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A cute Affectionate Parody starring Nintendo characters like Brawl in the Family surely amassed more than a few Heartwarming Moments.
  • King Dedede defeats Meta Knight because he is the only one allowed to defeat Kirby. Kirby hugs him anyway. Awwww.
  • Dragoon. Silly but cute.
  • This comic.
  • A Slime draws near!
  • Ode to Minions. Especially when it's revealed it's Bowser singing. He does care for them after all...
  • Fledgling. Aaaawww.
  • 187 - Exercise. Heartwarming and topical. But mostly heartwarming.
  • The happiest day of Eario's life.
    Waluigi: So, you got kicked out too...? Well, here's a family reunion where you're welcome... Dad.
  • Matt's comments for The "Good Dog" strip. He's actually sympathetic to the Duck Hunt dog and puts in a kind word for him.
  • "Aisle of U," "Awwww, I love you too, buddy." (Also a Funny Moment.)
  • "I think I'll call him... Kracko."
  • A Quality Game. Basically, while Kirby is playing Brawl, Dedede is criticizing the game on a cynical level, but then joins in playing with Kirby after six simple words: "I can make Mario fight Sonic!" It was rather touching to see that, although Dedede is rather jaded about the game, he can still take in the simple pleasures of gaming.
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  • The end of Dedede's Grinch parody / homage.
  • Table Etiquette.
  • The comic telling the story of the first Mario game from the perspective of Peach. She manages to break herself out, sees Mario storming the castle, and breaks back in to see what's he's doing. She sees Mario beat Bowser, then go up to her and say "Princess! I have-a traveled across the land to-a save you!" Peach, seeing that Mario has gone through hell and back to save her, kisses him on the nose and utters, "My hero."
  • There's just something so adorable about the comic Warp Star.
  • The description of Ban:
    Matthew: On that note, Kirby’s fear of Meta Knight hasn’t been touched on in awhile, but I also like to think that him being responsible for the banning is also because he’s looking out for his pal, Dedede.
  • "Guys, wake up! I think Santa Claus gave me his coat last night!"
  • In a meta example, the amount of "get well soon" messages Matthew's gotten since revealing his condition shows just how much the fans care about him.
  • The 400th comic is a song that goes over Nintendo, all the way from the beginning (before they even did games), and mentioned all sorts of more obscure games in addition to the more known ones.
    • Another mention goes to the credits, which has a side note under Sarah Williams as "(Sarah Taranto in 2.5 months!)"
  • The Alt Text for Comic 416, a strip celebrating Matthew's marriage.
    They say in entertainment, it's important to "know your audience". With most comics, I aim to entertain as many people as possible; with this one in particular, though, only one person's opinion matters.
    • Not to say that the comic itself was heartwarming for Kirby and Dedede, who are actually more "pal-like" than usually. It really is just a great comic overall.
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    • Surprisingly, one of the most heartwarming parts of this strip is the punchline; while Kirby and Dedede are worried Matt has moved on from video games, the punchline reveals that he - and his new wife - are both still awaiting the upcoming Wii U, showing that they won't be giving up video games that soon.
  • The end of the Slumber Party arc, in which Kirby and Dedede finally realize that they've had a good time, but find that they've broken Kirby's bed in the pillow fight. The solution? They force Meta Knight into a sleepover, both equally excited about it. Meta Knight... not so much.
  • Serenade.
  • This tribute to Nintendo Power. Also doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • Even though it's the follow up to a joke, Bowser's reaction to first meeting his children.
  • The resolution to the Christmas vacation arc.
  • The Secret. I choose you.
  • Opposites
  • The Squeaky Wheel. Absolutely beautiful.
  • It's a small thing, but it's really sweet when Sonic is expecting his new game to get trashed in the E3 2013 review and is told it's shaping up nicely. It's the smile that sells it.
    • In the same comic, Matt has just two words for the announcement of a certain blue bomber joining the lineup.
      YES. YES.
  • Mega Man, we believe in you. Come over here. You will always have a place among us.
  • Luigi getting accepted to the next SSB, Mario congratulating his brother on his game sales, and Daisy giving him a kiss on the cheek. It might be hindered by the fact a Spiny Shell is out to get him, but the Alt Text MORE than makes up for it. There is no purple anywhere in this comic.
    Luigi: At last, Luigi is-a number one!
  • In a weird way, Smash Voters: Captain Falcon. It's sweet that Samus would vote for Ridley, even though he's her nemesis, just to help her series get more recognition. And it's also sweet that Falcon is willing to vote for Goroh to make his girlfriend happy.
    • And five years later, Ridley's made it into Ultimate.
  • The conclusion of The Legion.
  • Ike and Marth voting for Roy. However, this backfired, since he's not the only Roy in the Nintendo universe. But then again, it ended up working out in the long run when Fire Emblem's Roy returned in 2015.
  • So do I get lonely? Yes, but not for long.
  • Much better.
  • The fan responses in the forums after Matthew's dog died.
    • Followed by Strip #550, Plumber's Best Friend. "Hi, my name's Yoshi! I think I love you..." Followed by Yoshi offering Mario comfort when he misses Peach, and helping him throughout his journey a la a Heroic Dog. Then it crosses over into Tear Jerker territory when the usual joke of Mario sacrificing Yoshi to get a second jump is turned on its head, with Yoshi throwing Mario off himself so his owner can make it to safety. The strip ends with Yoshi hatching again in a Level in the Clouds, swallowing a blue Koopa shell to gain wings, and flying off into the sun, as though ascending to heaven. A lot of the comments on the YouTube cross-post are also worthy of restoring your faith in humanity, as many, many people offered their condolences for the loss that inspired this strip, with some relating the deaths of their own pets and others being generally moved to tears.
    Dedicated to the memory of Terra Taranto... and to anyone who's ever loved a pet.
  • 566: Yoga. Samus looks nervous at the start, but then when she curls up into her morph ball form and earns the respect of the Wii Fit Trainer, her smile is just adorable.
  • Chapter 590, Matt's review of the entire series. His final verdict? Good enough to make a webcomic about it for six years over 10.
  • 594: Jigglypuff & Kirby. Even when Jigglypuff forgets Attract, Kirby still very much wants to be with her. Even the mouseover text knows the end is near, in a nice reference to Mother 3.
    Mouseover Text: The mouseover text's time is almost up, but it has a message for you: "Thank you for taking the time out to pay attention to me over the years! The mouseover text loves you!"
  • 597: Meet Me At Final Destination (3). There's a lot of sweetness regarding who calls who, but no less than six people call Kingsonnn Dededoo to make sure he's kept in the loop. This includes Waluigi, who is both notoriously chaotic and trapped in an Assist Trophy at the time.
  • Master Hand choosing Kirby as the characters' representatives.
  • Wario bringing Waluigi to Final Destination, despite the latter being imprisoned in an Assist Trophy and not being a Smasher.
    • Right before the final Brawl, Wario tells the assist trophy that "it's almost time!"
    • Waluigi even breaks free one last time, to witness the final Brawl.
  • The final comic. All of it.
    • The mouseover text for the last comic is just one word: Thanks.
    • The last spoken line in the comic is Dedede's "I'm gonna get you, Kirby"...which was also the very first line.
  • One Final Song.
    "Well, folks, I guess that's it. Time to wrap it up, but I'd like to thank you for all these years..."
    Thank you for reading Brawl in the Family.
    Your pal, Matthew Taranto.
  • Now that the brawl's ended, the family gets bigger. Surprise!
  • One Final Comic for Iwata.
  • Taranto's excitement after Aedeline and Ribbon were announced to be new Dream Friends for Star Allies.