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Pretty well every major character (and some minor ones) in Errant Story has had at least one CMOA in the near-ten-year life of the comic, and some have several.

  • Sarine just about has this trope as her hat, but this one, if you know the story, is pretty hard to top.
  • The bad guys get their chances for awesome moments too, for example here, where Anita faces down and pacifies an insane god in the flesh.
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  • Meji gets a pretty good CMOA, as she passes her final exam (or would if Professor Yukiri wasn't such a hardass).
  • Sarine: "I would say I'd be willing to even kill my own best friend if I thought it would do something to save lives... but I already killed her... last week."
  • Even Misa, who's protected by her fellow elves from ever possibly having a CMOA (although she doesn't exactly see it that way), gets her opportunity (which also qualifies as another Sarine CMOA) during the final fight with Ian.
  • "Bang." Cue two superpowered faeries flying out of Jon's sleeve.
  • "DISPEL!" *blam* Teamwork at its finest, ladies and gentletropers.

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