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Nightmare Fuel / Brawl in the Family

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Despite the adorableness of Brawl in the Family, there are still some things that are deeply unsettling...
  • Wario, at least according to Kirby.
    • Even Giygas fears Waluigi.
  • "Paintings" is already creepy enough by leaving the evident horrors inside The Scream unclear, but when Mario enters, the swirling picture looks like Giygas.
  • Kirby thinks too much.
  • This is what happens when you forget to play Animal Crossing for a while...
  • Whatever this is, it's sure not Jigglypuff, and it sure is terrifying.
  • Kirby's and Jigglypuff's children are monsters.
  • Zombie Kirby is the stuff of nightmares.
    • We only see a bit of zombie Bowser but the fangs are kinda disturbing. They also show a bit of skull too. Don't try to think to much about the rest of zombie Bowser, even the concept kinda fits this trope (zombie dragon turtle if you don't get it).
    • Of course, there's zombie-everyone-else too. Luckily this is followed by intentional Nightmare Retardant: The zombies actually hunger for education and all graduate from college. But then, Kirby finishes the story with something offscreen, and the listeners are seriously squicked.
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    • And then there was Mother Brain, for Nightmare Retardant.
  • Weezing. Doubles as Nausea Fuel.
  • Link's epic Slasher Smile.
  • This Halloween comic. The sketchy art style doesn't help.
  • As with the Kirby games, Dark Matter in the Cocoon Academy arc.
  • "00000009 - Waluigi the Philosopher"
    Waluigi: "Sometimes Waluigi thinks, he thinks about the most important things in life..." "WAAAAAA"
  • This comic might deter you from jumping into leaf piles ever again.
  • Dedede's last expression on this page is both scary and disgusting (Of course, it's also hilarious).
  • This comic actually has Fridge Horror done right.
  • Link's face suddenly becoming really detailed in the third strip down here.
  • "If It Takes a Lifetime" takes the extra lives mechanic to a distressing (but ultimately inspiring) place.
    • And then comic 408 takes the fun out.
  • This Christmas musical comic. Turn the sound on and wait till the end for the creepiest thing ever said by Santa Claus.
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  • Done In-Universe in "20th Anniversary", where Dedede puts together a slide show showcasing some of the unnerving bosses Kirby's faced. He doesn't take it well.
  • A Mushroom Kingdom Carol, part 6. As if the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come wasn't freaky enough, now we have Shadow Mario donning the Black Cloak and throwing some surreal and frightening imagery in our faces.
    • Earlier on, Wario's Jacob Marley getup is a rather faithful adaptation, though with one exception; Instead of his headwrap being some kind of treatment for an infection or swelling, it's because whatever happened to him permanently dislocated his jaw. When he takes it off, he goes from his mildly repulsive but warm smile to a horrific Ghostly Gape.
  • The bottom-left panel of this. Phantoom has it rough indeed.
  • This comic seems harmless enough, and in fact includes an absolutely adorable baby Vaporeon, until you get to the Alt Text, where although Flareon (Fire) + Glaceon (Ice) = Vaporeon (Water), Flareon (Fire) + Leafeon (Grass) = something that apparently didn't work out too well for the offspring there.
  • This trio comic pokes fun at Sonic's eyes, but the first and last ones can be a bit unsettling
  • In this comic, Yoshi eats an egg he created by swallowing a Shy Guy and the Shy Guy comes out unharmed but dizzy at the other end. Silly and lighthearted so far. And then the Alt Text says "It's even worse when he eats omelettes", leading to Fridge Horror.
  • In comic 463, Ness and his team are relaxing in the hot springs when Master Belch -a sentient pile of vomit- decides to take a bath with them. Their expressions talk volumes, really.
  • The Legion:
    • The Alt Text may be a good place: "Oh Kirby, what hilarious thing have you turned yourself into this time?".
    • So, here's what happens: Kirby has become some sort of abomination, a demented blob with various parts of his friends (such as Meta Knight's mask, Mario's hat, Link's elf ear, Yoshi's egg, and so on) stuck onto him, looking all mutated. You can see the words "hday Met", presumably Kirby at Meta Knight's birthday party, where he decided to swallow them all. His line of reasoning?
    Kirby: My friends were being mean... so I made sure they'd never leave me! Now they'll ALWAYS be a part of me...!
    • Afterwards, he proceeds to consume everything because he wants more friends, going on a rampage and destroying multiple worlds, and by the end, he's a massive, unrecognizable, faceless blob. No features, no eyes, just a terrifying abomination with the faces of everyone he has devoured showing up on his body, with countless citizens added to the mix. It isn't until Adeleine paints a picture of what Kirby actually is (the cute pink puffball everyone knows him to be) and makes Kirby swallow it, that the effects are reversed and everyone who was swallowed is now safe and sound, if a bit confused at what went down, and then Kirby is back to his old self. ...For now.
    • Finally, the creator put up a warning that these panels are not suitable for younger readers. That's how disturbing this Halloween special was.
  • It is me. Mario.
  • In this deleted idea, Kapp'n creates a new song to sing on his boat so creepy and dissonant, it ultimately drives the Villager to swim back to shore. Interesting Fact 
    Kapp'n: The stars sure are lovely tonight...