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There will be a Christmas arc based on Die Hard.
The 2013 story is based off It's a Wonderful Life, moving the theme from classic Christmas literature and music to classic Christmas movies. And we all know what the best Christmas movie was...
  • Jossed. Sadly, the 2013 story will be the last Christmas special for the comic.

Meta Knight in It's a Plunderful Life
Is actually Nightmare. If it weren't for Dedede keeping the Star Rod away from Nightmare, Nightmare would have conquered Dream Land before Kirby could do anything to stop him.
  • Well, this one was certainly jossed.

Someone will create a Spiritual Successor to this webcomic
And it will be called Super Smashers' Place.

The last Brawl in the Family strip will be published on October 3, 2014.
With the announcement on July 25 that the comic is ending in "a couple more months", October is "a couple more months" later. Moreover, October 3 is the North American and European release date for Super Smash Bros. 3DS. Considering that Brawl in the Family started in June 2008, shortly after the release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the release of the new Smash Bros. game seems like the perfect time to end the comic named after the previous Smash Bros. game.
  • If Matthew keeps his normal schedule, with no skipped comics, October 3rd will be the exact date comic #600 will fall on. Though that's a probably a coincidence, it certainly helps the theory.
  • Confirmed.

The final arc in "Brawl in the Family" will involve all the characters getting ready for Super Smash Bros 4.
Considering that the game is already going to be released in Japan on September 13th (With people actually getting their hands on the game a couple days before then), Matthew might be able to gather enough info on Smash 4 to use in his comic's last arc.
  • Jossed.

The odd shifting art style in the final arc is meant to be a metaphor for Matt's fear of the comic's quality deteriorating.
You can't question this; the person who even came up with this loves Osamu Sato and his surreal works.
  • Somewhat Jossed. He did end the comic to make sure it wouldn't get stale over time, but the constant Art Shifts are meant to represent other fans creating their takes on the characters.

In the final arc, Crazy Hand represents Matthew himself.
A few reasons:
  • The title of the final arc is "Meet Me at Final Destination", and the brawlers all meet Crazy Hand at Final Destination. Could be the author using the title to break the fourth wall a bit.
  • Crazy Hand points to Kirby and says "You. You've always been one of my favorites." It's common knowledge that Kirby is among Matthew's favourite characters, if not his absolute favourite. And while it could be construed as Crazy Hand mistaking Kirby for Meta Knight back when he was Pinky, you must remember that he was there when Pinky/Meta Knight discovered he had been transformed, and so he should know that Kirby is not that person.
  • Crazy Hand is clearly the only one who knows what's going on, and Kirby mentions that "It feels like our world is breaking apart", likely a metaphor for the comic soon ending.
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  • And, of course, the obvious fact that Crazy Hand is portrayed as practically a godlike being, and... well, Matthew created the comic, so yeah.
  • Confirmed! Though the Hand is always referred to as Master Hand due to Matt being a lefty.

The last comic will be the very first comic fully redrawn with Matthew's new improved skills.
Everyone else is having one last brawl in the background but the main focus is on Dedede and Kirby. Dedede says his line with a wry smile and Kirby does the same. Might as well go out the way you came in.
  • Not quite, but something similar did happen in Comic #599, in which the last sentence of spoken dialogue (just before everyone begins one last brawl) is King Dedede saying his line from the first comic. #600 also opens with the first comic and ends with one last shot of Kirby and King Dedede, which does fit the theme of this WMG.

Snake was wingmanning for Captain Falcon in "Snake in the Grass".

All endings of "Sun's Song" are canon.
First, after Link plays the "Song Of Making 17 Suns And 13 Moons Disappear", Mr. Sun tells his 16 fellow suns that that this is the best family reunion ever, not knowing (or caring) about the 17 random suns that disappeared throughout the galaxy. Then, Sharp brings in Amaterasu to take care of the problem, saving the day by drawing the moon and cancelling out the other celestial bodies. However, by then, the heat of 17 suns has already caused much destruction and has left Hyrule in fire and ruin, which is why Navi recommends that Link return the Master Sword to its pedestal and thus undo the Adult Timeline.

"Snake in the Grass" Snake was the Metal Gear Awesome Snake.
Snake's depiction in the "Snake in the Grass" arc met some contention among Metal Gear fans due to being a very Out of Character portrayal of Snake. However, wouldn't this be perfectly in-character for the jerkass potty-mouthed "OH MY GOD HOTNESS I WANNA BANG YOU" Snake of the Metal Gear Awesome canon? Admit it; you are now reading "Snake in the Grass" in Egoraptor's voice.
The Villager was possessed by the Morpho Butterfly.
In "Political Strife", in the last panel, the Animal Crossing Villager was seen chasing a butterfly. A few hours after the comic was posted, the 3DS and Wii U versions of Super Smash Bros. were announced, and a newcomer was revealed to be the Villager. Since then, internet media portrayed him as a malicious killer due to this adorable kid being in this all-out brawl almost never changing his creepy, happy expression. Fast-forward to Kirby Star Allies, where the last boss of Guest Star mode starts off with Galacta Knight, but before the battle can start, a butterfly flies in, sucks him in, takes his form and merges it with it's own form, creating Morpho Knight. It seems that the Morpho Butterfly would possess anyone it merges with... so did it possess the Villager right after the events of comic 494???
Matt will create a special comic if Waluigi is confirmed playable in Smash Ultimate.
And it will involve Waluigi undergoing Art Evolution to make him look normal.