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  • In "I Can Fly", when Nick is about to take his first flight.
    Nick: If I crash in a fiery wreck like some old-timey airplane footage, you promise not to laugh?
    Dr. Lee: Nick, if that happens, I will owe the federal government 55 billion dollars.
    Nick: Actually, that would be pretty farming funny.
    Dr. Lee: I only just paid off my student loans...
  • In "The Little House", Tip is trying to be recognized as a Whimsey Princess. He does quite well... until the Purity Test. By 1964 standards.
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  • The Emperor of the Undead... is Zombie Emperor Norton. He's gained quasi-immortality through the collective will of his people.
    Zombie Emperor Norton: I prefer "extraordinarily popular delusion."
  • In "Swiftly I Glide", Tip, Unity, Virginia, and Nick, pretending to be an Anasigma inspection team, meet a real Anasigma inspection team whose members are effectively the Skin Horse team's A-Sig counterparts. Nick asks his counterpart if he has an unrequited crush on his colleague, and his counterpart says the crush isn't unrequited - he and his colleague are Happily Married. Nick is dumbfounded - doubly so when it turns out his counterpart is married to the A-Sig equivalent of Tip.
    Nick: Y'know that mirror universe where we're all dead or evil? This is worse.
    Tip: Mazel tov! Can I say mazel tov?

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