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[S] Astound.

You suddenly do the awesome thing.

Unmarked spoilers ahead!

For moments from The Homestuck Epilogues, go here.
Let's just say that:
  • Any time you see "[S]" next to an entry, it's a pretty safe bet to say you're in for something great.
  • Any time you see a de-chibified picture of one of the kids, you know you're in for something great. It's called "Hero Mode" for a reason.
  • Any time you see "Ascend" or "Enter" in the title, you know you're in for something great. Not necessarily happy, but great.
  • Any combination of the above, you know you're in for something awesome.
  • Pick an EOA, any EOA.
  • It also stands to reason that whenever Andrew takes a break from updating 7 pages a day without posting why, you can bet that something amazing is going to happen in about a week.
    • Although he very rarely does take days off, usually after an animation where he's been pulling allnighters to get it done.
  • The existence of Homestuck in the first place. A comic that stretches the boundaries of what it means to be a webcomic, with a 20+ album soundtrack, dovetailing into an inevitable epilogue game that raised upwards of 2 million dollars on Kickstarter.

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    Act 1 and Act 2 
    Act 3 
    Act 4 
  • Grampa gets one when he saves John and reveals he's not so dead after all. BLAM.
  • Rose v. Lime Ogre. STRIFE!
  • And now Dave is getting back in on the action. Appeared out of NOWHERE with a major level in badass and has already hit his fifth gate. For the record, John has only progressed past his first with Sequence Breaking. Of course, it becomes slightly less awesome when you realize this is like four months in his future. And it's a Bad Future.
    • Which is, in turn, slightly alleviated by the fact that he can now exploit Time Travel so effectively that he can appear in three places at once. And he kills a Ruby Giclops in what we can only presume is ONE SWING.
    • Don't forget where he goes back in time to help himself andcreate the Davesprite, which is EPICNESS ON A STICK.
      • Basically, the right way to understand all of the above is that it isn't a CMOA for Dave that is somehow diminished by the mentioned extenuating circumstances. It's a completely legitimate CMOA and a badass origin story for Davesprite.
  • The big 4/13/10 update has definitely lived up to reader expectations: Jack Noir, having had enough of the stupid costumes that were forced on him, uses Jade's gift to John to tear the Black Queen to pieces, then takes her ring for himself. Meanwhile, Dad, Mom and Bro attack three of the largest and most powerful enemies yet encountered, and flatten them effortlessly.
    • And that's not even the update originally planned for 4/13.
    • Back on the subject of Mom, Dad and Bro, this is a real crowner for all of them, plus Bec; Mom beating down a giant ogre (presumably twenty times bigger than her), Dad punching a monster's lights out, Bro cutting a kraken-like monster to ribbons and Bec implicitly watching over not only Jade but all four kids at once. And it's implied that they're performing all of this awesomeness for the sake of their kids.
  • Go Jade!
  • [S] WV?: Rise up.
    • Seriously, if you need a non-spoilery scene to prove to a potential reader how good Hussie can make his big scenes, this is it. By the time it makes sense they'll have forgotten it, but they won't be able to deny it looks cool as hell.
  • Andrew himself gets one for the 5/19 update wherein many babies are created. To clarify, he moved the day of the update and still got it up. And it was so amazing that within 20 minutes the host server began CRASHING. In 20 MINUTES. FOR A NON-FLASH UPDATE. This is also despite the fact he has upgraded his server numerous times.
    • He one upped it with the Act 5 opener. The servers crashed within FIVE. FUCKING. MINUTES. OF HIM POSTING IT.
  • [S] John: Reunite with your loving wife and daughter.
  • [S] Descend. This was the original anniversary flash and it SHOWS.
    • Some moments which stand out include Bro cutting a meteor in half and Jack slaughtering both armies on Skaia singlehandedly (literally), followed by Bro dueling him to a standstill.
    • Dream Jade diving after Dream John, slapping him awake while falling to Skaia, and eventually throwing him out of danger and dying by having a moon drop on her. Literally drop.
    • Dave ascending to his first gate.
    • Rose screws the rules and blows up her gate. Then flies off on her own.
    • Note that Bro cuts the red meteor in half...right before Dave's red EGG cracks.
  • Everything about this page for Rose, especially in conjunction with the events of [S] Descend that it put in proper context. Even aside from the Badass Boast of "No one can tell me our fate can't be repaired", there is also the sheer badassery of the way she ripped her walkthrough out of the Internet with magic and sealed it in a server in the Furthest Ring. And the casual comment immediately after that. And a sparkling magic signature that most normal people can't insert in their Gamefaqs walkthroughs.
    • And it ends up in the past, for Kanaya / grimAuxiliatrix to read. See Troll Rose above.
  • In this update, PM? demonstrates to us using the freakin' Hegemonic Brute why you should not fuck with the mail.
    • And then she calls the Sovereign Slayer to her. By all rights, anyone should be fleeing the battlefield out of pure terror, but she calls him to her. Because the delivery must be made.
  • Check.
  • Another public servant makes a sacrifice. A citizen's safety, secured. Keep in mind the Aimless Renegade has never seen John or anyone like him before, does not know who, or how important, he is. And he gives up his own SWEET RIDE to save this stranger.

    Act 5 Act 1 
  • "You take your WALKING CANE, which you use as a weapon kind of like Earth Daredevil who you've never heard of. You will use it to wallop enemies when you enter the Medium." Like this.
  • Karkat telling AG/Vriska exactly why she sucks. This came immediately after a flashback of AG crossing the Moral Event Horizon and left most of the fanbase cheering him on.
    • Immediately after he chews her out and logs off, he spontaneously logs back in, due to aG's mind-control powers. However, that very act, as well as her less-than-convincing rebuttal, only proves Karkat's point that she's nowhere near as manipulative as she thinks she is, and has to use her mind powers to get anyone to do what she wants.
  • We have been shown that Terezi is the best manipulator of the trolls, even without psychic powers, but her best moment was when she manipulated a Physical God into getting revenge on Vriska for her. Begins here.
    • Points go to Sollux as well for figuring out how to send a text message to what appears to be a magic typewriter.
    • The best part is when the calm and collected Doc Scratch flips the fuck out. Like so.
    You try to be the white text guy, but fail to be the white text guy. No one can be the white text guy except for the white text guy.
  • All the Kids and presumably the trolls spend a while getting integrated with the game. Equius takes five minutes, AND THEN FUCKING JUMPS INTO HIS GATE. WHICH IS STILL HUNDREDS OF FEET IN THE AIR! AND PUNCHES A GIANT ENEMY'S HEAD OFF!!
    • He then reaches and enters his second gate on the very next page (hell, just figuring out where it is that fast should be an accomplishment, rather less reaching it). And whereas Davesprite pointed out that John's early crossing of his second gate before Rose had time to build up would've left him a pancake if he didn't have a jetpack, Equius wasn't even fazed by the drop.
    • One more testament to his strength: His lusus is supposedly one of the physically strongest types on the planet. Said lusus bruises when Equius pats him on the head and the boy laments that he seems to be made of glass. (Cue Orcus jokes)
  • Terezi's faux court case. At the end she offers the 'criminal' the old Two-Face coin toss to determine his innocence. It comes up heads. But Terezi had no intention of following through - she can't see the coin because she's blind.
  • Despite being a major Kick the Dog moment on Vriska's part, there's something about Tavros refusing to apologize for being crippled that's actually cool. Given the fact that he's an Extreme Doormat and lacking in self-confidence, it kind of comes off as a small victory for him.
  • Kanaya presents a floating reminder that Tavros will need plenty of inclined surfaces for his ascent.
    AG: In the meantime, how a8out I serve my client player the way I think is 8est, and you can do the same for yours????????
    GA: Hmm
    GA: I Thought I Was
    • Vriska then makes it even more awesome. Instead of building ramps, she gets some rocket shoes. Tavros alchemizes a ROCKET CHAIR. His Leitmotif makes a lot more sense now.
  • Jack slicing himself...for good reasons, of course.
  • Aradia kissing Equius after ripping out the chip that made her love him.
  • Eridan's introduction is suitably awesome.
    • Well, it specifically says "Eridan: Do something awesome".
  • Sollux sacrificing himself to get Feferi into the Medium. Crosses over with Tear Jerker, Heartwarming Moments, and, well, everything else.
  • Sollux dies. But he then goes to his dreamself. But what's this? He is a special case, having two dreamselves. He then proceeds to blow up Clubs Deuce's exile ship, CENTURIES INTO THE FUTURE. BY GETTING ANGRY. He then shoots from Derse, to his Land, and that's it. Well, for now.
  • Nepeta lands a beheading x2 combo on a bicyclops prototyped ogre.
  • [S] Make her pay. For basically everyone involved.
    • Aradia and Vriska most especially. Everyone gets a nice little moment of badass, but it's mostly about Vriska either a) Mindcontrolling Terezi BY DOUBLE PROXY to stare into the sun or b) Getting the everloving shit kicked out of her BEATEN TO DEATH
      • And as a side note: the art is absolutely GORGEOUS.
    • And right after that:
      DD: Atta girl.
    • SLAP.
  • "Quit b0ssing me ar0und. I'm n0t 0kay with it...I kn0w what I'm d0ing."
  • Hey, remember that incredibly monstorous Black King we saw a few pages ago? Yeah, it turns out THEY BEAT HIM. Combining their powers, Aradia and Sollux turn the Black King's own meteors against him, and Vriska scores a lucky dice roll (16,777,216:1, actually) that finally shatters the Black King's staff. On top of all that, the Bard of Rage somehow did more to that end than anyone can account for. It's also implied that every one of the trolls had the uber end-game weapons and used them, although it's not actually shown.
  • Andrew has outright stated that every completed Sburb session creates an entire universe! Including ours!
    Act 5 Act 2 
    EOA 5 [S] Cascade 
Yes, bipches, Cascade has a folder all to itself. That's how awesome it is.
  • Highlights include Jade, Dave and Rose going Godtier, Jade shrinking planets into baubles for her to carry, and Bec Noir killing every exile but PM, who prototypes so she can face off with Jack.
  • John only appears for quite a short time, but his achievements are still remarkable. The Scratch is just about the most difficult thing to do in a session, kind of akin to an ultra hard, optional, marathon boss battle. And then you have to take into account that thanks to Bec's prototyping, some or most of the enemies are now brokenly strong. He took on every single thing the game could throw at him and won.
  • Jade has the ability to juggle planets. It should be clarified, she has shrunk down every major planet in the medium and set them in orbit around herself, effortlessly (and in sync with the music).
    • It should go on the record that she got the tiger, shrunk the planets, picked up John, and broke the Fourth Wall all within four minutes of the Green Sun blowing up and the Scratch finishing
  • How about when Bec Noir rages so hard he alters the borders of the flash?! This is the moment when the audience knows that this is going to be amazing.
  • And right after, he obliterates two Universes, as Bec and Spades Slick.
  • We also have to single out Sollux steering the entire asteroid the trolls are on to the Green Sun. While blind. And also apparentely sacrificing himself in the process.
  • Dave and Rose's ascensions have to be clarified. More specifically, what they ascended out of: The Green Sun. That's right. They ascended through about a universe of plasma. They were both smoking and distorting like a First Guardian due to all of it, but God Tier immortality doesn't give two shits about little injuries like that.
  • Jade literally broke through the fourth wall. You can't get better than that! (...This is a lot more impressive in-comic.)
  • Special mention goes to Doc Scratch, for making everyone think he was trying to help destroy the Green Sun...when in fact he was manipulating them into creating it. S u c k e r s. What's amazing is that if you look at his conversations with Rose he's still not lying (except by omission). He even fooled Hussie!
  • PM. Sweet (if survivalist) mail lady/newly crowned Monarch just watched her friends get slaughtered by Bec Noir. Instead of being terrified though, she puts on the White Queen's ring ascending to godhood to go after him. That's not the most badass part. That belongs to the fact she gave Noir his first genuine "Oh, Crap!" moment. That's right, PM terrified The Sovereign Slayer just by showing up. And while her friends were being slaughtered? She didn't try to run: She faced him, powerless but weapon ready. And suddenly a Crowning Moment of Funny in light of the most recent update when it was revealed that Bec Noir wasn't scared of PM... he fell in love with her. And, of course, PM hates his guts. Kismesis/Matesprit Double Reacharound, anybody?
  • AR continuing to blow up the stations even as Bec fucking Noir heads toward him. Dying Moment of Awesome, indeed.
  • Lord English/Doc Scratch's insanely convoluted but reality-breakingly awesome plan for his summoning. As one poster on /co/ put it: "Lord English recruited the empress to send Dave the miracles video, that video caused gamzee to go insane, and create cal, which was necessary for his summoning and the harlequin which made John make Bec Noir go insane and eventually destroy one of the universes, completing the cycle to create the green sun." HUUUUUUSSSIIIIEEEE!
  • The last image of the flash: the torn-up End-of-Act curtains in front of the broken 4th wall, in front of a giant clock contraption, in front of a raging inferno. It's easily the most metal thing to ever appear in the comic.
  • In short, let's just say that everything in this sequence was awesome.
  • An incidental CMOA for Hussie as he was completed with [S]CASCADE several days before 10/25. Why wait to release it? 10/25 is the combination of both the kids and the troll's arc numbers so he kept it back until then! Totally worth it. Not only that, but 10/25/11 is 2 years, 6 months, and 12 days after the start of Homestuck (started on 4/13/09) and 1 year, 4 months, and 13 days after Hivebent, the troll arc (started on 6/12/10). Talk about using arc numbers!
  • Just look at the length itself: 13 minutes. That's longer than a regular episode of Spongebob!
    Intermission 2 
  • Lord English's debut. He doesn't just simply waltz in when he finally arrives - no, he comes into existence by completely obliterating Doc Scratch from the inside out by growing inside him, before showing off his terrifying appearance. He caps it all off by jumping into his Cairo Overcoat. The guy knows how to make an entrance.

    Act 6 Act 1 
    Act 6 Intermission 1 
  • You see robothussie in this panel, and it is YMMV on what emotions really describe it, but it is still pretty cool!!!!!!!!
  • The first page of Act 6 Act 1 Intermision. John speaks. Made possibly more awesome by the fact this implies they had gone through all these adventures without a single sound.
    • Hussie said on his Tumblr that the kids have of course been talking to one another; it would be ridiculous for, say, Jade and Dave to be frog hunting in total silence. What the badge actually does is let them talk to each other while the audience watches.
  • When PM confronts Bec Noir, Serenity gives him a message in morse code: "You Suck".
  • Dave, Rose, Aradia and Sollux meet up with the rest at the Green Sun.
  • Kanaya is going Clown Hunting (see the previous page for context).
  • [S] END OF ACT 6 INTERMISSION 1 makes foreshadowing through a Skaian eclipse and the resulting cloud prophecies awesome. The music certainly helps.
    Act 6 Act 2 
  • [S] Roxy: Sleepwalk has Roxy's dreamself wandering through the dreambubbles of some of the deceased characters, including Equius, Nepeta, and possibly an alternate timeline Karkat who managed to reach God Tier.
  • Even though Squarewave is supposed to be a terrible rapper anyway, Dirk casually crushing him in a rap-off with only two lines is still pretty awesome.
  • The game hasn't even started yet, and Dirk's already killed one of the four agents.
  • "The Prince is awake. Your shit is wrecked."
    • And at the same time, Jake and a certain Triangle Shades-wearing robot having a decidedly one-sided strife.
    • It's later revealed that all of those Dersites surrounding him was because Dirk actually started a rebellion. By showing up.
      • Keyword being Dersites. This ain't Prospit where they worship the ground the Nobles or Heroes walk on, oh no. This is Derse, where they might give them respect and house them in towers but are seen as nothing more than opposing agents of a lost cause at best and dangers to be eliminated asap at worst. These are the kinds of carapace people Dirk inspired a rebellion in.
  • Just as Jack is about to re-kill Jane's dream self, Alpha White Queen appears out of nowhere and cold-cocks him senseless with the Royal Scepter. (Do note the twitching legs for added hilarity.)
  • GHOST PUNCH! Go Roxy!
    Act 6 Intermission 2 
    Act 6 Act 3 
  • Vriska takes a cue from Rose.
    VRISKA: We can't let (some inexplica8le forces out there) toy with us, then just sweep us under the carpet like that. I'm not going to let our relevance 8e marginalized anymore, Tavros.
  • After Dirk tells Jake the truth about The Condesce he doesn't hesitate to say that he wants to help.
    GT: I want to join the opposition!
    GT: Fuck this witch i have lots of guns and reckless bravado and i want to stop her. Ill pick up where my grandma left off!
  • Dirk's brother (Alternate Dave) killing the two Insane Clown Posse presidents on the rooftop of the White House, then flying off in the night. It's a shame they were just mere puppets in the regime.
  • Also doubling as a Call-Back to Rose's method of slaying her first Ogre, Roxy's Mother impales Guy Fieri's eyes with a pair of sewing needles and rides him down the falls.
  • Although this is a bad thing, we have the Draconian Dignitary coolly convincing the Condesce to lend extra firepower, even getting her to somehow smoke because he's that good. The Condesce's help arrived in the form of A FUCKING MECHA.
  • [S] DD: Ascend more casually.
  • Jake beating up Meenah can be this or a CMOF.
  • YMMV, but uu beating UU at chess by disguising his king and queen as each other is pretty cool. He even limits himself to playing both pieces as kings until the reveal.
    • He even actually angers her, and UU is usually chipper in her appearances.
  • That moment where Calliope looks up to the sky - into that gargantuan ball of red flame which could blow up at any second - is pretty damn awesome.
  • Under Dirk's orders, the bunny rescues Jake, then Rocket Torsoes both of them back to Jake's house.
  • Dirk saves the day. That's really all there is to say on the matter. Bonus points for having the balls to cut off his own head for his plan and high-fiving Meenah.
    • It gets so much better.
    • Dirk escaped the Miles. You're not even supposed to be able to DO that. Then again, PM did too...
    • The Alpha kids are all together, in probably less than an hour of their game starting. Let's note that the Beta kids have yet to fully meet each other.
    • Let's just have a moment to take in the fact that, while every other Cruxtruder had to be pried open by the server player with a large object, Dirk just kicked his and it opened.
    • Let's take a moment to fondly regard that fact that while Dirk was going around having his Big Damned Hero moment, he had to be rapping to use all the items in his Fetch Modus.
    • Dirk has made out with all three of his friends. "YEAH DOGG!!" is right.
    • Props to Jane for apparently having SERIOUS upper body strength to hold on for so long while the three were on the board.
      • Dad would be so proud...
  • Much of what Caliborn did in his Reveal has made him appreciable as a badass, even though one should not forget that most of what one should feel while watching ANY sequence of [S] Caliborn: Enter is sheer terror.
    • Caliborn may be a douchebag of the highest echeladder, but it takes some serious balls to bite your own leg off and then sit calmly while everything around you gets sucked into a black hole, and then you and the meteor you were on. And he smiles.
    Act 6 Intermission 3 
  • The MAIN ONE for Andrew Hussie, his Music, and Art teams is coding OpenBound using HTML5 for the first time over Flash, and succeeding with incredible results.
  • Remember when Aradia said she would slow Jack Noir down a while as the Kids and Trolls escaped on their meteor? Seeing Aradia one year later in story count as confirmation of this Offscreen Moment of Awesome. For a second time, she has been able to time stop Bec Noir and escaping his grip.
  • Meenah's reaction to witnessing Lord "Caliborn" English destroy that dream bubble full of ghosts? Putting the Band Back Together and raise a ghost army, so they can kill him with overwhelming numbers! Damn...
  • When Cronus gives poor Mituna a scathing "The Reason You Suck" Speech, Meenah arrives to more or less personally inform him that in doing so, he has killed the already astronomically low chance of her ever finding him sexually desirable and chews him out with a verbal beatdown of her own.
  • If Meenah opens the chest containing Kanaya's sewing machine, Kanaya looks at Meenah funny. Realizing she means Serious Business, Meenah places the machine back into the chest to steal later. Essentially, Kanaya stared down Meenah, and won.
  • Latula's introduction. If not mistaken, she was skating along the steeples to the left of Meenah before she arrived. Alternatively, she skateboard jumped a great distance before landing perfectly in front of Meenah. Either way, Latula introduced herself awesomely.
    • Don't forget HOW you get to be Latula: Meenah borrows her skateboard, and grinds a staircase rail to earn her respect. Radical.
  • In part 2 of the walkaround, Karkat tries to talk Terezi out of the depressive funk she sank into after meeting her ancestor. Said conversation is probably the most eloquent and mature Karkat's ever had - and gets really cathartic when he rips into his Holier Than Thou scumbag of a predecessor.
  • John meets Jack in a dream bubble.
    • Oh, and boy does he.
      • And he's learned a new trick.
      • And another point goes to John for being the first character on screen to land a definitive hit on Jack (in the alpha timeline). What's more, that one hit shears off nearly a tenth of his lifebar. 8onk indeed.
      • This just shows how far John has come. Originally, John couldn't lay a finger on Jack without getting stabbed. Now he's able to go toe to toe with the guy, even hurting him in a significant way.
  • In a dual Moment of Awesome and Heartwarming, if you try to talk to Karkat while playing as Damara in part 3 of the Meenahbound flash, Terezi says this:
    Terezi: H3Y D4MZ!
    • The same situation also occurred earlier in the game with Latula if you tried to talk to Mituna as Damara, making the scene even more Heartwarming/Awesome, considering Terezi's feelings toward her Dancestor.
    Act 6 Act 4 and Act 6 Intermission 4 
  • The brevity of Act 6 Act 4, weighing in at a whopping ONE flash on ONE page, actually lends to its awesomeness. We see that within the course of just over five months in the session, every player's seemingly become more successful, competent, and LOADED than any player before him/her, even without God Tiering and all the power it brings. Jake has alchemized golden guns, Jane has alchemized a giant fork from the White King's scepter, Roxy has alchemized a freaking PORTAL SNIPER RIFLE, and Dirk and Jake fight giant skeletons in the toxic urban wasteland of LOTAK with cool gas masks while jumping from buildings in crazy long falls. The music, the "Belly Mix" of "Even in Death", sets the tone perfectly. And the lands. THE LANDS. All of them look beautifully ominous and massive in scale. It all could have been hundreds of pages of pointless shipping drama and Sburb mythology, but Hussie instead boldly reached for unprecedented efficiency to deliver the silent spectacle that is this Flash/Act.
  • Gamzee meets Caliborn. How does he respond? By pumping his guts full of lead. Multiple times. Then beating the crap out of him with a magic crowbar. Which Gamzee gave to him.
  • Andrew Hussie has the nads to actively Troll the guy who will eventually kill him, while delivering short but effective "The Reason You Suck" Speeches.
  • Caliborn literally beats the crap out of the website, causing a whole page to fall apart and shake violently. This even causes some of the page elements to fall into the story
  • Sort of an implied Moment of Awesome for Dirk. We find out that Caliborn must face the rarest and deadliest denizen in the game, reserved for only the most skilled and dangerous warriors. Yaldabaoth. There's no doubt that Caliborn is a dangerous player but he's also partly facing Yaldabaoth as a punishment for setting up a one-player session. Dirk is dangerous enough through his own merit for the game to put him up against the most powerful denizen.
    Act 6 Act 5 Act 1 
  • Even with the overall tone of the part where Jane loses her shit, it's not hard for her to evoke cheers for her use of generous (WO)MANGRIT to flip a huge table and abscond with a 6X COMBO of pretty much every major acrobatic trick in the MSPA book.
    • In order: Lass Scamper, Youth Roll, another Lass Scamper, Acrobatic Fucking Pirouette, another Youth Roll, Nice Abscond.
  • Guess who's back!
  • Calliope tells Roxy that getting ahead involves reaching God Tier, and what exactly that entails. Guess what's Roxy's reaction? Without hesitation, she agrees to this, saying that she trusts Calliope on what she's saying and is willing to face her death.
  • Remember when the queens' rings didn't work on humans? Roxy doesn't, but she wouldn't miss those times, as wearing the Black Queen's ring helps her get in touch with her Void powers so well that she can become both invisible and intangible.
  • This is probably the most epic prototyping sequence in the whole comic.
  • Although Jane's Engagement of Trickster Mode produces a rather unsettling feeling, she manages to bring candy-based life to half of LOCAH and turn all undead minions in the path of her Sonic Rain-PCHOOOOOOOO into Zillium grist.
    Act 6 Act 5 Act 2 
  • Jane, Jake, and Roxy arrive on Dirk's planet with intentions of turning him to their overly-cheerful, sugar-coated ways, and he stands his ground not having any of this shit.
  • Dirk caves in and engages trickster mode anyway... only to remain completely unfazed.
  • YMMV but for some, it was Dirk breaking it off with Jake. After much uncertainty and a lot of Jake being...Jake, it was pretty satisfying to see Dirk telling Jake it was over.
    Dirk: You act like I don't have feelings, like I'm some kind of robot. Well you're wrong, I do. And I'm using those feelings by starting to FEEL like you're actually kind of an asshole. So whatever you were so afraid to tell me before your fucking sugar high, don't worry about it, I'll save you the trouble. It's over Jake.
  • The creation of the Warhammer of Zillyhoo. Along with its six brothers and sisters. And Dirk already has one of them, and even though it's the most unremarkable member of the Trickster weapon family for its absence of bright color and a "Zilly" name, it's called the Unbreakable Katana for a reason.
    • Not to mention it knocks all three smiles off of the other trickster mode kids. Not bad, Dirk.
  • A minor one, but after seen the Trickster!teens screwing with the Alchemizer AND being treated to an endless zoom-in on a santa nose, what does Hussie do?
    Hussie: Ok we're done here. (cue Hussie taking the narrative backwards to Act 6 Act 5 Act 1)
    • Bonus points for Hussie and Caliborn's ensuing argument.
    Act 6 Act 5 Act 1 X 2 Combo 
  • Gamzee and Caliborn initiate the Narrative X2 Combo. Made more awesome by Caliborn's aversion to teamwork, which he had to get over in order for him and Gamzee to do this.
  • With MASSIVE crossover into terrifying territory, the creation of "Jack English" is definitely one, especially in the oldest sense of the word "awesome."
    • Jack and the Condesce then kill all of the Alpha players in even more awesome fashion. Dirk's rousing speech in praise of Roxy and in defense of the Nobles' destined mission, together with the fact that the Condesce looks absolutely fabulous while making her contribution, both support this view of the otherwise dire event.
    • Of course, the event does not remain dire for long at all, as all four subsequently ascend to God Tier in a colorful inferno. The event releases so much power in the LOCAH lantern tower that it explodes and makes the planet quake.
  • Jade's back, and the first thing we see her do is show up just in time to save Jane and Jake by warping Jack English past the Furthest Ring.
    • And then the Awesome Nightmare Fuel begins again when the Condesce takes control of Jade, turns her Grimbark, uses Jade to force the tiaratop onto Jane's head, puts Jane in a Borg-like Crockerdark state, commands Jade to punch out Dirk and banish him to the Furthest Ring, uses her new servants to hold the remaining heroic "suckas" hostage,... and ends the act with a lipstick mark and a picture of her with the various accoutrements of the "thug life."
    Act 6 Intermission 5 
  • Guess who's 8ack!!!!!!!!
  • The fact that Meenah and Vriska have managed to combine forces, and Meenah's army has gone from the grand total of one person (Karkat) to an entire fleet.
  • Aranea is wearing Marquise Spinneret Mindfang's outfit.
  • The appearance and mating habits of the average adult cherub are so metal.
    • To elaborate: In their normal form, they have massive wings shaped like the Hope aspect symbol, can destroy planets, and seek out black holes in order to mate. For their mating form, THEY BECOME SNAKES THAT ARE EACH AN ASTRONOMICAL UNIT IN LENGTH, AND THEY CONCLUDE THEIR EPIC MATING BATTLES WITH A MASSIVE HATE-FILLED SEXUAL TANGLE SHAPED LIKE AURYN.
  • Yaldabaoth. An enormous snake with THE SUN FOR A HEAD which calls itself the "God of all monsters".
  • Caliborn's session is literally a massive game of billiards (unsurprisingly) that begins with the supernova-like "8r8k" of Skaia, creating a black hole and a fifteen-planet session that's reduced to 12 planets when three are trapped in the event horizon. On each planet, Caliborn conquers it and SENDS IT TO THE BLACK HOLE WITH A BOMB. He then has to fight Yaldabaoth on his true planet, which flashes with so many epilepsy-inducing colours and so much mayhem that its name can't be known at the moment (or can it?).
  • A minor one for Tavros; he finally stands up to Vriska.
    • And then he flies away while using her own old taunts against her and flipping her off with both hands. Or as one fan put it, "He is flying on the wings of the birds he is flipping at Vriska!"
    • There's something else to this. It's been noted that despite some of the ghosts having existed for millions of years, none of them have changed or grown at all. Of all the ghosts Tavros is the only one who has been shown as capable of evolving beyond what he was when he died.
    • Not forgetting that after spending his whole life (and death) fascinated by the idea of flying, he's finally done it. No wings, no magic, no robot parts - he just decided he was going to fly away and did it. If that's not awesome I'm not sure what is.
  • Vriska then gets her sweet, sweet character development, too, in the form of a Tearjerking Wreck-It Ralph-style final self-affirmation:
    VRISKA: I only ever wanted to do the right thing no matter how it made people judge me, and I don't need a magic ring to do that.
    VRISKA: You don't have to 8e alive to make yourself relevant.
    VRISKA: And you don't have to 8e a good person to 8e a hero.
    VRISKA: You just have to know who you are and stay true to that.
    VRISKA: So I'm going to keep fighting for people the only way I ever knew how.
    VRISKA: 8y 8eing me.
  • Apparently, in the short time she spent with her, Rose taught Casey some magic. Said magic apparently involves RAISING THE DEAD! Yes, ridiculously cute little Casey managed to raise the dead.
  • One has to admit, there's something hilariously awesome about Vriska going absolutely berserk on the Trolling Creator for trying to subvert The Reveal.
  • So, what exactly does the treasure that Caliborn has been concealing for sweeps allow the protagonists to do? Access any moment in the various continuities of Homestuck, complete with dozens of awesome Call-Backs - perfectly setting up the beginning of the end while pushing the work beyond the limit of what can be done. To put this another way, the secret weapon capable of destroying the monstrosity of Lord English is effectively the goddamn TARDIS. Brace yourselves, Act6 Act6 is coming...
  • Spades Slick has brought back the felt mob, under his control, with Ms. Paint filling in for Snowman. This is gonna be one hell of a climax.
  • Biscuits gets a small one for showing that his juju is actually useful for something by carrying everyone in the revised Felt Mob, and Arthour, while Spades carries said juju with him into the emergency exit.
  • John's new apparent power lets him teleport to any place or time within the vast Homestuck multiverse. This is something that even Jade can't do (as she can't hop from one universe to another). Now if only he could get it under control.
  • PM's STILL chasing Bec Noir. It has been three years and she has done nothing else. She has been battling him and barely broken a sweat while he's beginning to succumb to exhaustion. It is official; NOTHING will stop her from getting her revenge.
  • Take a good look at who put himself in between Grimbark!Jade and everyone else. That's right. WV (who was behind Kanaya and Rose in the back a few panels before) stood there, knowing full well that Jade could kill him (of course she didn't, but it's the thought that counts).
  • The fourth anniversary Flash brings us the most epic attempt to pass time ever. Oh, and most of the crew finally gets to meet face-to-face at last.

    Act 6 Act 6 
  • The second disk ends, and the third is placed in, leading the audience into the next part of the story... PSYCHE! A hiatus is put into place, with Hussie working on multiple Homestuck-related projects, including the Gaiden Game, the Act 6 Act 6 pages, and the Grand Finale animation. Meanwhile, Caliborn takes over for the time being, laughing his ass off while Trolling the audience.
  • When Homestuck returns, it starts off with a Haunting Refrain, courtesy of Caliborn... followed by thunderous applause.
  • During Homosuck, we learn that Caliborn ascended to god tier in a "TRIVIAL ACT OF SELF SUICIDE". Although it happened off screen, it's still badass that Caliborn was not the least bit afraid to die to ascend to god tier.
  • It turns out that Roxy's God Tier powers as the Rogue of Void allow her to steal the nothingness out of something. In other words, she can conjure virtually ANYTHING. Even Jade admits that her powers are almost as cool as her own.
  • Jade mentions that, even with her keen ability to smell, she can't figure out where John is. To put that into perspective, consider this: Jade has been shown to be the most powerful of the B1 Kids, and she can even be seen fleetingly punching out John in what appears to be a Curb-Stomp Battle. If John teleported away with the power that he gained at the end of the last Intermission, she could easily follow him and incapacitate him with ease. However, he is experienced enough in controlling his wind-based powers that he can use the drafts in order to throw off Jade's ability to follow his scent, to the point where she has absolutely no idea where he could be hiding. In other words, John can hide from a nigh-omnipotent Physical God. That really takes skill.
    • On a related note, Roxy manages to throw some insults at Jade, without any sign of fear. It's likely that the only reason Jade doesn't retaliate is because HIC needs Roxy.
  • Karkat delivers an epic Shut Up, Hannibal! and actually gets Kanaya to side against Jade.
    • When John shows up at the worst possible moment, Jade tackles him. However, shortly thereafter, he manages to escape again while she is holding him down.
  • Rose finally overcoming her alcoholic tendencies.
  • John uses his wind powers to clean up glitched-up reality, of all things. Never mind time and space, it's BREATH that's the best power.
    • It turns out that by sticking his hand into the juju, John became unstuck from reality. This means not only can he randomly warp throughout the narrative, he can actually change the past without causing any doomed timelines. Forget time, space, and breath. If John could control his powers, he could become a Game-Breaker.
    • Not to mention how on the ball he seems to be now. John understands what's going on better than Rose!
  • Arquiusprite has some very nice words for Davesprite (who, mind you, was last seen beating on himself like no tomorrow):
    [H]e is only the unreal version of Dave insofar as I am the unreal version of you
    By which I mean, a much improved version
  • Kanaya calling out Jane for murdering Karkat to demonstrate her powers and for the belief that Kanaya can be killed by resurrective magic. In fact, she even dares Jane to strike her down.
  • Terezi alchemizing a red scarf to tie around her eyes so that she may regain her blindness and its powers and thus succeed in CLOWN HUNT1NG.
  • After putting up with Caliborns shitty version of the story, John finally snaps and calls out Caliborn for perverting their story after he tries to make his versions of Dave and Rose kiss, because A) They are siblings and shouldn't be doing that in the first place and B) Caliborn has resorted the female leads to just blindly following the male hero around and kissing him whenever he does something brave when they all had their own adventures. Since Caliborn is supposed to represent the Fan Dumb of Homestuck who misinterprets the story, this could also serve as Hussie calling out them as well.
  • Aranea's master plan deserves props for its sheer insane ballsiness. It boils down to retconning Lord English's existence entirely and mastering her healing powers so she can heal time itself, making the "doomed" timeline un-doomed. Granted, Meenah for one doesn't think it has a chance in hell of succeeding.
    • Shortly after announcing this plan, she takes its next step by controlling the power of several Damaras across the vast gulf of paradox space to lift the battleship straight into the sky.
    • And then, she decides she needs to make use of Jake's heavily-foreshadowed Page of Hope powers, but doesn't have time to wait; so, she decides to accelerate the process by using her Sylph powers to take care of "every fault and fissure in [Jake's] mind. [Her] vision 8-fold sheds light on every injury [he] has ever suffered, whether emotional or physical." So in other words, she just decides to HEAL JAKE OF HIS INCOMPETENCE, so all of his mental blocks and emotional issues stopping him from being the complete, game-changing badass he's supposed to be will just disappear.
      • HO-LEE SHIT, does it work.
      • Jake's final, "angelic" form doesn't look all that much different, but his first words in this form, though on the borderline of Narm, are absolutely fantastic:
      • It turns out that Jake's power is so awesome that Arquiusprite's glasses crack in the process of attempting to fathom it and he thus sweats profusely with arousal.
        ARQUIUSPRITE: It's...
        ARQUIUSPRITE: It's over...
      • Not only does that "hope field" look powerful, it's also capable of No Selling Jade. Yes, that's right. Jake can No-Sell First Guardian powers.
      • Jade ends up coming up with a pretty creative solution to getting rid of Jake for the time being. She teleports Derse itself right out from under Jake and switches places with LOFAF.
      • Jade decides to fight back by summoning the full power of the Green Sun. The Hope Field overpowers that too, and the sheer force of the blast is powerful enough to make Jade shed her Grimbarkness. Damn.
  • Just as Aranea smugly tells off Roxy and puts her to sleep, Brain Ghost Dirk materializes out of Jake's massive power right behind her.
  • Terezi drops in out of nowhere, delivers one sound Diving Kick to Gamzee's face, and prepares to stab and/or slice him, all the while wielding dual cane blades and wearing her new Red Blindfold of Asskicking.
  • Guess who'd just joined the party!
  • Dirk refuses to buy into Aranea's obvious ploy. He has something better in mind...
    • The fact that Brain Ghost Dirk can even do that is one itself. Why? Because since he is a part of Jake's mind. Jake essentially gave this version of Dirk the same powers the 'original' has. Mull over for a moment that Jake can become powerful enough to replicate God-tier powers.
  • As a more subdued example, Vriska finally owning up to her actions and terrible attitude after seeing so much of herself in Aranea after the latter's Face–Heel Turn. As far as the presentation goes, it's a quiet, reflective moment compared to all the examples above, but as far as Vriska's character arc is concerned, it is the crowning moment of her Character Development thus far.
    • Watered down a bit as she's done this before to John before going back to her old ways.
  • Even when Aranea puts Jane to sleep mid-Roaring Rampage of Revenge, Jane still comes after Aranea and attacks her. Not even hypnosis-induced sleep will stop this gal.
  • Even if he is going totally apefuck banana dancing happymeals insane, Gamzee's No-Holds-Barred Beatdown of Terezi is still badass. You do not fuck with the clown.
    • Keep in mind he's managing to beat her up even with multiple punctured organs and huge blood loss.
  • After Gamzee nearly kills Terezi, Rose decides to make her presence known. Even if she fails to hit him, it's quite clear that Rose is back to her old self.
  • Her Imperious Condescension finally shows up after several pages of doing nothing herself in order to take her grievances up to Aranea. And, hoo boy, is she pissed.
  • The set-up for the battle between John and Caliborn. The very first character in Homestuck and one of it's ultimate paragons vs the source of all of the story's evil twists and turns.

    Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 3 
  • [S] GAME OVER: In a rapid sequence, the following happens: Gamzee stabs Karkat with Terezi's sword and throws him in to the lava, Kanaya bisects Gamzee from crotch to crown, Aranea runs Brain Ghost Dirk's sword through Jake and Jane, Noir and PM kill Dave, Condy obliterates Kanaya via Gemini laser eye beams, Aranea uses her stolen Aries powers to destroy the Battleship Condescension by throwing a planet at it only for Condy to counter further attacks with the exact same method leading to the two of them wrecking every planet but LOWAS and LOPAN, Rose attempts to avenge Kanaya and is felled by Condy's trident, Aranea winds up in the literal clutches of the Condesce, and John gives Caliborn a well deserved beat down before he zaps away. As of this moment, the fate of the story has never looked bleaker.
    • Special mention seriously goes to Terezi. Despite watching two of her best friends die right in front of her, despite having the living fuck beaten out of her to the point it's a wonder she's still alive, what does Terezi do when Aranea telekinetically stabs her in the chest? She PULLS THE BLADE OUT and keeps going! Made of Iron redefined.
    • Before getting stabbed, Karkat charges toward Gamzee, outrunning Kanaya in the process. This bearing in mind this line from earlier:
    • Despite Noir and PM killing Dave, he puts up one hell of a fight. Noir managed to destroy both dream moons and the troll's entire session in record time. PM is now equal to their power. Dave manages to hold off both of them before they kill him. This bears reiterating. Dave, who watched Noir destroy the Battlefield in a single attack, who broke down after seeing that Noir was powerful enough to kill his brother, can now face Bec Noir on an equal footing and might have won if PM - a being of equal power - hadn't been there too. The fact that he held out for as long as he did is a moment of awesome in itself.
    • Special mention must be made of the superb use of Void powers Roxy employs to come out of absolutely nowhere to save Rose before the Condesce could annihilate her with her psionics.
  • The scene where John beats the shit out of Caliborn. John is enraged at this point, and is so unbearably frustrated that he gains the upper hand on Caliborn, sits on top of him and beats his face in with his own two hands. Caliborn is only spared by John teleporting away, and his reaction to said beating only makes it more awesome.
    • Bear in mind that, up until this point, Caliborn was considered to be one of the most powerful players in the history of the game - and John was still able to kick his hairless ass, unarmed. It's like The Worf Effect in reverse, and it is very satisfying to see.
  • In the second 10/25 update, the Condesce takes on Aranea—by forcing the Life Ring off of her, snapping her neck, and throwing her into the fire. A moment later, her death is deemed 'JUST.' A good end (at least for the moment) of this Manipulative Bitch.
  • Hussie's words regarding [S]: Game Over.
    Andrew Hussie: About the Flash. Or really, A663 as a whole. Truly we are back in the saddle, with bad anime and mass murder - the quintessential Homestuck Experience. A year ago I knew I was going to have to pause for a long time. I made sure to cut it off just before this act, not after.]] Leaving you hanging on that note for a year... damn. Not even I am that cruel. Now you will only have to wait a week to see what happens next. I will say this much. It sure is a bunch of stuff that happens. The regular update engine lurches back to life on 11/1.

    Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 4 
  • John's flight through the absolutely gorgeous post-Game Over Scenery Gorn.
  • John and Roxy have just watched Rose die. They are feeling extremely depressed about continuing to exist in a doomed timeline. Suddenly Terezi comes flying in on her jetpack, still bleeding heavily, walks out of the crater she crashed in, headbutts John in the face, and says:
    Terezi: F1X TH1S
  • Jade, in the midst of a conversation with Calliope, lets it slip that she has met a Calliope from a doomed timeline who managed to predominate over her brother and reach god tier. This could very well be the instance of Calliope capable of defeating Lord English.
    • And this is what she looks like.
  • John defeating Typheus's challenge. Instead of either drowning in oil or zapping away, he zapped away the oil (an act the comic itself literally refers to as him "taking a third option") across different points in the comic!
  • He then proceeded to play The Breeze on his world's organ, not only cleaning the planet itself, but blowing the stardust from Caliborn's Homestuck cartridge!
  • When he finally gets a better grasp on his powers, he makes perhaps his greatest retcon yet: He's able to teleport to the moment Terezi tried and failed to use her Seer powers to think up a plan (the panel even receives a second path to go down).
  • On the 12/15/14 update, Terezi finally succumbs to her wounds and keels over dead, but not before delivering words of advice to John and giving him a list of things that can change the bleak future. After surviving perhaps the most severe physical and emotional trauma of any character in the story, Terezi chooses to die on her own terms, satisfied and victorious - a fine sendoff indeed.
  • What's John's first step on his quest to salvage the timeline? Nab the Ring Of Life, which has the immediate effect of sparing the lives of Rose, Dave, Jade, Karkat, Terezi, Kanaya, Jake, Jane, and (possibly) the Mayor.
  • When nearing the end of his retcon-spree, John inadvertently alerts Terezi to Gamzee's presence, letting her know that she's being stalked. She then manages to wipe the floor with her stalker and take him prisoner. Offscreen, even!
    • Plus there's the understated fact that John (unintentionally) prevented Terezi from scratching Disc 2.
  • For the final retcon, John zaps to the moment Terezi killed Vriska and prevents it, instead knocking out Vriska with a single punch.
    • John punching out Vriska deserves a note. All this time, she was hyped up as the one who would possibly take Jack Noir out. Even Doc Scratch admitted that there was a possibility that she would win. The fact that John knocked her on her ass in one blow really shows how powerful he's become.
  • John has learned his teleportation very well; he's now able to teleport with Roxy, a tree, and all of LOWAS all at once.
  • As a result of all of John's retcons, Vriska was able to survive the years-long meteor trip. When confronted by Grimbark Jade and Crocker Tier Jane, she was able to neutralize them by using her powers to make them go to sleep.
    • This becomes all the more awesome when you remember what happened in A6A6I2. Aranea, who supposedly was better at using her mind powers than Vriska, killed Jade via forcing various Damara clones into throwing an entire building at her. Vriska, in this timeline, simply puts Jade to sleep. Vriska handled the situation better than her dancestor did.
    • Not only that, but she solved everyone's problems just by being herself. So Rose isn't an alcoholic and Terezi didn't get her sight back(which was actually a bad thing) just because Vriska was around to knock sense into people, and then it's stated that she prevented the group from being split up and turned it into a badass guerilla force all by herself.

    Act 6 Act 6 Act 5 
  • Props for all four of the Beta kids: Caliborn considered them such a threat, the first thing he did was seal them away.
    • Remember what Vriska said to Meenah when they were trying to get a ghost army? About how the weapon would release, "the souls of some incredi8ly powerful warriors of legend who came close to 8eating him once, so he trapped them inside the charm and 8anished it into the void"? Take a wild guess.
  • Dirk held his own against Caliborn after all the other kids were either sealed away or defeated.
  • Jake apparently delivered a Curb-Stomp Battle to Caliborn so awesome, that Caliborn stole his name out of respect for him. Keep in mind that this is Caliborn we're talking about.
    • Caliborn tried to use his "RAINBOW SEIZURE FIELD" (his full-body union with the clockwork majyyks, which renders him unconditionally immortal and later becomes the source of his future self's reality-shattering Breath Weapon) against Jake's Hope field in the same way grimbark Jade used Green Sun powers against it in the old timeline. As was the case with that clash, it's No-Sell — Hope beats Space AND Time.
  • Arquiusprite holding down Caliborn so that Dirk can seal him away inside Lil' Cal. Too bad this turned out to be a bad idea.

    Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 5 
  • The Intermission opens with the now very much alive Vriska going through a collection of images depicting how different the three-year ride was with her aboard. Because she was never killed by Terezi, a vast majority of the bad shit that happened now never was. These things include:
    • Gamzee being made into a slave for Vriska, possibly serving as a form of retribution for his past doings.
    • Terezi's ill-fated blackrom with Gamzee never happening, with Vriska being there to trip him as he's shoved away.
    • The Scourge Sisters being revived, with Terezi getting an old friend back.
    • Rose's alcoholism being stopped by Vriska before it truly begins.
    • Terezi's Heroic BSoD in the A1 Dream Bubble never happening.
    • Vriska time-travelling to the Alpha Kids' session in place of Gamzee and prototyping Tavros with Jane's Kernelsprite. No conflicting personalities, just Tavros, keeping that Tavrisprite horror from happening.
    • And finally, while it cuts off before the results are shown, Vriska shows herself to Dirk and offers to prototype Equius with his Kernelsprite, as opposed to doing it behind his back.
  • Vriska's plan to win the game. There's no guarantee that it'll be successful, that's for sure, but carefully planning each aspect of the massive showdown that is to follow definitely deserves at least some points.
  • The mechanics of the Ultimate Alchemy have finally been revealed: the players must deploy a machine on the very top of their massive houses which spout all of their collected grist into Skaia and then ignite the Forge to transmute it into the liquid state it needs to be in to house the Genesis Frog.
  • Jaspersprite hugs Rosesprite, causing them to merge into JASPROSESPRITE^2.
  • We finally get a good look at God-Tier Calliope.
    • The way God-Tier Calliope describes how she bested her brother is short, yet makes such an impact on the audience's perception of her.
    CALLIOPE: i wore him down. i ate his soul. i dressed my words in his blood to hear victory every time i spoke.
  • Roxy finds Calliope in her bubble in the Furthest Ring so that she may deliver to her a Ring of Power. Upon seeing Calliope's true face (which she hid from her the last time they met in person because she thought it would scare or disgust her) Roxy merely smiles, places the Ring of Life on her friend's finger, takes her hand, and zaps them both away.
  • In the 6/23 update, Roxy FINALLY summons the Matriorb, with help from Calliope.
    • This moment is accentuated by multiple eye-pleasing backgrounds leading up to the summon, and a mimicry of John's victory dance from so long ago after it.
  • In an introspective sort of way, Dave finally coming to grips with how Bro's job of rearing him fucked him up for the first 13 years of his life is this, especially since it is one of the few times we've ever seen Dave truly open up to anyone about this topic and have an honest-to-God heart to heart with another character. It also helps to resolve one of the lingering threads of his Character Arc quite nicely.
  • Tavros, of all people, (specifically, the dead version from the universe before John retconned everything and who was last seen ditching Vriska back in Act 6 Intermission 5) gathering up a gigantic army of ghosts larger than the one (Vriska) and Aranea gathered with their mind control powers, all on his own, essentially proving that he can do something without Vriska bringing him down. It doesn't even have any instances of Vriska in it. Tavros ends up telling Vriska to suck it and bust some sweet moves while she has a breakdown over the concept of him not being pointless and managing to trounce her after all he's gone through. This very well might be the biggest bone that's ever been thrown to him.
  • Right after Tavros rounds up the army, Meenah gives an epic speech to them which is half ego-rant, half "each of you can do something" and 100% proof of why and how she could grow up to be the Condesce. Post-retcon Vriska is left gushing.
  • Davesprite is back.
  • We finally see where Arquiusprite has gotten to. He's been floating around each kid's planet performing the Ultimate Alchemy as described by Vriska. It's really quite a sight to behold.
  • Behold the greatest moment in Homestuck history.
  • Terezi tapping into her Mind powers and seeing everything the retcon undid, including and up to the fate of her (now doomed and dead) pre-retcon self (which offers a new level of awesome to this feat if that light we last saw that instance of Terezi and pre-retcon Vriska in meant that Lord English got to them). Note that she didn't go God Tier and she has little confidence in her abilities as a Seer of Mind, and she still managed to do that.
  • The pile of gold accumulated during their flarping that Terezi and Vriska are seen sleeping on is enormous. Vriska was not exaggerating when she said they were the best team, it seems.
  • The final character dialogue in Homestuck may just be the most badass Call-Back in the entire webcomic. As Union Jack and Spades Slick arrive, Dirk gives Dave one final lightning round question and says he'll give a straight answer. What does Dave ask?
    Dirk (across several pages): Dave, that's the best fucking question, anybody ever asked.
  • As of April 2, 2016, the return from the Omegapause has seen the following:
    • Spades Slick preparing to battle Union Jack.
    • John, Roxy, Jane, Rose and Kanaya preparing to battle the Condesce.
    • Karkat joining Meenah, Vriska and Tavros' ghost army and getting to lead the charge.
    • Jade finally waking up and being tasked with rounding up PM and Bec Noir.
    • Dave, Dirk and Terezi getting ready to fight Union Jack and Slick.
    • The Ghost Army making their last stand against Lord English.
    • Caliborn returning to Yaldaboth to kill him and claim his boon.
    • Bec Noir deciding to stop running from PM and fight her in the midst of the ruins of B2 Prospit.
    • The final montage of action shots before the grand End of Act 6 animation (from this page to this page) deserves special mention. All our heroes are clearly very much ready to fight.

    EOA 6 [S] Collide/Act 6 Act 6 Act 6 
  • For starters, this animation beats [S] Cascade in length, at 18 minutes.
  • The music deserves a mention for being so awesome that it has its own album. See the Homestuck's Awesome Music page for more on each individual track.
  • The battle against Her Imperious Condescension, with the Condesce throwing John and his party around with her telekinesis and her eye lasers and the heroes responding in kind with everything they have.
    • John displaying new uses for his wind powers, including barriers and tornadoes to block the Condesce, and Fraymotifs using his wind to direct his friend's attacks.
    • Roxy putting that fistkind abstratus to good use by beating up the Condesce with her bare hands and weaponizing her ability to create Perfectly Generic Objects by using them to make constructs like giant fists or beautiful ponies. She also deals the final blow to the Condesce with Bro's Unbreakable Katana.
  • Jake taking on nearly the entirety of The Felt and winning.
    • Though it's minor compared to everything else, not to mention hilarious, Karkat breaking Clover's lucky streak and actually winning. Clover is probably even luckier than Vriska - he's been threatened with a gun and it refused point blanc. He survived the entire explosion of the Felt mansion and still lived. Karkat beat that Clover.
    • At one point, Casey returns and overruns the Felt with her army of undead Consorts.
  • The Mêlée à Trois between Terezi, Dave and Dirk, Lord Jack and Robo Jack.
    • Terezi manages to keep up in the fight. If there was any doubt that she was a Badass Normal, there isn't now.
    • A very subtle one, but when the initial clash between them starts, both of the boys head to Robo Jack. Terezi decides to attack Lord Jack ON HER OWN.
    • Terezi and Dave combining the powers of a Seer of Mind and a Knight of Time to repeatedly save Dirk by creating the best possible outcome via Save Scum.
    • Lord Jack has Dirk in a choke-hold, and Robo Jack has Lord Jack in another choke-hold. So Dave, after exchanging a knowing look with Dirk, beheads all three of them.
      • And if you look closely, you can see that Dave managed to break the Unbreakable Katana with that slash.
      • Immediately afterwards, two Daves appear and save Dirk's head and body (presumably for resurrection), prompting Dave to escape with Terezi in time to narrowly avoid the blast from Lord Jack's head exploding, which incinerates most of LOTAK.
  • Cans as usual is a juggernaut, and even Arquiusprite can barely do anything to him. So who steps up to fight Cans? DAD CROCKER, punching through the prison walls Kool-Aid Man style and proceeds to beat down Cans, ending with Dad punching Cans through a tower, to the amazement of Arquiusprite.
  • Props to Karkat - self-admittedly the weakest player in the game - for not even hesitating to charge Lord English balls-out while the rest of his army just stands and watches.
  • Lord English proving why he's the Big Bad, by smacking around the majority of the Ghost Army, even with minimal use of his double death lasers.
    • Aradia strangling Lord English and freezing the Lord of Time in time.
    • Davepeta managing to handle Lord English well on their own.
    • Meenah and Tavros don't do too badly either, and a lot better than literally the entire rest of their army.
  • PM overcoming Bec's instincts to punch Jade to continue her fight with Bec Noir. Emphasis - we have never seen anything override this loyalty, not even Bec Noir's murderous rage, yet PM's desire to take him down was so damn strong that she punched Jade in the face so she could fulfill her objective. She then proceeds to cut off Bec Noir's arm, punch the now depowered Jack in the face, and claim the Black Queen's ring.
  • Let's not forget Caliborn, who gives us the first on screen fight with a denizen, and wins. How? By beating it to death with the crowbar juju.
  • On a somewhat more subtle note, out of everyone in the Jack/Condesce fights, Kanaya and Terezi are the only ones present who aren't God Tiered. And they both still hold their ground! Not to mention, both of them survive their respective fight. This is especially notable given other people in said fights.
    • John, who wields an upgraded Warhammer of Zillyhoo, can create PLANET-WIDE tornadoes, and retcon history. Dave, who is essentially second only to Lord English himself when it comes to time shenanigans at this point, as well as wielding LE's only weakness, Caledfwlch. Rose, who can predict the future and create giant beams of energy with her Quills of Echidna.. Roxy can create giant fists of Perfectly Generic Objects and turn pumpkins into a bullet spam ability. Jake is, while a little boring compared to everyone else, still an absurdly good marksman, and he has the Flintlocks of Zillyhau to boot. Jane, who can revive the dead and heal them instantly, and has a fork that may have been alchemized using the White King's Scepter. Dirk, who can physically rip out your soul, and also has the Unbreakable Katana. The Condesce has had CENTURIES to refine her power, giving her incredibly overpowered versions of all of the trolls' psychic powers; Lord Jack has the power of Lord English on his side as well as the crowbar, and Robo Jack has absurdly awesome cybernetics granted by the author of the comic.
    • It bears repeating that Kanaya and Terezi survive fighting with/against these people using nothing but their own strength and a chainsaw-cane-sword respectively.

    Act 7 and Credits 
  • Homestuck's curtain call is an absolutely beautiful nine minute animation (In Hussie's words, 'the anime it was always meant to be.') of Biliolus Slick becoming the the new Universe, Calliope seemingly conducting the Green Sun into a black hole, Caliborn demolishing his God Tier clock, Vriska using the Treasure Juju against Lord English, and the survivors finally entering their long awaited, long deserved new home.
  • Bilious Slick's section deserves expanding. We open with a spectacular tadpole, on his way to the Battlefield/Skaia as everyone is looking, and then she gets to the center where the liquidized Grist is, the planet starts to break up like an egg, and out hatches Bilious Slick in his magnificence on a lily pad in what appears to be a blue lake.
    • The fact that said new home is Can Town.
    • Alt Calliope destroys the green sun with ease. Just... that. It becomes clear in just that one action that the only rival to her power is, quite appropriately, Lord English himself.
    • Caliborn's ascension should be noted, for both being unexpectedly inspiring and incredibly animated. This it should be reminded is the villain, yet his victory is pretty much the final scene in Homestuck. He strides forward like a badass, destroys his own clock and guarantees his immortality, absorbing the vast powers that result. It totally overshadows the depowering and vulnerability of his Lord English future self, and illustrates quite nicely that Caliborn's struggle and victories are as important as the ones the heroes face.
    • Aradia watching what happens when the whole place breaks apart. And the fact that she can fly up to a black hole and not get sucked in.
    • Let's not forget the moment that doesn't even happen onscreen.. Unless Hussie josses it, it would be safe to assume Post-Scratch DD managed to just flip off Karma and run off to the new universe
  • And they all lived happily ever after. Through the 'end credits' we learn the following (most of these also count as Heartwarming Moment):
    • The new universe has been successfully populated, and thanks to some time traveling we cut to five thousand years later where the return of the creators are hailed with massive parades.
    • Rose and Kanaya got married and are caring for the new generations of trolls.
    • Dave, Karkat, and Jade get to have some fun excavating Statues of Liberty.
    • Dirk and Jake are still tight, and they've built an impressive looking Robot Lord English.
    • Terezi is still looking for 'her' and has managed to stumble upon a familiar looking vortex...
    • Jane and Jake become business tycoons, running Crockercorp and SN Enterprises respectively.
    • Roxy and Calliope are practically queens of the new Carapacian kingdom.
    • Caliborn is naught but a minor nuisance. John is quick to hammer his own phone in response to his taunts over Snapchat.

  • Hussie scores a CMoA when he opened up a donation drive to help victims of the 2011 earthquake in Japan by selling Squiddle plushies. He managed to sell all 20 pairs within an hour for over $2000!
  • Andrew Hussie responding to perfectionists demanding he maintains a perfect schedule in updating, despite his output surpassing Kevin & Kell. Bonus points for using Insane Troll Logic to threaten possibly going on break for 13 years for achieving such an accomplishment.
    • Currently due to Formspring merging with Twoo, the response is now unavailable. So if anyone has managed to archive the conversation prior to the merger, then feel free to post it on here if possible. Thank you.
  • Non-Story example: In the August picture of the Homestuck 2011 calendar, there is a nice shot of all the guardians enjoying a summer day. In the backround, Bro can be seen RIDING A FUCKING SHARK.
  • While working on the End of Act 5, he temporarily looped this page to that page, finally concluding the incomplete Jailbreak after four years with this. Paraphrasing, while it's not as GREAT as concluding with an EOA5 flash, it's still SPECIAL as a solid conclusion to Hussie's first story.
  • He broke the Internet. Andrew Hussie literally broke the Internet. To explain, when Hussie uploaded [S] Cascade, his site couldn't handle that big of a flash, so he hosted it on Newgrounds. Within five minutes, Newgrounds had crashed.note  He then put the file up on Megaupload, so people could download it and view it locally, and he crashed Megaupload's servers. Then Tumblr crashed from everyone posting about it. THAT is awesome.
  • Following the long hiatus, Andrew and his game coder (Alexis) update with a massive HTML5 game that's so rad that Internet Explorer can't even handle the flash intro (which can be found on Youtube). Did we mention that this was apparently the first of three games?
    • Shortly thereafter, MSPA went partially adless. So far only the major banner below every panel has been removed, but still.
  • Homestuck is getting its own video game. That speaks for itself in terms of just how big the comic has become.
    • Even better: it earned over $100k out of its $700k quota within an hour of its posting, $350k within half a day, and half a million dollars within 24 hours. In 32 hours, it exceeded the quota with 28 days remaining to raise money. Wow.
      • This is, in fact, so awesome it prompted Andrew to give the audience a So Proud of You note like Dad usually gives John/Jane.
      • And don't forget the two people who reached God Tier backing...
      • As of the 17th it has reached 200% backing.
      • And as of the 23rd, it reached $1,700,000. That's right, a whole million dollars more than the goal.
      • As of the 29th, it has broken 2 million dollars and reached 300% backing.
      • Final kickstarter total: $2,485,481, or roughly 355% backing, placing sixth on the top ten Kickstarter projects list on The other Wiki. And there's still the Paypal version planned for people who can't/don't use Amazon Payments.
  • Due to the recent Hurricane Sandy power outages in New York, MSPA was down for a few days. What does Andrew do as soon as it's back up? Gives us a massive fan pleasing update. Also doubles as a Tear Jerker when you read the dialogue of the ministrife update and notice all of the indicators that the update was meant to be released on Halloween.
  • In the wake of the controversy caused by his "Caucasian" joke, Andrew Hussie coming out and singlehandedly obliterating Homestuck's raving Fan Dumb in one fell, brutal swoop.
  • For Homestuck's 5th anniversary, Hussie created Paradox Space which is essentially the Homestuck Expanded Universe. Reception has been VERY positive.
  • What's the first thing that happens after the Gigapause? Fans end up crashing the site again due to traffic - even with several improvements to the server. The fact that, even after a whole year without updates, something like Homestuck is still able to generate that kind of traffic is nothing short of incredible.
  • Dante Basco takes his involvement with Homestuck to a new level with a music video.

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