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     What Not to Say in the Bedroom 
These are one panel strips that have quote bubbles coming out of the open bedroom door...and they all have to do with Country Matters.

  • This one just reeks "nerd".
    "Soooo,, when are we going to do it?"
    "Do it? Do you seriously think I'd explain my master-stroke if there remained the slightest chance of you affecting it's outcome? I did it thirty-five minutes ago."
  • "Look! No Hands!"
  • "I don't know what you're doing, but I'm over here."
  • "I know OW wasn't the safe word, but I figured it was kinda obvious!"
  • "NO FAIR!"
  • "Inappropriate use of lawn equipment!"
  • "That explains SO much..."
  • "Now you see it, now you don't!"
  • "Whoa, slow down, you almost activated the Clapper."

     Cards Against Humanity 
There have been several strips where Jennie and company have played the game Cards Against Humanity. As with the real game Hilarity Ensues.
  • One strip has Jennie playing alongside Gina Biggs of Red String fame.
    Gina's mom: You WIN, honey!
    Guy next to Gina: (to Gina) I don't know which is worse...that you're playing Cards Against Humanity with your mom and you played an "Incest" card or that your mom CHOSE the "Incest" card as the WINNER.

     In General 
  • Any time Jennie gets her perv on at the comic-cons.
    • Especially when it's time for chasing after men in kilts with her leaf-blower.
  • Railing against the borderline criminal things clueless people - vendors and attendees both - commit at conventions.
    Attendee: I went to the store and it turns out they take money in exchange for this thing they call soap...

  • A kilted security guard tries to give Jennie a hard time about the noise and crowd. Until his also kilted supervisor comes up and says, "Back of the line, Richard!"
  • 2012
    • The zombie kilt guy. A creatively and thematically decorated... marital aid, shall we say, falls out from under the kilt and bounces along the stage towards Jennie. Her face when he asks her to pick it up for him is priceless.
  • 2015: someone asks John Barrowman at a Dragon Con panel if he'd like to get his kilt blown. "He said Yes." Jennie immediately grabs a leafblower: "WHERE DO YOU NEED ME TO BE?"
  • At a meta level the fact that the Kiltblowing has become a standard recurring event at Dragoncon is rather amusing.

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