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Creator / Osamu Sato

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The face of probable insanity.

Osamu Sato (born April 14, 1960) is... a very strange creator. Specializing in both video games and music, he is well known for his experimental as hell music (most of which can range from a mere 15-30 second loop to 10 whole minutes) and his surreal games which are key targets for Nightmare Fuel and Surreal Horror.

What doesn't help the insanity proposed by Osamu Sato is how much people do not know about him. Many people have speculating things due to many of his works, like he had died at one point (which is false, he has an Instagram which is still updated fairly commonly) or something else. Many people do not know about him at all, making it hard to find concrete evidence about him.

He is most well known for his video game creations, though. To the rate many people only know of him through some of his games, to be exact. However, some games haven't even been located yet and have gone missing, requiring fans to Keep Circulating the Tapes.


List of works created by Osamu Sato

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    Video Games 

  • Objectless (1983)
  • Transmigration (1994)
  • Equal (1996)
  • Linen Sampler (1997)
  • LSD and Remixes (1998)
  • Lucy in the Sky With Dynamites (1998)
  • Objectless (2017)
  • All Things Must Be Equal
    • All Things Must Be Equal: TYO Edition (2017)
    • All Things Must Be Equal: BLN Edition (2018)
    • All Things Must Be Equal: 808 Mono Edition (2018)
  • Mono (2017)
  • Grateful In All Things (2020)
  • Transformed Collection (2020)


List of tropes almost always seen in Sato's works