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  • It only takes around 40 "screens" before the first CMOA happens, and then it only goes up from there Ace Dick literally plays the game of LIFE with death, and becomes a Punisher Rip-off in game
  • Triple Truffle Shuffle. 'Nuff said. (Hit "Next" a few times.)
  • Nervous Broad gets one during the fight with Madame Murel when she finishes her combination Comb Rave with Hysterical Dame (started here) by setting her knife on fire and throwing it between the madame's eyes. Damn.
  • Aw, to hell with it. The entirety of Chapter 22 (Which, incidentally, is called "Sepulchritude") is made of sheer awesome and epic. Check it out here with extra Ominous Latin Chanting thrown in for good measure.

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