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With its quirky cast known for getting into situation after situation of hilarious mishaps, Sakana is practically made of this trope. It would probably be less work to list the strips that aren't funny.

  • Every moment that has something to do with Taro chopping up fish. One of them involved Jiro asking Taro to watch the stall for him for a moment, advising Taro to be "personable", while Taro is holding a headless and still bleeding fish and a bloody, long butcher knife in his hands, looking potentially Ax-Crazy.
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  • It's a guarantee that any time Jan appears, it will lead to him and the rest of the cast struggling to understand what the other is saying, with varying success.
  • Taro's introduction. Establishing Character Moment at its finest.
  • Jiro trying to call "Cashier Girl" but somehow failing epically.
  • The Running Gag of Jiro constantly forgetting to get "Cashier Girl"'s name, and the Atomic F-Bomb he releases once when he realizes that he forgot again.
    • Just when it's revealed that Yuudai knows her name, and is about to tell it to Taro, Taisei interrupts them.
  • This. Just...this.
    Taisei: You could be like "Hi! I'm Jiro Sakana! And I'm here to ravish you~"
  • Cringe Comedy at it's finest.
  • Taro as a teenager is always hilarious. Especially the time when Jiro really wanted to date that Yuki girl.
  • "When did I buy these donuts?"
  • Business-Mode Taisei. The individual reactions are what sells it: Angry Lady is extremely confused and maybe mildly horrified, Yuudai can only give him a dumbfounded stare (with the smallest hint of a blush)... and Taro is completely unfazed.
    Taro: He does this when we won't let him watch cartoons.
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  • BAP.
  • Jiro and Taro discuss Yuudai's origins.
  • This strip deserves a mention for Yuudai's dramatic spittake at seeing Shigeru shirtless. And him falling into the boxes afterwards.
  • After having unbelievable amounts of suspense built up surrounding what exactly Yuudai drunk-texted Arata on Saturday night, we finally get to see the text itself. And it is glorious.
    Yuudai: Uh... okay. I see why you... wanted to clarify the drunk part...
  • Yuudai's Imagine Spot on page 337. That is all. The use of Intentional Engrish for Funny and Stylistic Suck is brief, but so unexpected that you can't help but laugh at it. Keep in mind that this is coming from Yuudai's imagination.
  • After finishing up a surprisingly heartfelt conversation about Yuudai giving at least being Taisei's friend another shot, we get this hilariously middle school-esqueexchange:
    Jiro: Yeah, uh... isn't this your stop?
    Yuudai: *smiles and puts his hand on Jiro's shoulder* Nope. *shoves Jiro out the train car's doors without warning*
    Jiro: YUUDAI!!!
  • Chapter 15 gives us a glimpse into Taisei's life at work, where he takes on a completely different, far more business-savvy persona... although the mask seems to slip on occasion.
    • Ms. Sasaki, one of Taisei's many coworkers who's interested in him, tries to meet up with him in his office to ask him out... only to be greeted by his brother Genkei's ominous blank stare. She ends up having to excuse herself after having the two brothers in the same room proves to be a bit much.
  • Jiro, scrambling to find a date for Sango for his and Chie's group date, tries to get Jan on board with the plan. Jan's response?
    Jan: *quietly picks up a Japanese-to-German dictionary* ..."It's Not You, It's Me."
    Jiro: *headdesks*
    • And later:
      Jiro: B-But everything's gonna be okay! I-I can help you translate and stuff... ahah... you can count on me!
      Jan: *barely intelligible* But you can hardly understand me anyway!!
      Jiro: Uh... y-yeah, haha, sure! No need to worry! After all... no one is more nervous about this date than me.