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Jon: "Ah... 'Do not interrupt the rest of female mages, for they are cramping and quick to cause explosions'?"
Meji: "Hmph. Typical. A girl casts one perfectly justified Fireball and the guys all say Oh, it must be PMS."
Jon: "Well, here I am. I just managed to single-handedly beat one of the 'unstoppable killing machines' that has had the Gewehr all pissing our pants... and yet if I ever try to brag about it, someone will just respond with a wise-ass comment like, 'Yeah, but all you really did was beat up your little sister.'"
Sarine: "...Jon, perhaps it's the blood loss, but I'm seriously trying to remember why I thought it was so important to get your help to find Meji."
Sarine: "So the same people who train the law enforcement also train the criminals... what an efficient system."
Ellis: "When you say these things, do even you sometimes have trouble telling whether you're being sarcastic or not?"


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