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Ariana Vampire Queen is a Deviant Art author, admitted admirer of Erin Locklea (of Brewdening Love fame) and the new stage of madness in the domain of Sue-fics.

Most of her fics are centered around Queen Ariana Erehaha SilverDove Seagull, who gained names along the stories and is currently Ariana Erehaha Celestia Twilight Sparkle Heffalump Chives SilverDove Seagull, daughter of Aro Volturi, who was upgraded to King of the Vampires.

There are five main fics centered around Ariana :

  • The story of the vampire queen (usually shortened to Vampire Queen) introduces Ariana. She lived the past six years in a foster family for her protection, and her foster parents are going to let her live with their friends, the Thorn family, while they're on a cruise. The parents, Ann and Richard love her. She also starts dating their nephew (and adopted son) Damien, and treating their son as if he had somehow wronged her.
  • Da Life of Delia is a sequel, taking place nine years later in Hogwarts (yes, they're still students at Hogwarts nine years later).
  • Da Story of De Dalton Vampire (usually shortened to Dalton Vampire)) apparently takes place in a different continuity, where Ariana goes to Dalton Academy, despite being a girl, because her father threatened the principal. She then proceeds to make Kurt explode, have Blaine realize he's actually straight and wants to date her, and she joins the academy's Glee Club, the Warblers.
  • True Blue Achy Heart (or True Bloo Hart): A story where Ariana goes to Afghanistan and meets the character from The Kite Runner.
    • It was rewritten as True Heart Love, because "it was not as gud as it cud have bean". This time it's dedicated to snarkers Josky and Chibi.
  • Slience of da Lamz 5: Revenge: Ariana's newest hit which, strangely enough, features her snarkers, most of them as good guys.

Her other fics include:

  • Secret Family: A Kung Fu Panda and The Kite Runner Crossover. Po is Assef's brother, somehow. And there's a lot of sex changes among other, worse things. It Makes Just as Much Sense in Context.
  • Edward Cullen goes to Hogwarts, later named Hoggy Edward: As the name implies, a Twilight/Harry Potter crossover. As the name does not imply, characters from The Kite Runner and CSI: Miami are in the story, and later on Winnie the Pooh makes an appearance. Edward Cullen, along with other characters such as Assef "Nazi Buttrapist" go to Hogwarts to stop Ronald Weasley from growing a beard, stopping some ancient prophecy in the process. This fic could be considered the top of Ariana's insanity (or trolling).
As well as numerous one-shots that are based on fandoms as varied as all of the above, Shakespeare's plays, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

The first three fics are reposted here.

Ariana's fics contain examples of:

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    General tropes 

    Vampire queen 

    Da Life of Delia 

    Dalton Vampire 

    True Bloo Heart 

    Secret Family 

    Hoggy Edward 

    Silence of the Lambs 5 
  • Evil Versus Oblivion: You could say that the plot is this from the Na'vi's point of view: on one hand, Serkadios and his team want to take over Pandora and make it Nazi, on the other, Ariana and her team want to simply kill them all for revenge.
  • Love at First Sight: Every couple.
  • Revenge Fic: Inverted, Ariana's snarkers are mostly good guys — and those who are bad guys actually asked for it.
  • Sociopathic "Hero": In grand Ariana tradition, the Sue herself and her newest boytoy, Hannibal Lecter

    Oneshot fics 
Ariana has many one-shot fics, especially since a few weeks ago when she became very active. Most are so confused and muddled up that the reader has no idea what the plot is, or whether there is one at all. Her recent fics have been mostly Cross-Overs between The Twilight Saga and Glee , though she seems to be getting into The Kite Runner recently.

  • Once per Episode: The revenge chapters will almost always feature Edward's (or Bella's) magical… bodily waste, then Ariana with Blaine (and maybe some other Glee males) flying on a machine gun. And involve the "flamers", of course.