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Awesome / A Miracle of Science

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  • Benjamin and Caprice entering the Martian atmosphere on wings of FIRE! (The main characters re-entering the atmosphere of Mars...without a ship. And surviving. While using giant wings of fire to slow their descent.)
    • The best thing about the giant wings of fire? It was completely unnecessary. She only did it to impress her partner. It worked].
  • "That noise, gentlemen... is the sound of CONQUEST!" (Link contains a big spoiler.)
  • Don't ever piss off Martian tech. Just don't.
    • For the record, that is basically a metal detector.
    • Actually a Martian detector. Built by Martians.
  • The entire hidden the Martain fleet showing up literally on Haas' front door when Mars beleives Caprice has been killed.
    "We just received a navigational hazard alert for Deimos."
    "Ok, no problem, we can handle it. Has this ship changed the orbit of an asteroid or did it do something even dumber?"
    "It's not a ship called Deimos, it's the moon Deimos."
    • Even better? It was previously established that Mars had signed a treaty preventing them from deploying military force beyond the orbit of Deimos. Nothing was ever said about simply moving the orbit of Deimos to another planet.
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  • Benjamin's You Can Barely Stand moment during the final confrontation with Virgil Haas.
  • Also, the finale: due to his wounds, Benjamin barely has the strength to stand, but gets up anyway just so he can fulfill the Chase Scene requirement of the memetic track. In other words: the Big Bad's been beaten, he's surrounded, but he's at the point of his mad science mental illness where he needs a Chase Scene to properly play it out. Without one, he'll probably go permanently insane or at least be harder to treat — if he doesn't decide to go out in a blaze of glory. So Benjamin risked permanent injury or death just to save the guy who's been trying to kill him. And does so in an incredibly badass manner, natch.
  • The comic ends with Caprice recalling what for her is, In-Universe, as much of an awesome moment as it's for the readers.
    Caprice: Courage is getting up and walking across the room when you're horribly injured, so that a mad scientist can reach his denouement without more bloodshed.

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