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First Journey:

    Volume 1: Agatha Heterodyne and the Beetleburg Clank 

  • We should have realized this earlier, as even in his first fight, Gil not only protects Agatha but saves the goldfish too.


    Volume 2: Agatha Heterodyne and the Airship City 

  • The Castle's introduction. It's so big she can't even fit on one elegantly-crafted link: Bow > Stern. Latest news is that's one kilometer of Awesome.
  • General Khrizhan stopping the flyer with one hand.
  • This. Even though he's pissed as hell and going to punish them, one of the first things the Baron says to the errant students is "Are you all right?!"

    Volume 3: Agatha Heterodyne and the Monster Engine 

  • The Dreen were in the fight with the Slaver Wasps aboard Castle Wulfenbach. In the graphical version, they aren't particularly impressive, but in the novel:
    Deep within the enemies' midst moved the Dreen, two unearthly, terrifying creatures garbed in dark, wide-brimmed conical hats and long, obscuring veils. They killed with but a touch, and they alone seemed to scare the Slaver wasps. Everywhere they drifted, a circle of emptiness opened around them as wasps desperately tried to escape.
    • Even in the graphical version, with only had one panel with which to portray them (and one prior panel showing an additional set of other warriors to compare them to), they're the only ones on the Baron's side that are completely unharmed while remaining on the offense.
  • Gil holds off the Slaver Wasps while imploring Agatha to build something, prompting a Let's Get Dangerous! moment from her.
  • An understated moment at the end of volume 3: Agatha's quiet determination as she and Krosp ride off into the sunset on a panoramic double splash page.
    Agatha: All right then. Let's go cause some trouble.

    Volume 4: Agatha Heterodyne and the Circus Of Dreams 

    Volume 5: Agatha Heterodyne and the Clockwork Princess 

    Volume 6: Agatha Heterodyne and the Golden Trilobite 


    Volume 7: Agatha Heterodyne and the Voice of the Castle 

  • "Let me tell you about Airman Higgs.".
  • Agatha makes coffee. Coffee so good that it stuns a Jager with its incredible taste after she splashes him in the face with it.
  • Sun put the fear of Sun into the gleefully psychotic Bangladesh Dupree.
    Dr. Sun: In the future, please refrain from damaging more of my staff...or else I will personally rip off your arms and feed them to you.
  • And then there's Gil with his zapping stick. OWNED.
    Gilgamesh: This is not a trick! I did not get lucky! I am Gilgamesh Wulfenbach- AND I AM IN CONTROL!
    • Best part is the chapter title: "Gil Deals With It."
    • Plus the fact that he wasn't even certain it would work but had the guts to go through with it anyway.
  • And he tops even that in the next few strips, where he bluffs the army into staying surrendered despite being out of ammunition.
    • The two above ones are actually considered In-Universe to be Moment of Awesome. Klaus even consider them an example of the old-fashioned definition of a Moment of Awesome from before the definition was changed - that is, the one that marks a character's biggest accomplishment.
      Klaus: "Anything - being paralyzed for life - would be an acceptable price for seeing what I have seen my son do today. Oh, yes.

    Volume 8: Agatha Heterodyne and the Chapel of Bones 

  • Gil beats up a Jagermonster who was introduced by tearing a man's arm off.
    Gil: Well, you know what? I can do 'Crazy'. I really can.
  • Agatha walking triumphant from Castle Heterodyne's Chapel, suspended on a bridge built out of pure Awesome.
  • Dr Sun has his moment right about here, wherein he casually indicates that he can easily take out the large battle-mech currently holding him in its clutches, and being piloted by the king of Europe. With his bare hands. And Baron Wulfenbach's heartfelt sigh of relief upon Dr. Sun's being diverted from this goal would suggest that Dr. Sun wasn't just boasting.
    • Let's also take a moment to appreciate something else in the battle-mech page: a critically injured, nearly immobile Baron Wulfenbach somehow manages to get a giant hospital mech, piloted by two lovely nurses, up and running. A three-way combo of awesome, badass and pimp.
  • This captain; not only does he try to warn the town of fire, like he should, but he cares much more about his crew than his pay.
  • A crowning moment for a vehicle... then again, this is Castle Wulfenbach we are talking about.
    Airman: Whoah! Captain! Clouds movin' in fast— uh, no... Wait... oh, NO.
  • Von Pinn makes an entrance.

    Volume 9: Agatha Heterodyne and the Heirs of the Storm 

  • An enraged Agatha casually zaps the rogue deathtraps throughout Castle Heterodyne. It gets to the point that the castle is begging her to tone down the power on her Death Ray. And it's already on the lowest setting.
  • Agatha utterly crushes Zola's confidence, through a combination of giant robot tiger and sheer willpower, after making a pretty scary entrance.
    Agatha: I am Agatha Heterodyne. You are in my town. In my castle. And in my way.
  • The whole scene is a kind of "World of Cardboard" Speech of Awesome from Agatha, ending with "Cross me and die." Said with a smile. Not a wicked smile, a pleasant smile. And it works.
    Agatha: ...I'm the evil madgirl with the deathray and the freakish ancestors and the town full of minions and the horde of Jaegers and the homicidal castle full of sycophantic evil geniuses and fun-sized hunter-killer monster clanks and GOODNESS KNOWS WHAT ELSE —
    Agatha: ...
    Agatha: And you know what? I CAN WORK WITH THAT!
  • If anyone besides Zeetha REALLY tries to take Gil on? WATCH OUT.
  • Agatha outmaneuvers von Pinn.
  • This comic shows us that a CMOA doesn't have to be huge or flashy or dramatic. It can be as simple as one word.
    Agatha: Are you two fighting again?
    Gil & Tarvek: No.

    Volume 10: Agatha Heterodyne and the Guardian Muse 

  • Sun wasn't boasting. It doesn't matter if you're ruler of Europe or not, when Dr Sun tells you that you need bed rest, he means it.
  • This is why Zeetha is AWESOME.
  • Return of the Higgs! Higgs takes another Level in Badass!
  • Another CMOA for Higgs is his ability to intimidate Tarvek. After seeing that jerk manipulate everybody and get away with it, it is immensely satisfying to see Tarvek lose confidence and actually fear somebody for once.
  • This comic has pretty much topped everything seen yet. Once again, Airman Higgs comes to save the day. He takes a hit from the Castle-controlled robot of mass destruction and doesn't even break his stride.
  • What's strong enough for Agatha to wrestle Lucrezia down without her locket? The thought of Lucrezia letting Gil and Tarvek die. "And that is NOT going to happen in MY castle!"
  • Violetta's specialties.
  • At the end of the Si Vales Valeo arc, Agatha ascends to a new level of awesome. Higgs tricks Agatha into drinking water from the Dyne and Otilia/Der Kestle gives her an electric shock, turning her into this. Before she suffers from Power Incontinence, she splits her new found energy into Tarvek and Gil. Otilia is so impressed by this that she finally admits that Agatha probably is a Heterodyne.
  • Who is Ol' Man Death? This guy. Looks unassuming doesn't he. Well first, he casually blocks a Jager with a breadknife. Then, we find something out about him:
    Ol' Man Death: Because I never lost a fight.
    Granddaughter: So?
    Ol' Man Death: No. Listen to me. I'm just a human. Rode with the Jagers. Never. Lost. A. Fight.
  • Von Pinn / Otilia resists Lucretia's voice and scares her away. The best thing about this is that it feels like a Heel–Face Turn until you realise the only thing that has changed is the reader's perspective. Von Pinn is as constant as any construct, she is just protecting someone we want protected this time.
  • We knew Zola had been using Obfuscating Stupidity, but did you really just sucker the Other?
  • The Baron's majordomo Boris Dolokhov beats the location of the Jagergenerals out of another Jager. This actually impresses the generals enough to hear him out.
    Dolokhov: We need to talk.
    General Khrizkhan: Gospodin Dolokhov. Hod did hyu find us, hey?
    Dolokhov: Your messenger told me.
    General Khrizkhan: Vot? He vould not-
    Dolokhov: Oh- not right away...
    [tosses unconscious Jager at their feet]
    General Khrizkhan: Whoo!
    General Zog: Oho! You haz earned the right to a talk!
    • And a few pages later, Wooster's exit. While reading this, this troper inevitably heard the James Bond theme in his head!
    • Wooster's CMOA trumping of Boris gets better on reflection—they're on one of the dozens of auxiliary airships around Castle Wulfenbach, Boris (who was on the Castle) had to beat the location out of the Jaeger messenger, and since Agatha told everyone she was going into the Castle alone, sending Krosp, Zeetha, and Wooster away, Wooster's been, as far as we know, somewhere on the ground in Mechanicsburg. And he comes in through the generals' window. How did he even get up there in the first place? Steampunk Bond.
  • Another (potential) one for Higgs. Zeetha has been stabbed by Zola, and the pink banshee is gloating that Zeetha wasn't as good as she thought she was. Higgs' response as he cradles Zeetha? Look upset, look mad as hell, and say this:
    Higgs: Yes, but I vas starting to like her.
  • Higgs gets stabbed by Zola. Response is a knee and a punch to the face. Trips Zola and gets booted for his trouble. His response to that is "Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow."
  • And despite being stabbed, beaten, and otherwise horribly injured, he's up and ready to go. It says something about how badass Higgs is when he turns "standing up and smoking a pipe" into an act of pure awesome.

    Volume 11: Agatha Heterodyne and the Hammerless Bell 


    Volume 12: Agatha Heterodyne and the Siege of Mechanicsburg 

    Volume 13: Agatha Heterodyne and the Sleeping City 

  • The Dreen showed up at the siege of Mechanicsburg:
    Jaeger General: Yeek!
    Tarvek: Dreen!
    Jaeger General: Run! Der Baron iz not foolink around anny more! Doze tings iz unschtoppable! vorse-dey's scary!
  • Agatha restores power to Castle Heterodyne.
  • Castle Heterodyne is back online. And it's going to kick. Your. ASS.
    (Zeetha and Violetta come across a scene of inexplicable carnage where a unit of Wulfenbach infantry was laying down a withering barrage of suppressing fire on them a moment ago)
    Zeetha: Oh... Wow. now that- that's- That's something I'd expect the Castle to do!
    Castle Heterodyne: HELLO, LADIES!
  • Oggie gives good romantic advice. Maxim is suitably awed.
  • THANK YOU FOR SHOPPING IN MECHANICSBURG! The Castle pulls itself back together and unleashes every single clank and construct abomination within its bowels upon the Wulfenbach onslaught. The world is reminded just why Mechanicsburg is unassailable.
  • The Baron's Badass Boast here is so awesome it makes the entire battle for the bridge of Castle Wulfenbach come to a dead halt.
    • A more subtle one on the same page. A random Wulfenbach Airman, not Higgs, proceeds to reduce a clank, made of metal, mind, to scrap with a single punch.
  • Using a knife when you need the person you're attacking alive? Not quite as useless as you might think.
  • "Curse that girl! She's improved." Why, yes, Martellus, she has.
  • Agatha placates an angry monster by doing the one thing no other spark would ever think to do.
    Krosp: Finally one of you gets it right!
  • Agatha reminds us once again just how much of a Spark she really is...
  • The triumphant return of Airman Higgs. In the same comic, the fact that "miz Zeetha" is in charge of a detachment of Jagers. They're some of the most deadly and unruly soldiers in all Europa... and Zeetha is clearly in charge of them.
  • Old Man Death's hat is so coveted among the Jaegermonsters that they had an organized list drawn up of the order of who got to fight Maxim for it. Two years later, Maxim still has that hat.
  • This strip reveals that Gil is in open war with the Other, the same entity which destroyed Castle Heterodyne in a single attack and went on to annihilate no less than forty-three Spark houses. And Gil is holding his own.
  • Gil has discovered a cure for wasp infection.
    • Unclear if this is the case. Later pages indicate he simply used Tarvek's inoculation formula on everyone on the castle.
  • A bit Fridge Logic-y, but in this strip, the construct properties of Adam and Lillith seem to have bred true in Maxina. Which means that Gil has managed to create a true new species.

Second Journey:

    Volume 1: Agatha Heterodyne and The Beast of the Rail 

    Volume 2: Agatha Heterodyne and the City of Lightning 

  • Overlapping with Moment of Funny, Agatha's smile in the last panel here, as a fragment of the Castle's personality that's essentially taken over every engine in Paris like a Trojan comes to life.
    Drusus: I say, what on earth is that?
    Agatha: That's mine!
    • The very fact that Agatha conquers Paris within an afternoon on the same day she arrives. The real kicker is that she wasn't even planning to do so. It's little wonder that, in a world already brimming with mad scientists, the Heterodynes are still held in high regard.
  • The Dreen reveal themselves to both see the future, and to be the Eldritch Abominations so scary they got one of the Old Heterodynes to stop their experiments. And Klaus managed to tame these things. Also worth noting in that regard, Dupree is afraid of them.

    Volume 3: Agatha Heterodyne and the Incorruptible Library 

  • For a long while, people thought that Violetta's claims that she's not a very good Smoke Knight were Heroic Self-Deprecation. They weren't.
  • In this page, Tarvek wakes up, and takes less than a minute to not only figure out that he was kidnapped, but to get free and turn the table on one of his kidnappers. With a fork.
    Tarvek: (about the fork) So much more versatile than a knife.
  • Crossing over with Heartwarming: Dimo reveals the reason behind the Jägers' "absence" from the Heterodyne stories: they were hated, and the Boys wanted to break from their family's reputation. When some were caught following, they were all ordered to remain in Mechanicsburg. Dimo thinks that Agatha should think about that. Here is her reply.

    Volume 4: Kings and Wizards 

  • Voltaire lays down the law very quickly by luring a lot (all?) of the Geisterdamen on the loose in Paris close together, then lifting them up and crushing them all to death with the pavement. Just in case any poor fool thought his title, Master of Paris, was hollow.
    The Master: "VOILA!"
  • With one snap of her fingers, Colette destroys all of Beausoleil's extra bodies... and makes him feel each one.

    Volume 5: Queens and Pirates 

  • Krosp arrives in London with the bear army, looking badass.
  • Tarvek, showing balls of steel, implies he's figured out what Higgs really is, and then when the latter makes veiled threats, grabs his hand and puts it to his throat, telling him to "threaten me properly." Then, in the very next strip, Higgs calls Tarvek's bluff, leaving him rather horrified when he realizes that a Jaeger General could very easily kill him right then and there, and almost does.
    Higgs: You. Sturmvoraus. Latest in a family of underhanded, devious, scheming serpents. I've known them well - generation after generation - and they have never produced anyone as dangerous as you. (Beat) Heh heh heh heh heh. Yesss, I think you will serve the lady very well indeed.

    Side Stories 


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