.)

  • The strip was published before a woman won the Fields Medal for the first time in real life, and Sandra herself points out that one hasn't done so yet. If that's meant to be her mother it would probably be a "what if she had lived?" daydream combined with the admiration kids feel for their parents (especially when kids want to enter a parent's profession). That might be even sadder, since it would mean Sandra sees her mother's death as a great loss for the math community and not just her own family.
  • Jossed: the writer's comments here indicate that it's this way because of a combination of lack of consideration, the need for clarity, and possibly differing conventions.

This is not Cloud using profanity.
Instead, he's so frustrated that he can't form words at the moment, and is just grunting and screaming.
  • Or he tried to curse in Burmese, but due to knowing the language not well enough (he was apparently born and raised in the US), he couldn't remember words to "spicy" enough to convey his frustration.

Sandra and Woo and Calvin and Hobbes exist in the same universe.
Remember the "little raccoon" storyline which was one of the most tear-jerking moments in Calvin and Hobbes?

Well, the raccoon didn't die. Instead, he crawled away after seeing what Calvin was capable of. Or maybe he was just afraid that Hobbes would have him for a snack. Calvin's dad, who couldn't quite admit this to him, made up the story of his death. (Note that we never actually see the raccoon, either alive or dead, in Watterson's artwork.)

In the meantime, the raccoon was found by Mr. Farley, who caged him and generally treated him badly, until he grew old and wise enough to pick the lock of his cage, and escape into the city. Sandra found him (strip 1), took him home (strip 2), and that's where Sandra and Woo began.

The trouble with this one is that it's not that wild.

The raccoon goddess is attempting selective breeding.
That's why she was suggesting Butterfly settle down and have kids; the goddess wants Butterfly's superior-climbing genes passed on to the next generation. Which means eventually we'll see the goddess nudge a raccoon she deems "inferior" into harm's way.

Larisa Korolev is Natalia Vasylchenko on a deep cover mission
Since the new enemy, a similarly immortal (resp. unaging) ruler of an ancient civilization appeared to be based in the US, Natalia and two Russian (or Ukrainian Russian-speaking) Zvezda operatives posing as her parents (since her parents were revealed to be in cahoots with the "Smokers" organization behind Governor Kyoushirou Jimon) were sent on a deep-cover mission to the US to find and gather intelligence on the enemy. Natalia could easily pose as an Russian, since she and her parents were part of the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine and Russian is basically her mother tongue.
  • Her nasal spray doesn't contain a mecial drug, but Udo to maintain her superpowers. She has a distinct suspicion, that something is not quite normal with Woo, but won't discover it until later.

The real reason Landon's mum wanted Larisa to be burned at a stake
Since she was screaming not only loudly, but incoherently, the Catholic church official she phoned misunderstood her for wanting Larisa being burned as a witch. In reality, she wanted her to be burned because of heresy, since she thinks, that Larisa, as a Russian, is a member of the Russian Orthodox Church.
  • There's a little problem with this. Catholic and Orthodox Churches have been in very good termns and mutually recognise each other and their hierarchies as valid since a long time ago. I doubt Landon's mum is that much of an old hag, for her to still be holding that grudge...
    • Someone sufficiently fanatic won't be deterred by these small details.

Larisa is so eager to act mature because of her Wolfram syndrome.
That's why she can be reckless at times. She said it herself when Sandra called her out about her laissez-faire attitude about sending nude pics of herself all over Snappic. She wants to do as much as she can before she meets her certain early demise.

It might also be why she's so...forward with Landon. She probably wants to have a child, and may be willing to risk having one early.

Larisa will be somehow cured of Wolfram Syndrome.
This probably wouldn't be here...If this webcomic didn't have multiple deities shown on-screen, with two extremely powerful beings even appearing right in front of the characters. The paranormal is, obviously enough, present. With all these magical beings, it's unlikely that nobody at all can do anything...Right?

Then again, it could just be me being hopeful.

  • Hope an Incubator like Kyubey won't use her situation to get her to make a contract.

The world of Sandra and Woo moves on without us.
What I mean by that is...What if things happen in Sandra and Woo - important things - are left off-camera? The evidence for this theory, however, does assume that the comic about Pandering to the Base is canon.

I apologize for any ahead misnaming, I may have mixed up Zoey and Michelle.

When we first realize Zoey's sexuality, Michelle is appalled. Next time we see them, in the strip about pandering to the fans, Michelle gives her a peck on the cheek. Assuming this is a part of canon, and not just a one-off joke, we have to assume that happened somehow, right? Perhaps there WAS some big storyline revolving around this...But it was off-camera while we were focusing on whatever storyline was happening in the meantime, and we never learned about it until now.

We never received any word that it was non-canon, and it didn't directly break the fourth wall like non-canon works. So, on the terms of if that strip was canon, it depends entirely on your opinion on the matter.

Of course, this has never happened to the main characters because they're, well, the main characters.

Luna will solve the situation in the "Divine Comedy" arc by using the Plot Device
Back when she helped renovating Luna's house, Larisa gave her an unknown object she described as a plot device that "when all hope seems lost, Luna will show up and save the day by putting it to use. Deus ex Machina." Considering that, as of this writing, the angels are dangerously close to kill Sandra, and that even if Larisa foils them she will have sold her soul to the Devil...

How Larissa will be saved from Wolfram Syndrome
After her literal Deal with the Devil, she's slowly gaining the powers of a succubus such as brainwashing, psychological manipulation and so on. Some day in the future, the illness she's suffering from, Wolfram Syndrome, will get severe enough that she has to ask the devil for an Emergency Transformation into a full-fledged succubus to save herself (succubi have a Healing Factor here).

Sandra already knew about Larisa's Wolfram syndrome
She seems more sympathetic than surprised when Larisa talks about it, and Larisa doesn't seem like the type to keep something as big as a terminal illness a secret from her friends.

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