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  • NJ says some stupid things when he first meets Trawn (eg, "What's a magazine?"), but then he manages to overhear Shroomy falling for a scam, and cuts the scam artist's arm off.
  • "In The Zone" has Aerynn defy the ban she received from Toon Zone, elicit a riot by encouraging other members to break the rules, and, during the riot, even find someone who stole money from Trawn.
  • In "The Search For Parker", Aerynn manages to free Nea Politan's slaves with a wave of her hand. The slaves proceed to attack their oppressor.
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  • The encounter against the bomber in "LuLo" gives Trawn, Lululu, and Natasha each a chance to shine.
  • "Wings" details the first time Natasha fought crime: when she helped end the most lethal virus attack in Nettropolis history by single-handedly defeating hackers who had infiltrated her parents' antivirus corporation building.
  • Trawn stumbled upon the illegal distribution center in "Day of Fools" by chance, and wouldn't have known what it was without Aerynn's magic, but it still feels awesome that she managed to find and report on a crime before the mainstream news outlets could.
  • Who finally finds Aerynn and gets her back in "Into Thin Aerynn"? NJ, who previously suffered from a failure to predict Aerynn's next moves.

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