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First Journey:

    Volume 1: Agatha Heterodyne and the Beetleburg Clank 


    Volume 2: Agatha Heterodyne and the Airship City 

  • The falling machine.
  • Othar's debut, in which he first presumes that Agatha is the Mad Scientist's Beautiful Daughter before introducing himself.
    Othar: But I'll escape eventually. I am the hero, after all. And you are just what I need.
    Agatha: An audience?
    Othar: Ye— no!
  • Agatha's reaction to Barry first giving her the locket just sums up the worldview these people have so well. Keep in mind Agatha was five at the time...
    Barry: Now, Agatha — this is important. You must always wear this.
    Agatha: But why?
    Barry: Because... because as long as you do, your parents can...protect you.
    Agatha: Really?
    Barry: Really.
    Agatha: But how can they protect me if they're not here? That's illogical.
    Barry: Um, it'
    Agatha: Ah, you mean you'll explain it to me once I have a sufficiently advanced background education.
    Barry: Er... yes.
    • Doubles as a tear-jerker if you know what the locket does to protect her:
      Agatha: Uncle Barry—are you crying?
  • Othar's reaction here.
    Othar: No one ever takes me to parties.
    Gorb: Hokay, ve haff our own. You ken be de pinata!

    Volume 3: Agatha Heterodyne and the Monster Engine 
  • Bang, right from the moment she "introduces" herself.
    DuPree: Ta-daa! I am here!
    • This, of course, following on with the Running Gag of the Baron being interrupted in the middle of his research, and his growing exasperation with it.
  • Even better, her Establishing Character Moment on the next page makes sure that even the slowest reader knows what kind of person she is.
    DuPree: Ooooh, he asked me to help! A wise choice! Nobody knows more about torture than me!
    Baron: I believe he expected you to rescue him.
    DuPree: What- Is he stupid?
    Baron: A bit.
  • Agatha accidentally starts up a fencing clank, and is told the heart needs to be hit again to deactivate it. Her response is simple - "I don't fence."
  • On the run from Slaver Wasps, Agatha is more than a little disappointed that Gil doesn't have so much as one measly little Death Ray.
    Agatha: What kind of an Evil Overlord are you going to be, anyway?!
    Gil: Apparently a better one than I'd thought...
  • "FOUL!"
  • In a bit of Bathos, Klaus relates the devastation he came back to in the Heterodyne boys' absence - with baby Gil in a back carrier and a goofy smile on his face.

    Volume 4: Agatha Heterodyne and the Circus Of Dreams 

    Volume 5: Agatha Heterodyne and the Clockwork Princess 

    Volume 6: Agatha Heterodyne and the Golden Trilobite 


    Volume 7: Agatha Heterodyne and the Voice of the Castle 

  • "[Airman Higgs] dragged your father and Dupree ashore, where he encountered a nesting goosewhich broke his other arm."
  • Zeetha and Agatha have a good discussion on the merits of training during an arduous trek to Castle Heterodyne:
    Zeetha: Hmf. Somebody's been neglecting her training.
    Agatha: ...I so don't care.
    [next panel, with Agatha in an all-out sprint up the mountain and stars of pain emanating from her backside]
    Agatha: I CARE! I CARE!
  • Agatha's reaction to her first cup of coffee. And when she starts to slowly get down again...
    Agatha: Say, could I get another cup of coffee?
    Von Mekkans: NO!
  • Coffee shop report scene
    Vole: Dere haff been three explosions so far, sir.
    Gil: [happily] Agatha!
  • The Spark Roast coffee sequence, complete with Von Mekkan's "PERFECT SAUCER!" and "Vid a Nize Kick!".
  • "Now I vill not just keel HYU - Now I keel EFFERYVUN! ....Hey....Dot is verra gud coffee."
  • While laid up in the hospital, Klaus tells Gil that every woman with the Spark he's ever met has tried to kill him.
    Gil: Father... maybe it's you.
    Klaus: [Thinks about this.]
    Klaus: [Thinks some more.]
    Klaus: [completely honestly] ...No... no, I don't think so...
  • Dupree has her broken jaw wired shut.
    Klaus (having a boyish smile of glee): Good Heavens. I wouldn't miss this for the world!
    • The novelization takes it up a notch; Her jaw's not broken, Gil and Dr. Sun just decided to shut her up for a while. Klaus actually begins to laugh, but due to his injuries, he nearly literally busts a gut.
  • The second coffee shop report scene.
  • "Jenka, vy for iz Füst runnink away?"
  • "Invade In Front"
  • Jenka and da Boyz help Gil with the 'Mysterious Disappearance After the Battle' ending.
    Jenka: Iz dis de first time hy faced down an entire army all by hyuself vit a veapon hyu vasn't sure vos gonna vork?
    Gil: Well, yes...
    Jenka: Vell den. Dot's just hyu body bein' all surprized hyu ain't all blowed up and dead! Next time, hyu von't even blink!
    Gil: Next... I really think I have to lie down now.
    • The same scene has da Boyz reminisce about previous conquering attempts, and just how stupid it is for someone to try and conquer Mechanicsburg.
      Oggie: Hah! Remember dot "X de Destroyer" guy? Who thot dot Big "X" on de ground vos vere he should set up hiz tent?! Hee!

    Volume 8: Agatha Heterodyne and the Chapel of Bones 

    Volume 9: Agatha Heterodyne and the Heirs of the Storm 

    Volume 10: Agatha Heterodyne and the Guardian Muse 

    Volume 11: Agatha Heterodyne and the Hammerless Bell 


    Volume 12: Agatha Heterodyne and the Siege of Mechanicsburg 

    Volume 13: Agatha Heterodyne and the Sleeping City 

Second Journey:

    Volume 1: Agatha Heterodyne and the Beast of the Rail 

    Volume 2: Agatha Heterodyne and the City of Lightning 

  • Martellus' Oh, Crap! face as he realizes who the bears answer to now. Krosp's smug reaction is just icing on the cake.
    König: Say-is this human bothering you, Master?
    Krosp: Oh, no. I'm quite enjoying this.
  • The monks adhere to their vows of sanctuary quite... technically.
    Brother Vadaxxus: Oh! My goodness, Father Abbot, he just fell over!
    Abbot: Why, it was as though an invisible hand struck him down, brother!
    Brother Vadaxxus: Perhaps it was one of those legendary Smoke Knights!
    Abbot: Ah! How mysterious!
    Violetta: Yeah, we get that a lot.
  • The Beast has been reduced to its core, unable to do anything but hurl insults at his captors and desperately trying to keep train!Ulm focused on driving.
  • Agatha and company arrive in Paris, only to find out that she's rather popular already, complete with an Urban Legend Love Life.
    Agatha: "Now on sale - The Lightning Loves of Lady Heterodyne - Volume TWELVE?!"
  • A poster in the lab of a guy plotting to overthrow the Master of Paris reads: Today, Paris! Tomorrow, Paris. Don't get greedy.
    • Also that the guy thinks his ally kidnapped Agatha for a date instead of a hostage.
    • The look on Agatha's face while bound and gagged isn't so much fear or anger as it is just annoyance. "Dammit, someone kidnapped me again? This is getting old."
  • Overlapping with Moment of Awesome, Agatha's smile in the last panel here, as a fragment of the Castle's personality that's essentially taken over every engine in Paris like a Trojan comes to life.
    Drusus: I say, what on earth is that?
    Agatha: That's mine!
  • Agatha treating the mini-castle like an adorable pet.
    Agatha: Who is a clever little thing? Hmm?
    Castle Clank: Why, I believe it is I!
    Agatha: Oooh! Yes you are!
    • Which is also a callback to the wolf pack that had hunted Agatha before where their pack leader asked them who a bloodthirsty monster was and they excitedly rejoiced when he revealed it was them.
  • Higgs forces Gil to write a letter.
  • This comic, wherein Agatha uses the Castle Heterodyne fragment to force Professor Beausoleil (via his clank parts) to say whatever it wants him to. Her smug smile seals it.
    Beausoleil: For example - have I mentioned that my clank bodies are officially not city systems? And thus, the Master will never suspect that I have been surreptitiously embezzling cheese from his private larders! Muahahahaha-ha!
    [Beausoleil looks suitably stunned and embarrassed]
    Agatha: Who's a very, very clever little thing who's learned so much?!
    Castle Clank: Would you like to hear him quack like a duck?
    Agatha: Oh, my, could you?
    Beausoleil: Miss Heterodyne! How QUACK dare you - I will AWK personally see to it Quack QUACK! Quack QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK!

    Volume 3: Agatha Heterodyne and the Incorruptible Library 

    Volume 4: Kings and Wizards 

    Volume 5: Queens and Pirates 

    Volume 6: Sparks and Monsters 

    Volume 7 

    Volume 8 
  • Seffie ends up with a bunch of candy and desserts in her hair and to avoid embarrassment in front of the queen tries to pass it off as a new fashion from Paris. The reason she had candy in her hair in the first place? The sub had accelerated and she had gotten hit full on in the face with the dessert tray.
    Seffie: Am I going to have to wear food in my hair all day?!?
    Martellus: The waiters did warn us that the sub was about to launch.
  • Seffie and Agatha's reponse to Martellus criticizing the confectionary hair ornaments they are passing off as a new trend:
    Seffie: [to Agatha] Just so you know, I'm okay with you killing him now.
    Agatha: Oh, I couldn't! When he dies, I want him to understand why!
    Seffie: Well then, I do believe he will live forever.
  • Tarvek plots to embarass Gil in front of Agatha by simply letting Gil talk to her as himself. Violetta complements him on his deviousness, only for his plot to fail because Gil and Agatha simply share a Dance of Romance, instead. Tarvek is not amused.
  • Members of Queen Albia's court are very obviously trying to keep Agatha and her suitors separated, with Trelawney Thorpe keeping Gil occupied and doctor Rakethorn doing the same with Agatha. Tarvek gets cocky and suggests it will be much harder to keep him occupied, only for Albia to turn out have had a Muse up her sleeve the whole time.
    • Soon after...
    Seffie: That sounded like Tarvek squealing...
    Martellus: Probably saw a mismatched cuff button.
  • The Queen decides to have a dance with Gil and unleashes a brilliant diss on him.
    Gil: And will her majesty lead?
    Albia: Thank you, Herr Baron, but no. Given the current state of Europa, we imagine you can use the practice.
  • Afterward, Albia passes Gil's hand back to Trelawney Thorpe, causing the nearby Seffie to absolutely seethe in barely-contained rage.
  • Master Payne's circus returns, and Agatha reunites with the Countess, catching up with the troupe and making up for lost time (the last the troupe had heard was the fact that Mechanicsburg was timestopped). Agatha promises to tell them what happened afterwards — and then realizes that they've already made a a play based on her adventures (up to the Mechanicsburg arc). When the play's first performance is shown later that night, everyone but Agatha is a very unflattering caricature. The faces made by the their real counterparts are priceless, while Agatha's reaction implies that she was much better at getting into the spirit of things.
    • "Eat my death ray!" "EAT PIE!"
    • Particularly amusing is Zeetha's expression, not only because it's the most over-the-top, but because she travelled with the circus for two years before meeting Agatha, so there's no reason for them to portray her in such a manner. They also got her hair colour wrong.
  • After several pages of sneaking around at the Queen's party, Agatha reveals her plan for mischief. Unleash the Jager Horde! On the snackbar.

    Side Stories 


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