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  • #260: The Captive Princess
  • Mr Game & Watch ambushing Snake in this comic.
  • Strip 200. Not so much a crowning moment in the comic, as for the author, who, as it turns out, is both an excellent singer, and has a stupendously awesomely helpful family.
    • Which shouldn't be much of a surprise when you consider he was originally cast as Phoenix Wright in the fanmade Turnabout Musical.
  • Look no further than A Mushroom Kingdom Carol, Part 7.
    Mario: You got it... Junior.
    • The opening to Part 8 also qualifies:
    Bowser: YOU... I can't believe you're back! But where's my son?
    Mario: ...(drops axe with a clang)
    • The Yoshis transporting elderly Mario in much the same way they did Baby Mario in Yoshi's Island. One of the most awesome Call-Back s ever.
  • The students of the Cocoon Academy Vs. Dark Matter.
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  • "Weh. You call this madness? Step Aside. Waluigi Time."
  • After a long hiatus due to a debilitating disease and several weeks in the hospital, the comic returned with a bang with the History of Nintendo, a funny Filk Song about... Nintendo's surprisingly lengthy history. It's a great way to restart the comic.
  • Kirby's breaking point.
  • Believe it or not, they gave Slippy of Star Fox one, where he first failed at Battle Toads, before leaving sad while dodging meteors that qualify as Bullet Hell! See for yourself.
    • Keep in mind that the those meteors constituted the most difficult challenge in the actual Battletoads game. And Slippy tears through it without even looking!
  • Luigi's Holiday Vacation is one for the titular plumber. Not only is his Butt-Monkey status defied; he manages to be the hero, get the recognition he deserves for it, and all without any unforeseen side-effects for him. Link on the other hand...
    • To give you an idea, he just steamrolls the game, jumping on enemies along the way. The final battle with Ganon? Used a Starman, ended it in a few seconds. It also helps that Luigi grew a beard.
  • One for the fandom: A member of the Brawl in the Family forums somehow got Charles Martinet, the voice behind Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi, to say "Too bad, Waluigi time" on camera!
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  • It's shown in this comic that King Dedede caught a frickin' RAYQUAZA! Even more awesome is how nonchalantly he acts about it.
    King Dedede: Go get 'im Rayquaza.
  • Even more for the fans; on 11/13/2013, very early after it was made, the kickstarter for Tadpole Treble — the game planned by the creator of the comic — climbed over the halfway mark to $30,000!
    • The goal for the PC and mobile versions was reached on December 7, 2013, with enough funding to also make a Wii U version, ultimately releasing on May 6, 2016.
  • Luigi ends Waluigi time after Waluigi and Wario go too far, by going not after the comic, but the games themselves by turning Waluigi into an assist trophy.
  • Everyone does their Brawl intro poses, giving the comic an approaching sense of finality.
  • The final comic. All of it.
  • One Final Song.
  • Over the course of the entire series and the books, Adeleine only uses her ability to make her paintings come to life five times, on four separate occasions. In the first, second, and last events, she attempts to help, with varying degrees of success note , but the third time around, she manages to save the entire world.
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  • Did you expect it to be over? TOO BAD, WALUIGI TIME!
  • Shulk makes an eleventh hour cameo in strip 599, meaning Matt managed to give at least one on-screen appearance for every playable character in Smash 3DS/Wii U (before DLC) in the comic's lifetime.