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Being a Gag Series, the Grand Blues! comic strips are bound to have these kinds of moments in almost every page. Since there would be too many to list as the series now exceeded more than 1000 strips, here are the common Running Gags, general recurring themes, or exaggerated traits of some characters presented in multiple pages:



  • Vyrn being able to transform into different kinds of objects depending on the situation, such as a volleyball, a large fidget spinner, a large wallpaper, or even a sword. Well, for most of the time, things don't go into his favor. In the last example, Mordecai nonchalantly toasts Vyrn Sword in his hand after being mocked by the shape-shifting little dragon.
    • Opposite is Yurius (from the Eye of the Storm arc) trying to assimilate people only to find to his horror, Vyrn's doing that to him, and only barely escaping via cutting Vyrn off.
  • Rackam surviving explosions of all sorts, being put into deadly stunts, or being the comics' Butt-Monkey in general. One strip even has Threo / Sarasa lob him like a baseball towards a meteor in order to shatter it to pieces.
  • Then there's Katalina and her cooking, almost killing anyone who eats it. In the comics, her dishes are basically monsters on plates.
  • Speaking of food, how does Lyria eat in the comics? Let's say, for around 90% of the time, she sucks in all the food like a vacuum cleaner sucking dust.
  • Aside from Lyria, every time an "eating competition" is mentioned, Vyrn brings up Amira and Redluck, the other resident Big Eaters. On the other hand, if no one else directly mentions them, the two will pop-out of nowhere once the main topic is all about food.
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  • Katalina showing her love for Vyrn, suddenly appearing out of nowhere just to cuddle, hug, or choke the poor dragon. In the "Handsome Gorilla" related strip, she pops out of Vyrn's thought balloon. Some other comics reveal that she's basically unstoppable like this.
  • There is a group named "Vyrn Lovers Anonymous" made up of a generic male NPC, Katalina, Hallesena, Jeanne d'Arc, and Will. While they only use transparent goggles as a way of concealing their identities, they can easily be identified by the players. And instead of referring to each other by name, they identify one another with a number, such as "Vyrn Lover Anonymous 1".
  • While we're on the topic of groups, there's another group named the "Brotherly Convention" or a meet-up of in-universe brothers such as Lucius, Ryan, and Sevilbarra. In one comic, the former two are engaged in a Paper Sumo fight with figures resembling their sisters. Lucius is eagerly cheering for her sister, while the real Teena is listening outside the room.
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  • Every time Vyrn participates in combat, he either shifts into his "Macho" mode where grows stronger, larger and gains muscles, or a "Speed" mode where he is thinner but becomes more agile. He even punches Grimnir in the face while the angel is busy chanting his monologue.
  • Tyre is depicted in the comics to always have his eyes closed, gazing up. While he actually thinks of hearing Vira's voice in this moment of "trance", other characters note how he is able to perform incredible feats with his chin such as deflecting a laser beam, or blocking Eahta's katana.
  • Narmaya is always on the hunt for activities that prove her "big sister" tendencies. But once she comes across In-universe elder sisters such as Heles or Tien, she gets overpowered and knocked out unconscious.
  • Ferry, Io, Danua, and Anna had a rotating spotlight where one tells a spooky horror story to the others. While the initial build-up of their narratives really serves for a scary scene, the real climax had them encountering mundane or funny moments that are not actually scary, such as Katalina having a solo volleyball game using Vyrnball. Despite this, the rest end up scared, accompanied with a lightning on the background.
  • The comics plays with Jeanne d'Arc's transformation to and from her Dark counterpart. In one instance, the cheerful Jeanne turns into the dark, masochist Jeanne after hearing a lame pun. In another comic, some crew members try to remove the darkness from her, by using their "foreheads" as sources of light.
  • In one "Paradise Lost" related comic, it turns out even Beelzebub is annoyed of his partner Belial's sexual innuendos and can respond by sending a backhand elbow to the fallen angel's face!
  • Ferry being the constant target of tickle torture regarding her own armpits - Yuel even mentions it as a past time for the Erune, and one strip has Cagliostro somewhat enjoying it.
  • Lunalu's interest for the BL Genre goes unnoticed, and she almost always appears every time a Bishounen knight is featured in a comic. When Vane and Reinhardzart engage in a shirtless brawl, she can be seen smiling in the last panel, all while holding her pen and paper.
  • Like Lunalu, Claudia's interactions with little girls also get flanderized to the point where Vania asked her to be her "bloodkin" (which involves biting on the neck). Claudia ends up paralyzed while her thought bubbles being composed of the word "censored". In another instance, Claudia gets a Nosebleed the moment Lyria hugs her.
  • Lyria making use of her Summon Magic abilities for mundane things such as summoning Satan to keep Amira busy with a brawl or Lich (who can turn the Poison status effect into healing HP instead of subtracting it) in order to eat a poisonous mushroom. She can even summon in otherwise improbable locations, such as Bonito swallowing Elta from below the side, or Quetzalcoatl in Tyre's chin! (which Vyrn later calls "Quetzalcleftl").
  • Sturm misinterprets a lot of Drang's dialogues (and monologues) to be laced with perversion and her usual response is to stab his partner's exposed back... or subject him to other forms of torture such as burning him at stake. An averted example is when Drang asks Cagliostro for the chance to play "horsey" to which Sturm immediately thinks of the situation where the little alchemist rides Drang. She rushes towards the scene, only to find out that Drang is riding Cagliostro's pet Ouroborous instead.
  • Having lightning-based powers, Alec has a recurring gag where turns he out to be the one supplying energy to the Grancypher. A strip even has Rackam demand more output or else they won't make it to the next island. Additional chapters did the same with Albert, and now the two lightning-users are strapped side-by-side while an apparatus drains electricity from their heads. They don't mind as they get drinks and such while tied up.
    • Comic #577 has a variation where the two are being used to power up the Super Robo Gigantes.
    • They actually get a break in Comic #1111, due to the electric eals Orchid took as pets.
  • A new running gag is Spinnah trying to solve problems with just spin blades... and with a rather high success rate.


  • The downloadable wallpaper of the 1000th comic strip also contains small details which can be hilarious if one is able to spot them in the Crowded Cast Shot:
    • Beatrix and Razia being electrocuted. It also comes to mind that Albert (a lightning-user) is just below them.
    • Vania almost choking her brother to death.
    • Sen trips over and almost scratches Dante's head.
    • Elmelaura prepares soup, while the resident Big Eaters Amira and Redluck are near her, taste-testing.
    • Will brings out a robotic Vyrn toy, and a nervous Hallesenna just looks at it.
    • Lucifer uses his light powers to bring sparks to the wallpaper's message on top. Among the other angels beside him, Olivia has a confused look.
    • Lunalu covering her canvas as Siegfried glances at her direction.
    • And then there's still the Running Gag of Sturm stabbing Drang in the back.

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